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Drivers rush to gas stations in Wilmington

READ MORE: Drivers rush to gas stations in Wilmington
Gas prices are up dramatically once again, and this time Hurricane Ike gets the blame. People in Wilmington went to the extreme today, topping off their tanks in fear of running out. Gasoline was a hot commodity Friday, as people got word of oil refineries shutting down in Texas and Louisiana in anticipation of Ike, leaving people in panic mode. "I think everyone is panicking, but here I think they are out of regular gas and the mid grade gas is crawling, the guy next to me was here twenty minutes and only pumped 5 gallons,” said Richard Shipe of Wilmington. "The lines were pretty long, it was four or five cars deep at one point, I was a little concerned because it looked like a few people might have been irritated,” said Ashley Cedzo of Fayetteville. A station on Market Street ran out of regular gas midway through the day. It didn't take long for the fuel truck to re-stock the supply, but in the meantime people had to pay the price for mid-grade or premium. Gas prices ranging from $3.58 to nearly $4 here in Wilmington. The Crown Station on North College upped its prices four times in twenty-four hours. "It was $3.59 last night, and he called again and raised it to $3.79, and about twenty minutes ago he called and raised it to $3.99,” said Crown Gas clerk, Mark Coker. Some stations put a limit on how much people could put in their tanks. Kangaroo Stations across town recommended customers put no more than ten gallons in at one time, for fear of running out. Benjamin Frimbong, from Kib’s Taxi said, "Before we could fill it up anytime when we want to. But if I fill it up more than ten gallons, they say no." "The gas, I mean I pulled in this morning, and gas in ten cents more than yesterday,” said Rene Roman from Wilmington. Bob Willard said, "I started seeing gas prices go up twenty thirty cents above this price which is strictly gouging the public." This afternoon Governor Easley enacted the price gouging law, which prohibits retailers from charging prices that are unreasonably excessive. However, the attorney general's office wouldn't put an exact amount on how high is too high.

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We fell for it

Americans fell for it. We did what they wanted us to do. These gas companies forcast the fuel months ahead of any storm, flood etc.. They forcast how much they will produce, pay, trade. etc.. These prices had nothing to do with the storm. We haven't seen this before with other storms, If only 25% of our fuel comes from the gulf how can it effect so much. It is the almight dollars, and you have never seen a U-Haul at a funeral have you. SO people stop driving four blocks to take your kids to school when a bus goes right by there, Start thinking smarter and park the car when you can. When we all start do this driving when we need to we won't go to the pumps as much and the profit won't be as much and then the companies will see well the people won't pay this we better lower our prices...

People rush to fill up in

People rush to fill up in fear of it running out. Pot calling the kettle black! What causes gas stations to run out? Over kill people scared of their own shadow stuck in line at the pumps. What will the puppets do next? I'm sure the oil companies laughed all the way to their night deposit box! If the prices remain high (they probably will, Governors restraint or not)...what will the people have gained...nothing but Aggravation!

Gas Prices

Why?,Why/,Why? we keep getting the price of gas going up and my question is Why? Well I guess I will have to answer my own question, because our so call elected officals will not do any thing to help us the people out because they cannot do any thing that will look like they care,the oil companies just want to keep rasing the price because a storm may damage their oil rigs LOL, LOL, LOL give me a break they have so much profit now that a hundred storms could come and go with no damage but just in case it does why should they spend any money from their already gains, one word GREED!!!!!

"This afternoon Governor

"This afternoon Governor Easley enacted the price gouging law, which prohibits retailers from charging prices that are unreasonably excessive. However, the attorney general's office wouldn't put an exact amount on how high is too high." I think he's a little too late on this since gas is outrageous right now.It's worse than it was this summer.Why is this even allowed?!?!?! I have a problem with the fact that every year gas prices go higher, people get poorer and the oil companies are having record profits! I understand that the oil rigs were shut down because of the storm BUT this is ridiculous.

"This afternoon Governor

"This afternoon Governor Easley enacted the price gouging law, which prohibits retailers from charging prices that are unreasonably excessive. However, the attorney general's office wouldn't put an exact amount on how high is too high." ________________________________________________ We haven't had a truly working Government for years. Nationally or locally. Why would they even start to care now where there are tax dollars to be MADE! End of story!


YOU GET IT...first person I have seen in a while that GETS IT...our government local and federal was taken out of the hands of the people LONG ago...because WE THE PEOPLE don't do what our forefathers did when government stepped out of their place...PICK UP PITCH FORKS AND THREATEN TO TOSS THEM OUT IN THE BAY...until such a time this countries people band together as one voice to take this country back from the idiots in's just going to get WORSE.

Gas Prices

As I drove to and from work yesterday, I noticed all the different gas prices like everyone else. One station had $3.59 and a few blocks down the street another had $3.89. Prices go up and many of us just keep paying. However, I’m going to remember those gas stations that didn’t go for the big price increase and that is where I will spend my hard earned money. I have to buy gas that is a fact I can’t change but I can decide which station I buy my gas from.

it's an epidemic

Here on Oak Island there is very little gas, the stations are pretty much out, Southport is the same. From the time I took my daughter four blocks to school this morning at 8am the gas went up 6 cents per gallon at the corner station, then going back to get her at 3pm it had gone up fifty cents per gallon over what it was last night at 8pm. Who is to blame??? No one will do a thing except hand over their money to the thieves dressed in suits. I had to drive up to Raleigh this evening, the gas on the was in Warsaw was 3.79, same station as Southport, same gas as Oak Island but forty cents cheaper?? I almost bought a gas can and filled it up or maybe I should have bought a couple of them. Of course, no one will blame the gas companies or the owners of them and nothing will be done about them jacking the prices up like that. We the "little" people will remain complacent and remain the "little" poor people. Someone better take notice...and begin to pray!

D-TV; Hate it!

I don't understand the big hype about digital tv. Sure it has a great picture when you don't lose the signal. I have yet to meet anyone that had to buy a converter box or doesn't have cable or a dish that like this new set up. It's the pits. It's enough to make you want to throw your tv out the window. You don't get local channels. So, the programs you like you can't watch. You have plenty of cartoon programs which are stupid unless you are 4 yrs old. Local channels don't come in because the signal isn't even strong enough. What is the point? I live 20 miles from Wilmington yet I get channels that are not near my area. Greensboro, New Bern, Jacksonville. I live more then an hour away from all those areas. Explain that one. This digital set up is "supose" to be stronger then analog......... don't see it, don't understand it, don't have a picture. Yes, I have an antenna on my tv. No, I don't have one on the outside of my house because stores are sold out. If this is such a super strong signal why do I need an outdoor antenna?? I didn't need one before. Isn't this signal much stronger then analog? That's what I keep hearing. Sorry, but I don't have the budget for cable or a dish. Especially now that gas will be over $5 a gallon. Looks like DVDs that are on sale will be the new way to go. Even rentals have become too expensive. Life is really becoming to depressing. How will the average person do it when they have already given up so much just to make it??? Very sad in Pender County

Panic at the Gas Station

Panic at the gas station--prices keep going higher and higher, People waiting in line for gas, the situation is becoming dire. The reason this time, there is some hurricane a brewin' People getting upset, many of them stewin' Where is the end to this craziness and panic? Like the Bangles said, "Monday is going to be manic!" Don't understand this, oil is down to $100 a barrel, Oh well, time for some escapism--put in a movie starring Will Ferrell.

Gas prices

People aren't panicing they are rushing to save money. Who wants to pay more at the pump??? I can't swing paying these ridiculous prices and neither can most other people. It's those few at Wall St. that are having a good time playing this game. Those who are speculating. I wonder how they would feel if there money was taken away and they had to live like the rest of us? Bet they would see things differently. I totally understand making a profit. There is nothing wrong with that. But this! This is just beyond profit...... peoples lives are at stake now. The cost of everything has gone up so much you just can't make it. I don't see paychecks going up. I see paychecks going down because of cut backs. Sure big government people are getting huge raises. They get all kinds of benefits even when they no longer hold there position. That doesn't work for an employee that works for a regular company...... unless it's an oil company of course. It's all just greed. People get hurt over greed. That's what is happening now. People are getting hurt because some weathly guy wants to make more then his buddy so he raises speculation over a storm so he doesn't lose a penny. Doesn't mind if lives are lost. Pretty darn sad if you ask me. These are not Americans. I don't know what they are, I don't know what to call them other then selfish. We Americans that are making these people wealthy should stop driving whenever possible. I have. I have confined myself to my home. Yes, a prisoner in my own home. I make it very pleasant and learn to enjoy things around my house and the people in my area. I will do my best not to let this get the best of me, if I can. I will do my part on saving gas and money and NOT making the oil people richer. I'd rather keep the money or spend it someplace else. Just Sick

Cuba or North Korea might suit you better

Like you, they reject Capitalism and the free enterprise system. Who do you think "oil people" are, comrade? They are most Americans with a retirement pension. They are most Americans who own a mutual fund. They are your neighbors, your parents, your grandparents, your friends. That's because Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, BP, Shell.....they're ALL publicly traded corporations. As for your evil "speculators," they include many pension fund managers. Economics always seems evil to those who don't understand it....


Americans have been betrayed by a "casino" on Wall Street, Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Tuesday, defending earlier comments that US economic fundamentals are "strong." "I said the fundamental of our economy is the American worker. I know the American worker is the strongest, the best, the most productive and most innovative," McCain told ABC television. "They've been betrayed by a casino on Wall Street. They've been betrayed by corruption and distress that's damaged their futures," McCain argued. "We're going to fix it. We're going to be sure that every American who has a deposit in the bank, their deposit is insured."


First I am as OUTRAGED by the price gouging as anyone else...I DOUBT our elected officials will do ANYTHING about it either....but at the time I filled up yesterday there was NO reason to "save" money....the total "savings" would have been 5-10 dollars depending on where you filled up...probably what you burned sitting in the line running your air conditioning plus the personal time you wasted sitting there....IT WASN'T WORTH the "savings"