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Duke Law School alum hopes $5M gift spurs others


DURHAM, NC (AP) -- A Duke Law School graduate and his wife have donated $5 million to the school in hopes of prompting contributions from others.

The law school said Friday the donation is the latest in a long line made by Stanley and Elizabeth Star. Stanley Star graduated from the law school in 1961.

Six years ago, the couple pledged $3 million to the school for the building of Star Commons, a gathering spot on campus.

Law school dean David Levi says the latest donation will help support the academic life of the institution.

Duke University trustee Peter Kahn says the Stars' contribution has already inspired him and his wife, Debbie, to donate to the law school.

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Duke Donations

Why? Why? Why? Duke University absoultely did not need $5,000,000! It has one of the highest tuition rates in the state. Stanley and Elizabeth Star just want to be "stars" on campus. There were many many more schools(high schools, middle schools, grade schools)in the Durham area that could have used that money. Imagine what Durham county schools could have done with five million dollars! It amazes me how two individuals can give five million dollars to a private university that is in no financial distress and ignore the schools within the same city that don't have adequate funding.

You have a poor understanding of the University system.

And if I interpret your attempt at writing correctly, I understand why.

Duke University is a private funded school of higher learning. Duke does not rely on or receive taxpayer funding. Philanthropy is what started that University many years ago and is what helps maintain it to this very day.

I'm sure if you can get a Durham High school grad motivated enough to earn the millions it takes to make a donation like that, it would happen. Durham is a craphole, full of thugs, drugs, murder and thievery. Just keeping the high school kids off crack is hard enough. The downtown area is crime ridden.

If the people of Durham would get off their duffs, curtail their crime and turn the area back into what it used to be years ago, they would be miles ahead. As it is, it's nothing more than a giant ghetto with and attitude problem as evidenced by your prolific post.

THAT's why, why, why.....

Throwing more money at schools...

doesn't solve the problem. Take a look at New Hanover County Schools. A top-heavy administration, high dropout rates, and less-than-stellar test results.

All you need to do is look at the "war on poverty". Ever-increasing amounts of money spent to "lift" folks out of poverty...and what do you have...those getting the assistance play the game. Why work when you get subsidized housing, foot stamps, help with your utility bills...and a free cell phone.

As far as Mr. and Mrs. Star are concerned, I'm guessing you suffer from a major case of wealth envy. They earned they...they decide what to do with it.

What don't you understand?

It's their money. They can do with it as they please.

The Socialists have not taken over completely.

Rather than belly ache, why not get out and beat the bushes on behalf of all these schools you refer to which are underfunded?