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Early Risers: Getting an early move on

READ MORE: Early Risers: Getting an early move on
When you are moving, sometimes it is easier to hire someone else to do the job. For the movers to be there at 8:00 a.m. sharp, that means they are at the office even earlier, getting ready for the day. Turns out, movers have to get a move on pretty early in the morning. Managers at Two Men and a Truck get there at 6:00 a.m., to start looking over the trucks. “The most important thing is making sure all the equipment on the truck. Just in case you need extra box dollies, appliance dollies, pads for baby grands obviously,” said manager, Tim Allen. It takes a little more than an hour to go through the fourteen trucks and to make sure they have full tanks of gas. After managers do that, then the men who do the actual moving arrive. Mover Michael Mott said, “We get here, we find out where we're going, what job we're up against that day. We come out, crank the truck up, get it warm.” Then, they also make sure their trucks are loaded with gear. “We take about 15 minutes to go over the truck to make sure we've got everything we need,” Mott said. Once drivers double check their trucks then its time for them to head out, which typically happens around 7:30 a.m. in the morning. The movers like to be at a customer’s home by about eight in the morning. Sometimes, they are only taking furniture and other belongings across town. Other times, they're moving families across county and even state lines. “Actually, I like the road trips. You get a chance to get away, kind of relax a little bit,” said Linwood Randolph. With this job, the movers know what times their day will start. What they are uncertain about is when it will end. “The job may vary, you may get off at one o'clock you may get off at seven it's like that,” added Randolph.

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I also used Mayflower- the best move I ever had!

I read the previous comment and felt that I should add my experience with Mayflower. I have been moved several times, since I am in the military and by far the best move I had was with Mayflower. I have also been moved by Atlas, Bekins, Wheaton, and North American over the years and I can say without a doubt that Mayflower is the best. There was not a single item damaged and the movers were polite and thoughtful. During the stressful time of moving, which I think it is, the movers from Mayflower put me at ease.

I moved with Mayflower

I was reading this article on moving and I wanted to say my experience with Mayflower was excellant. I can't comment on Two Men & Truck since I didn't use their service, but I can't imagine a better mover than Mayflower. They moved my belongs from New Jersey to North Carolina without a scratch, and they were highly professional from the salesperson to the movers on the street. Next time you move I would suggest calling Mayflower.


I am sure the experience with Mayflower was wonderful, however, I did some research for my move, and found out that not all long distance moves are done by local Mayflower offices. Most of them are handled by owner operators, who are contractors for Mayflower, this also applies to most national van line companies as well. So it's sort of up in the air as to the service provided. I personally would rather know who exactly who will be in possession of, and handling my belongings at all times. Not to mention, that if I would have used Mayflower on my move from MN, I would have been on a truck with 3 or more other deliveries, and the delivery date was a two week window for delivery to NC. So I would have been in a hotel for up to two weeks. I didn't have that kind of time, or additional funds on top of the move, so I had to go another route.

Self Defense

I am the President of Two Men and a Truck and have owned and operated the franchise from the start. I would like to say that I am amazed by the response to this segment. We did not pay anything for this segment. One of my managers saw the segment and thought he would call and let them know that we get in early and they were more then welcome to come out and talk to us. It must have been a slow news day because they actually did. I guess I am guilty of having a manager that understands the importance of PR and actually believes what we do is important and newsworthy. Thanks Tim. I would next like to apologize to the customers that seem to have had such terrible moves with our company. We may have damaged your floors and broke your TV, but I am sure that we did not sell you used boxes and charge you for new ones. If we really moved you please give your real name and date of the move so that I can present our side of the story. I would also like to reply to the issue of not doing inventory. You state that it was an hourly move and I am surprised that you would have wanted us to spend the time doing and inventory at $95 per hour when you already thought the move took to long. All legal moving companies are regulated by the state and we are required to do an inventory on jobs over 35 miles. These jobs are charged based on the weight and distance of the shipment and the inventory would not cost the customer any extra money. If we had known an inventory was so important we would have been happy to charge you to do one. I would also like to thank those of you who have offered their support with their response to this article. I will know give my biased opinion of our company. Two Men and a Truck of Wilmington performed over 1700 moves in 2008. We had two complaints to the BBB. One was closed in our favor and we are working on the other one. That’s it for the negatives. On a national level Two Men and a Truck won an award from JD Powers for customer service. Please go to their website or ours for more information. I believe that we are the BEST moving company. I encourage potential customers to come out and visit our office as well as the competition. I believe that you will find we have the nicest and cleanest warehouse in town. I also believe that we have the best crews. We are also very involved in the community and provide many hours of charitable service throughout the year. I would be happy to go in to details. I am proud of this company. Thanks for your time. Todd Eberhardt

That bad huh?

They didn't get these kinds of comments when they were on the news for helping local charities throughout the year.


I am amazed at the comments, all over a 2 minute segment. I was always under the impression that Two Men and a Truck had the best reputation in Wimington.

Is this really news worthy?

Is this really news worthy? Must have been a slow day.

Two Men And A Truck Rock

Two Men and a Truck are always very professional. I know them all, and they are a great group of people. They also do alot of things for different charaties in the area. The movers, and drivers, make this company rock. If you ever see them in action you will understand. Watch them move this enormous pieces of firniture with ease antd talent. It is awesome! The drivers make sure your precious cargo arrives safely to it's destination. So Guys Rock On!

2 men did a great job

I too have used 2 men and a truck and I had an excellent experience. The two gentlemen were very nice, polite, and very careful with my belongings. They did an outstanding job, and I will use them again. You people must have gotten the reject employees or something.

Two men and a Truck do not rock

Unfortunately I had a much different experience with Two men and a truck. They didn't show up on time, they scratched my floors, broke my tv, packed my goods in used boxes when they charged me for new, and then took almost a year to settle my damage claim. They were rude and unprofessional.

Two Men and a Truck

I also had a bad experience with Two Men & a Truck. When they arrived at my home they told me how lucky I was that they had chosen me to move that day. Their other employees didn't show up for work & 2 other customers didn't get moved that day. First of all, they did not come to the house in advance to inventory what would be moved & there was no written contract. Moving day they spent a lot of time talking with my son about race cars while I was paying them by the hour. Because they did not inventory items to be moved, they did not move everything. They did, however, provide me with the name of a friend who would move the remainder of my belonging for an additional fee. Five months later I moved out of the rental house & into the house I was building. I called Mayflower this time & got a written contract & they inventoried the items to be moved in advance. Mayflower's cost was less than half of what Two Men & a Truck plus what their friend charged me. And Mayflower was totally professional & efficient with no damage to my property. The only damage was done by Two Men & a Truck & their friend mover. Never again.

Its called the BBB Ladies and Gentlmen

This was supposed to be a segment on people in the community who rise early for work, and a small blip about what they do in the morning to prepare for thier day...if you have a valid complaint, maybe you should have contacted the BBB, and taken it up with them. Especially, the extent of the complaints you guys seem to have. Bad moves from start to finish??? As a consumer, if I was upset enough to post these comments, you better believe I would have done something about it.

Are we speaking of the same company???

I am sorry to hear you experience was that horrible. I have moved several times with this company, and never had anything close to this happen to me. I have recommended them to friends, and never heard a complaint from them either. They have always been curtious, quick,and always taken great care of my items. They have this customer for life.

Two Men & a Truck-NOT SO GOOD!!!

I had the same experience. A BAD ONE! Not a good company to deal with. They dont back you when there is a problem. If your things are very important to you, call someone else.

Wow, this is what its come to?

Nice job guys, way to sell advertising during your news now. Very professional. Hope 2 men and a truck paid a nice price for that advertising in the news.