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Drivers causing traffic issues in the Masonboro Loop area

The Wilmington Police Department wants to raise awareness about a traffic issue in the Masonboro Loop area. During morning rush hour, motorists are using a cut-through on Jasper Place to avoid a busy intersection at Masonboro Loop and Masonboro Sound roads. Officers say this short street is partially private. Developers have even posted a sign prohibiting through traffic. Police would like to remind drivers that it is illegal to use a cut through to avoid a traffic light. We'll bring you more on this story tonight on WWAY.

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What traffic light?

There is no traffic light there, just another one of many dangerous old Wilmington intersections with a stop sign. Maybe a light would help or better yet a re-design.

Well thank God someone else noticed

Theres nothing worse than sitting at this corner (no light here) for 4 times the length of time I should, because cars that pull up behind me decide to short cut through the parking lot to make their left turn.... causing all the cars already there to wait that much longer for THEM to pass. uhhgg! This has caused me a little "road rage" almost every morning. I figured they must have had come cars pulled over because the problem hasnt been so bad lately

Masonboro loop

wow it is illegal to use a cut through to avoid a traffic light ? for real ? I find it hard to believe. I am surprised to see this because roads are not private. Most are not that is. What driver does not take a shorcut to get some place quicker. I do not understand this. There are so many more important things that should be talked about or discussed. For instance the amount of drivers on the road without a drivers license and or car insurance. The speeders. The nascar idiot drivers. It just seems so sad that every other day we hear about another horrible accident where people are hurt or killed.

is this comment meant as

is this comment meant as sarcasm? did u really not know it is illegal? you’re kidding right? if you make it to the light first you’re penalized to wait through it but if you’re the fifth car and beyond you should cut through a parking lot? alrighty then!


in response to the "sarcasm comment." No I don't believe that it is illegal. The article said Jasper Place which sounds like it is a street. It is not illegal to drive on a street !!! It did not state that Jasper Place was a parking lot. I assume a store or shop center is there. I know that it is illegal to cut through a shopping center, yes. To drive on a street is not though. It is up to the town to put up a traffic light. Either take another route to where you are going or demand a light to be installed, but that is probably all that you can do.

No thru traffic

People using this cut through seems to be freeing up traffic and only causing a slight inconvience to the property owner. You would think that in light of the fact that a lot of accidents are caused when there is congestion that the police and the county would appreciate the fact that some drivers take that into consideration and use the cut through to eleviate this. Considering New Hanover County has (I believe) the highest accident rate in the state you would think they would not try to enforce the no trespass rule.

Partially right

It is fine to do so unless you are driving on a private street and there are no cut-through signs. Part of the area that people are cutting through is a private street - privately owned & maintained.

Masonboro Loop

While I agree that there are more important issues to worry about when dealing with motorists many are nearly impossible to enforce without just cause. You cannot spot someone driving without insurance or a license simply by looking at their appearance or by the car they are driving. You have to run their plates or pull them over to find out what, if anything, they are guilty of. Citing drivers who are using parking lots, driveways, and private roads as shortcuts is the best way to nab such offenders. It increases city revenue. It is also only fair for those stuck in traffic to wait their turns like everybody else. But, by all means, step up enforcement on speeders and aggressive drivers. Just last week a man sped up College Road in his truck while filling out what appeared to be some kind of application. We saw not a single cop car in sight. No one in my car had a cell phone to report this man though every other driver appeared to be talking on their phones. No one did anything as this man drove off onto the shoulder, over-corrected his driving, and nearly hit motorists in the left hand lane several times.


THIS instance, driving on the PRIVATE road is trespassing...if you don't live there, or aren't visiting a friend living there....your breaking the would be no different than driving thru Landfill...its a private road. MOST roads in the county are PUBLIC...this just happens to be one of those instances where it is PRIVATE.

because it is private

Because part of the road is private makes it illegal. Just like the morons that blaze through a convenience store parking lot to cut the corner instead of waiting at the light. I lost track of how many times I've seen the nascar driver wanna be fly past the gas pumps to avoid having to wait the 1 to 3 minuets for a light to cycle.

Just because the road is

Just because the road is private does not make it illegal to drive on it. Are there "no trespassing" signs posted?