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Drug bust lands two in jail; foreign national gets prison time, deportation


Two men are in jail after a drug bust in Pender County while another man finds out how much time he'll spend behind bars.

Sheriff's deputies arrest ernest barber and joshua thomas. They are charged with possession, intent to manufacture and intent to sell marijuana. Both are in the Pender County Jail under $16,000 secured bond.

Meanwhile Hector Palacios pleaded guilty to three counts of trafficking, possessing and intent to sell marijuana. A judge sentenced Palacios to 25 to 30 months in prison. He will be deported once his prison term is done.

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I find it amazing how everyone knows everything about the deportation process! The inmates do not recieve free phone calls to start with, once he does his time he will be held up to 3 years more in the US at an imigration jail still under lock and key till flown back to where ever he might be from. If he has any money in his account that he was caught with or money that his family sent him for food or phone calls they will take that money to pay his way leaving him with nothing. Once they clear him in the country that hes from they will let him go free. The government will have all his paperwork but he will get no id, no birth certificate and in some countrys like El Salvador this is reason for the cops to pick him up and put him back in jail. (Yes just for not having an ID). Yes he did do wrong but the government at times is getting way more from him than it is costing them. Think of any property, money, cars etc.. All of this becomes government property in turn is sold so more money for the government. Also any jobs that this man may have legaly worked and paid tax's he was not able to claim the tax's being illegal so thats more money for the government. So while many say illegals are a drain on the governments mighty dollar look how there making money too...


look how he has been making money. Let them confiscate his car; but cut to the quick and send him back to his homeland.

Treat him just as an American would be treated in Mexico.

Or do as they do in some southeast Asian nations. First offense, 3 years hard labor. Second offense trafficing drugs -- get ready to meet your maker.


Wow now this is a good concept, keep this Drug Dealer here in the states for 25 to 30 months. He willget 3 squares and a cot.And the taxpayer will pay for it. Ship him back now and let Mexico pick up the tab by putting him in a jail there. We need to fix this nonsense.


for 25 to 30 months, Hector will loll around. 3 Squares a Day at the taxpayer's expense. No doubt cable television. Maybe free phone calls home so the folks back south of the border will know how he's doing.

Probably get to further his education, at the taxpayer's expense. Then a free trip home where he will get a hero's welcome for using the Gringo system to further his life quality.

Why not just cut to the quick and send him back? Maybe give him a bill for time served plus room and board?

And don't forget...

He'll be back!