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Duke insurer says it shouldn't pay settlement

DURHAM -- Duke University's insurance company says it was left in the dark and shouldn't have to pay for a settlement with three Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape. The Durham Herald reports Tuesday that National Union Fire Insurance Co. filed court papers that said campus leaders didn't tell the company about the settlement, in violation of its contract. The university has sued the company for failing to cover the costs of its out-of-court settlement with the three players. The university said it was barred from disclosing information because of the settlement's confidentiality clause. A stripper hired to perform at a lacrosse team party in March 2006 falsely accused the men of attacking her. All charges were eventually dropped, and men were declared innocent by state prosecutors. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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That's the best Duke can come up with?

One of the top schools in the nation comes up with a lame excuse like this? "The university said it was barred from disclosing information because of the settlement's confidentiality clause." I have never in my life seen a confidentiality clause that prohibited providing information to the defendent's insurance provider, who would naturally be expected to pay the money. How in the world could that even work? "You have to pay this off for us, but we can't tell you what or who it's for..." Duke simply dropped the ball on this one, and they need to pay this themselves. Institutional stupidity should be penalized just as surely as individual stupidity.

Duke Didn't Hire Strippers

The men should get any proceeds the woman gets from her book but, of course, that won't pay their obscene lawyers' bills. Duke shouldn't have to pay anything for this stupidity. The men started pay back in the first place when they called the women the "n" word. I wonder who insures Duke. Doesn't anybody stop to think where this money comes from? Could be one of the big companies that's going broke on Wall Street who are burning small investors, little old ladies sitting in nursing homes who don't need to have their accounts emptied out going to a bunch of guys who once upon a time would have been kicked out of school for their activities.

They are OBLIGATED to inform the insurance company

DUKE agreed to settle. DUKE failed to notify their insurance company. DUKE admits that they were required to, but is trying to blame a non-disclosure agreement for their failure to comply with the terms of their policy. It has nothing to do with the merits of the case, who is right or who is wrong regarding the sleazey stripper or the wonderful little saints. It also has nothing to do with your emotional tripe about little old ladies in nursing homes. It's a 100% administrative issue. DUKE screwed up by not notifying the insurance company. DUKE should pay for their oversight and carelessness.