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Drivers enjoying the lower gas prices

READ MORE: Drivers enjoying the lower gas prices
With gas prices hovering around $4.00 a gallon, Steven Pence got used to paying over $100 to fill up his tank. He is smiling because when he went to fill up Wednesday, the pump stopped at half that. "I just filled up, I wasn't quite empty but I filled up and it was only $47," he said. In July, gas was over $4.00 a gallon and rising fast. Now, just a few months later, we are seeing the lowest prices in over two years. So what are we likely to see in the months ahead? Certified Financial Planner, Ross Marino isn't quite sure. "It's been going down recently, unless something changes dramatically, it may keep going down for a while. But just like we saw a few months ago, it could turn on a dime, and six months later it may be a whole different world," said Marino. But until things change, Marino said take advantage of the low prices. "It really is good news. It's good for the consumer and it's good for businesses. So go be in a good mood and go do some holiday shopping.”

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Supply and Demand????

I guess the demand has dropped by 50%????? Controlling your pocket book is what it is.

Really nice, but........

It is super nice to get a break from the outrageous gas prices we've all had to endure. This truly shows how vulnerable we Americans are to world markets. It also shows how little control we or our government has to prevent the national economy from being on a precipice. A lot of people have suffered through these high prices and will continue to. The high fuel prices caused many, many things to go up to compensate for them. Those prices are still up there and will likely stay. Tomatoes are still almost 4 dollars a pound, paper products, milk and dairy prices have all risen to account for transportation costs. They will not reduce those prices. Progress energy just got a 10% hike justifying it with high fuel costs, even though oil is cheaper than when they filed application for a rate increase. Will they drop that rate increase after 6 months? NO. Was I able to get a cost of living increase of even 5% to assist with my transportation and increased costs?...NO. Will I ever? NO! I know we should all be thankful for any relief we can get, but to see corporations reap exorbitant profits at the expense of ripping off the average Joe trying to feed his family rolls back to greed. We have a "Get your pockets full while you can, no matter what it takes!" mentality in corporate America. Nothing at all wrong with making a decent profit, but flat ripping America off is nothing less than sinful. So what's next corporate America? You need more money? There are no less than a million ways similar to the fuel rip-off. Is medicine next, perhaps a milk shortage, 400.00 aspirins, a paper shortage, orange juice shortage? You can bet there will be others! I keep remembering a subtle quote, "Pigs get fed...Hogs get SLAUGHTERED!" Hogs are greedy!

Don't get carried away

Let an extremist group test the incoming administration; let the incoming administrations in Raleigh and Washington look for new sources of tax revenue, gas prices could return to their former heights.