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Drivers trying to round out the Porter's Neck roundabout

READ MORE: Drivers trying to round out the Porter's Neck roundabout

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Call them roundabouts, traffic circles or rotaries. No matter the name, this circle of strife is giving drivers headaches. The perpetual pavement seems to be a particular problem in Porter's Neck. Folks here say it may just be people aren't used to the asphalt circle.

"There's not that many around and you get used to driving a certain way then you come up on one and you go ok who goes first me or them," said Porter's Neck resident Karen Gaskill.

Others don't think the roundabout is all that bad. Laura Betz lives in the area and says maybe, just maybe, it could even be helpful. "I think they're very easy to use but I live off of Porter's Neck Road and there used to be a lot of confusion there at that intersection and now that they added it to me it's much easier and traffic flows much better."

A tractor trailer once got stuck in the Porter's Neck roundabout. The closed circle tied up traffic for about an hour! Folks say they hope something like that never circles around again.

Figuring out the roundabout might just take time and practice. Maybe someday, drivers can come full circle.

Drivers say the level of confusion at the Porter's Neck roundabout has reached a crescendo and it often seems like there is really no such thing as yield around there.

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Are you serious?

2nd paragraph sums it up for me. People have to understand that roads and intersections are going to change with growth. You have to get over it? You're just gonna have to get over "driving a certain way". That's the problem with drivers in this town. I wish New Hanover county would require sails on cars cause people here certainly don't know what an accelerator is. And another thing, learn to use acceleration and deceleration lanes. They are there for a reason, people. The state spends a lot of money installing them, use them.

Perhaps you are one of the problem drivers....

Your comment is assinine and arrogant. Sails will do absolutely no good on an automobile. Besides, most people here know even less about sailing than driving. If you happen to be one of those with the "hot foot" on the accelerator, you are definitely part of the problem on our local roads. The HP's are out there looking for you!

Acceleration and deceleration "lanes"? What is that? This is North Carolina. We have left hand lanes, right hand lanes and turning lanes. If you haven't acquired your NCDL yet, better pick you up one of those study guides offered by the DMV, it will help you pass the written test, can't help you with the actual driving challenge.

Not quite as sharp as we thought we were, now are we?

I guess we should not expect

I guess we should not expect some one to use some thing, if they have no idea it even exists in the first place.

Porter's Neck Roundabout

A. It's too small
B. You are doing 45 mph and suddenly, with no warning, is a tiny roundabout that can't be taken safely above 20 mph
C. Because it is so small, the traffic has no room to spread out, so you may be sitting at that yield sign for ten cars or more during rush hour.

The intersection was dangerous, but a traffic light would have been a far better choice.


The people that have trouble with the roundabouts are the same clueless drivers the rest of us watch in bewilderment on other Raleigh streets. We should not change things to suit the mentally challenged if traffic flow has been improved, which it has, even with these fools.

Porters Neck Round About

I drive through this round about at least twice a day. I never have seen anyone having "problems" other than being a little more cautious than usual at this intersection. Are we trying to make a mountain out of a mole hole here?

Was this article written due to neighbor complaints, elderly concerns, bored random comments, ???

I will admit it was very apparent this round about was approved to be contructed by some "private interest parties". It seems it was to facilitate a problem maybe more for one entry to the interesecion than the others. It also was short sighted, poorly constructed and let's not mention how long it took. Gees.

But, hey, it is done... and it serves its purpose.

They are smart enough to be

They are smart enough to be able to own million dollar homes, but can't figure out a simple traffic circle...

Good one

I just about spit some drink on my monitor. That was too funny.


This article would have been a great place to give readers instructions on how to safely navigate a roundabout. All you have to do is go through one of the new roundabouts in Ogden or Porters Neck to know that most drivers do not have a clue.

Here are the instructions.

Slow down as you approach the roundabout, and watch for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Continue toward the roundabout and look to your left as you near the yield sign and dashed yield line at the entrance to the roundabout.


Once you see a gap in traffic, enter the circle and proceed to your exit.

Look for pedestrians and USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL BEFORE YOU EXIT, and make sure to stay in your lane as you navigate the roundabout.

As a local resident who has

As a local resident who has to traverse the intersection daily, my biggest issue with the rotary is aesthetics. What an unimaginative solution--let's just pour a huge circular slab of concrete in the middle of the road. Thanks Wilmington for that tiny bed of weeds in the middle! This could have been so much more attractive with some actual landscaping and less hardscape. Great work.


The hard-scape is so people can use it if they get into a situation, like that truck that was stuck.... all he had to do was drive on the cement.

If you fill it with trees they block the view for oncoming cars.

Roundabouts are not hard... try the HUGE ones in Europe with 3 lanes and 10 exits and everyone speeding !! You can get stuck in the inner lane for hours. Hysterical.


Hmm, I didn't know "Wilmington" installed or paid for this project? Oh, well. Just the same, it'll be annexed eventually, then they’ll spend millions to plant the flowers you desire.