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Duck hunting not allowed in city limits

WILMINGTON -- A reminder that it is not ducky to discharge a weapon within Wilmington city limits. You might not think of Wilmington as a fertile hunting ground, but police say they've had at least a dozen complaints in the past week from residents who say duck hunters are firing their weapons too close to their homes for comfort. They say there's been an increase in duck hunting in creeks off the Intracoastal Waterway. Wilmington officers want to remind hunters it is not ok to fire their weapon in the city limits. WPD Lt. Jeff Allsbrook said, "You cannot duck hunt in Hewlett's Creek, Shins Creek or Bradley Creek because there is a city wide no discharging your weapon ordinance." Outside of the city limits hunters are allow to open fire, that means it is OK to duck hunt in Whiskey Creek and Howes Creek.

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It sound like the birds have been hiding in Howes Creek. If we can get enough hunters in Howes Creek, we should be able to keep them flying all day long. LET'S GO!!

"commonsense" has it right but he started with "if"

"if" is a big word. I would love to know if these creeks are truely within the city limts. maybe some of us need to do some research. I'm sure the city hall has got the legal descriptions of these areas (aka. metes and bounds description). These are public record and the city hall should provide a copy. If they cannot or will not, go to the court house in the register of deeds and get it there. To all those people out there who want to preserve our access to public lands and waters, this should be a wake up call to defend our rights.

Quit your belly aching and get used to it!

It's another case of the rich yankees trying to push out southerners who have lived and hunted here all their life. It's just like when the deer was eating all their expensive plants and shrubs, who did they call to get rid of them, the SOUTHERN HUNTERS, until one of the deer after being shot ended up in someones back yard - dead. Then they didn't want any part of it any more. The yanks only want the southerners around when it's beneficial to them. Hunting is a southern tradition and if you don't like it why don't you take your gated community and head back north.

Don't think it's a North /

Don't think it's a North / South thing as much as a Tree Hugger / Outdoorsman thing. We have the same problem up North.


I have been in NC for 41 years. Hunting is the most REDNECK throwback idea still in existence. Make you feel like a BIG man to kill a defenseless animal? Thats what grocery stores are for Bubba.

your a joke. you eat fish or

your a joke. you eat fish or pig or cow?if it wasnt for hunters there would be all kinds of diseases around over population of animals and the home you live in caused some of the population problems and moved them to another area.should be thanking hunters.

Would you rather...

have wild animals dying of starvation and disease? It is proven fact that hunting is necessary in order to keep the wildlife from starving to death due to ever-dwindling natural habitat and disease. Additionally, hunting and hunting-related industries are a multi-billion dollar industry. To refer to hunting as "redneck", I challenge you to confront any hunter and call him/her a "redneck". Chances are, you'll be reminded in a not-so-nice manner that hunting is not "redneck". Now that you've been here for 41 years, it's time for you to go home.


Their ever-dwindling habitat is our fault. We humans build homes wherever we can stick them so the animals have to run for their lives and be stuck with over population in small areas. SO lets KILL them. Like killing fish in a barrel. Disease is a natural population keeper as it is among humans. Spreads fast when all bunched together. Sorry, I am not going home, wish I could.

Hunting Culture

Your dim and narrow view of the world around you DEFINES YOU! To be sure, thinking that "meat" and other table fare only comes from the grocery store is the most narrow minded, shallow thing I have ever heard. For your information, the "meat" at the store has to live and die as well. At least the hunters of the world seek to get some sport out of the process. They get out and do something that they enjoy and benefit from doing it. Unlike you who undoubtedly sits at the computer day after day, continuing your narrow minded bent. Even the animals taken get a chance to live wild and free rather than being bred and doomed for consumption only. I find the thought of eating depressed captive animals disturbing. Also you may take note... Hunting is an activity that takes place all over the world in many forms and methods. To label this a redneck thing shows your limited scope of thinking. I'm sure upon reflection you would agree.

Guest Green

No, I do not agree. I live in Pender county now though I have lived & visited all over the world. I see redneck men with their redneck trucks, redneck kids, redneck camo clothes. I see the neighbors offering me deer meat while I FEED the deer at night in my yard. I am sorry but I do not agree with someone shooting a poor animal from thousands of feet away for FUN. Taking a life in that way unless you are starving is sick. Domestic animals are raised to be slaughtered for human consumption, thats just the way it is. I would no more kill a deer than a cow that is grazing in a field. I do not eat red meat. "To be sure, thinking that "meat" and other table fare only comes from the grocery store is the most narrow minded, shallow thing I have ever heard." WHAT are you talking about? How is that shallow? Apparently I hit a NERVE ,Bambi killer. Go wash your truck.

Das, have you ever seen deer starve?

I have. It's not a pretty sight. Though I still shoot competitively, I stopped hunting many years ago (it seemed kind of boring to me after Vietnam) I know, however, that hunting is a necessary management tool that benefits the game and man, both. A common species without predation is a species prone to overpopulation in the short term. Overpopulation brings disease and in the Winter, starvation. When our forefathers arrived here, there were bears, wolves, and cougars to keep the deer population in check. As the predators vanished, the deer population expoloded. It is now several times larger than it was when the Pilgrims landed. Today, the only "predator" had four rubber feet and travels at 70 mph.....and they still don't kill enough to keep the population under control. So since we wiped out/forced out the predators, we actually have an obligation to replace the important role they played. Sure, if I could wave a magic wand, I'd rather bring back the wolves, bears, and cougars....and get rid of about 250 million people clogging the landscape. Sadly, we all know that's not going to happen. So we NEED hunting to keep the deer population under control and healthy.

Nice Rant Das....

Sounds more like something struck your nerve... Would you go so far to say all hunters are rednecks then?


I would. Standing out in the cold by Landfall and firing guns off in the mornings at ducks for a while doesn't sound very sophisticated to me. It sounds 'kinda redneckish".


I would not say they all are. All the ones I know or have ever met are. I frankly do not know anyone that is well educated and civilized who hunts. Maybe i need to expand my circle. I will say that the one thing they have in common is they must be cruel people.

You should then, I'm a

You should then, I'm a hunter with a BSBA in finance who also spends the off season improving the land I hunt by picking up the trash that washes in from the rivers, building bird boxes and controlling the coyote population. Hunting is not inherently cruel, some people may be and that is a shame that you've had to know them. Personally I've never taken a shot on any animal that would not kill it in a quick fashion that would cause as little suffering as possible. I hunt not because I enjoy killing a living thing. Rather because I disagree with the farming of cows and hogs and its impact on the environment, along with the suffering those animals go through before they are harvested. You probably won't read this but I hope you do.

If the creeks are totally within city limits.....

...then Wilmington ordnances apply on those creeks and WPD has complete jurisdiction on those creeks. Folks, this isn't an issue about preserving hunting rights, it's an issue of hunting where it's illegal to hunt. There are tons of ducks in the ICW and in the channels. The marsh just North of the Figure Eight marina is choked with ducks. Check out Nixon Channel. But the simple fact is that discharging a weapon within Hewlett's Creek, Shins Creek or Bradley Creek is illegal. They're totally IN the city. BTW, state law is also on the side of those waterway owners who build close to the ICW. I don't care if your family has been hunting at your one favorite spot for the past ninety-nine years, as soon as a home is erected within the distance prohibited by law (which I believe, as I stated earlier, is 150 yards) you can no longer legally discharge a weapon there. (You are certainly free to buy the home and land, and start hunting there again.) If we shooting sports enthusiasts are going to continue to enjoy our pastimes, we have to abide by the law. BTW, if you're in the ICW outside these creeks and far enough away from the houses, too-bad-so-sad if they don't like the noise. You're perfectly within your legal right to hunt there.

duck hunting

It is very sad that all you people have to do is sit around and complain. Duck season only last for a short while. It is made up into 3 seasons 1st season only last about 3 days the 2nd season 3 weeks and the last about a month. Maybe during this time you guys can find something better to do than complain. we have been hunting these waters for hunderds of years, you guys should have considered this before you purchased property so close to our waterway ,that no one owns. deal with it!!!!!!

duck hunting

In compliance with N.C wildlife, as well as those that inforce wildlife regulaions. it is legal to hunt on any navagable water way in the intercoastal up to the high tide mark. Those who are complaining as well as the police have no jurisdiction in this area. If the hunter is above the high tide mark, or is endagering residence, then wil. p.d. does have authority to fine or arrest. I love to duck hunt, and since this is my first seasons I was very carefull to read all laws and regulations pertaning to the sport in question. We as hunters have a obligation to take care when we are in the field,however with more and more people moving to the area we need to help protect our wetlands so future hunters may still have an oportunity to particiape in this great sport. To those who are compaining about the shooting noise, get over it as long as we do not damage any property or shoot into a residential area you HAVE NO SAY. Get over it and try to remember if it was not for the sportsmen there would be no wetlands,scening views, or intercoastal. we preserve more than we take unlike the rest of you.

why did they call 911

I saw on the other news channel that the call came in about the duck hunters using 911? Was there really an emergency...especially if it was the 3rd time this week?

911 calls

I think the Wilmington Police would be better utilized in tracking down the caller abusing the 911 phone line. This is obviously someone that needs to learn about priorities. The heart attack patient down the road needs 911 more than you need peace and quiet which you seem to think it is you right. If a kid was calling the 911 number like this the cops would have the parents up on charges. Grow some balls Wilmington City police, and deal with the problem like you should have!



i understand that that the

i understand that that the black ducks and mallards are in whiskey creek by the hundreds. i will be setting my spread somewhere between the first and second curve. DON'T GET IN MY WAY MONDAY MORNING. i tolerate no skybusting.

duck hunting

I am fairly certain that the city limit line is the mean high water mark. unless the city maintains a no shooting rule in the one mile ETJ zone, they have no jurisdiction upon these hunters. someone needs to explore the true location of the city limit line and report back to us.

High Water

Int he state of NC, the property rights of a landowner stop at 20 feet above the Mean High High Water (MHHW) mark, unless, that 'said' body of water is completely owned by the landowner. So, you can hike up the beach legally from any navigable waterway, lake, river or stream, unless it is completely owned by the landowner and then it has to be posted in a legal manner to be enforced. Being that the city of Wilmington is a Bird Sanctuary, then any hunting taking place inside of the city limits would be illegal. Hunting adjacent too is not, providing it does not endanger the public at large. So, no shooting over houses folks. And don't go after that duck if it lands in someones yard, that's what retrievers are for. "Good dog." I find it excruciatingly funny that the people of Landfill have their panties in a wad over this. If I had know this was going to excite them so much and that the hunting was worth it, I'd be out there in a minute. I do know that the area marsh islands are incredible rabbit habitats and the action with a pack of dogs is hot-n-fast! Hunters, if you don't wanna lose every single one of your rights, start acting fast and get ahead of this thing and protect what we have. Theoretically, it would be perfectly legal to set up a skeet shooting barge right across the waterway from those nice people and bang away all dang day, just don't use lead shot.

I'm pretty sure the police

I'm pretty sure the police departments jurisdiction ends at the low water mark, or at the end of any pier, or boat tied to a pier. If people were hunting out of boats then they were in state owned waters and they would be out of the departments jurisdiction. Can anyone verify this?

Hunting laws and jurisdiction

There are several laws that would regulate this. The creeks they mention are wholely contained within the city of Wilmington. Wilmington PD has full powers to patrol and arrest in those creeks. There is also a state law that prohibits discharging a firearm too close to an occupied dweling. I believe that it's 150 yards? (Hey, it's been a long time...) So if you were in a boat in the ICW, you could be violating that law by simply firing too close to a waterway house. Now, excluding this particular issue of otherwise legal hunting, police jurisdiction in NC is not technically limited by department or geography. In practice, yes, roles and authority generally do track geographical boundaries, but technically, a sworn LEO has powers to detain and arrest anywhere in the state if he observes a serious situation that warrants his intervention. So when you see a Wake County sheriff's deputy heading home on I-40 around Warsaw, his only interest is getting home, but if he sees you exhibiting the obvious behavior of a drunk driver and cannot raise a state trooper or local deputy via radio, he can certainly stop you.

Why are you complaining about duck hunters?

Why are you complaining about duck hunters? They are away from you. Yes, you can hear them when they shoot their guns. I hear cars everyday but they don't stop them from beibg loud. The hunters were here before you bought your home. I think that you guys are too close to the water and your houses should be condemned. You should be mad at the guy whos sold it to you not someone who's out getting a Christmas Duck. It won't be long before they open one of those oil pumping station off of Figure 8 and it leaks oil up and down the beach. Also what are you going to do when they put those 25 giant 500 foot windmills out in the intercoastal for electricity. Welcome to the real world. Good luck.

Complaining about duck hunting?

I was answering a question posted in a previous message, regarding police jurisdiction in the city creeks. If you somehow surmised from my post that I was complaining about duck hunters, you have the reading comprehension of a rather dim-witted armadillo.

The duck season will be over

The duck season will be over on the 26th and maybe you have the opportunity to miagrate back north with the ducks and take a flock with you. Also next time buy a lot in a gated area where there is no natural habitat for the wildlife, and if you will notice they were there before you , I belive you invaded there habitat.