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Drivers face enforcement of new laws Wednesday

READ MORE: Drivers face enforcement of new laws Wednesday

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Drivers, you have one more thing to worry about tomorrow: your license plate, or at least what's around it. A new law can earn you a hefty ticket.

The new law pertains to license plate frames found on many vehicles. Wednesday anyone who has one these frames can be fined more than $150.

Technically the law is nothing new. It went into effect last year, but enforcement starts now.

"It's important, because it helps us identify vehicles that are expired," Cpl. Michael Fike of the New Hanover Co. Sheriff's Office said. "If you have any kind of cover covering your month and year stickers it prevents us from having the ability to look at that tag and see that it's expired or if there is any problems with that tag."

If the plate frame still lets you see the month and year sticker on the plate, but it blocks out the state, that's a violation. You can still have a plate frame, but the stickers and the state name must be visible.

"I think it's useless," driver Ashley Blackmon said. She does not have a plate frame on her car, but thinks this new law is nit-picking, and she's not alone.

"I don't think it's right," Mohammed Kahtib said. "On my other car I have a frame for Tar Heels, and that's my expression to Tar Heels, so I don't feel right taking it off."

The new law, though, has a few fans, who agree that law enforcement should be able to read license plates easily.

"I could understand why cops would want to get them off and charge people for it," Stephanie Johnson said. "I can understand that."

Whether you agree or not, starting Wednesday officers can pull you over and give you a ticket that would cost you $146 after court fees. The new law does not apply to out-of-state plates.

Also tomorrow, a change to North Carolina's "Move Over" law. It already requires you to move over or slow down when passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road. The law now applies to utility crews.

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Law Enforcement in Wilmington

I find all our government does is SCREW the taxpayers!!! The City Cops write tickets for almost nothing just to get the money & be safe. When your house is broken into they tell you theres nothing we can do and the don't try to find who did it. There is woman DMV Enforcement officer here in Wilmington that goes aroung talking crap about businesses here in Wilmington and then she bullys them because she is above the law. There has been complaints made all the way to the Attorney Generals office. Not one thing has been done to her. She is in the "GOOD OLE BOY" network like the rest of our representatives in Raleigh. I hope when it's time to vote again everyone will get out and vote and get all this trash out of office because they are not doing any thing good for us taxpayers and they all think they are above the law. Even with all the complaints on this woman dmv officer not one thing has been done. When is this going to stop!!!

New Tag Law

Perhaps law enforcement officers should be trained in what the State of North Carolina tags look like they don't see them everyday.. Working in law enforcement in the past I had enough common sense to know what month and year stickers colors . It should be out of state tags could not be covered since officers do not see them everyday. I mean the First in Flight emblem should be a clue that the tag is from North Carolina enough said.


Perhaps LEO should be able to READ the month and year stickers instead of having to rely on the color. Are you kidding?

Also, not all NC plates have "First in Flight" on them. I might have that someone who had worked in law enforcement might have noticed.

new law

this is just another way for the n.c. crooks to bring more money in so they can still spend, off our backs ,you notice it does not apply to out of state wonder n.c. is so screwed up,and yes i was born and raised here . north carolina is just like the mafia , they just hide behind the goverment and take take take.

The whole point is so that

The whole point is so that law enforcement can make sure your plates are current. Of course, you'll say this is just to make more money from the common man, but having valid plates is the law, if you don't like it then get a moped where you don't need it...also, it's only on in-state licence plates because if the driver's home state says it's ok then NC can't tell them it's not...gotta love government.

and you are gonna disobey

and you are gonna disobey the law and fork over your money to them????.......dumb citizens deserve to give, give, give !


Of course it doesn't apply to out of state tags- how could it? How could NC hold other states accountable for THEIR policies?

I don't like many things that go on in NC, but if it makes the license plate more visible- what is the problem? I think plates are much more difficult to identify now that there are all the colored specialty plates.

You can display your "expression" on a sticker or decal.