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Early risers to the radio station

READ MORE: Early risers to the radio station
When you drive into work, chances are you turn on the radio. Several local radio stations have early morning DJ's who keep you entertained while you fight traffic. At 5:30 in the morning, it is rather quiet at Next Media, unless you step into the z107.5 studio and meet morning DJs Foz and Tina. “I would consider this the only one of the few jobs in America where you get paid to play. We play for a living, play music, tell fart jokes, and do nothing pretty serious and get paid for it. It's pretty unique,” said Foz. But like a true co-host, Tina is quick to point out it's not always so laid back. “Foz pretends like I don't do any work, and it is a lot of fun to get paid to play but it is a lot of work. People don't understand what goes into putting a show together and it is very hard to find two people who can interact and have chemistry like him and I,” Tina said about Foz. Along with chemistry, they have a lot of energy for such an early morning hour. Coming in at 5am requires a lot of “Coffee. Yes, coffee is definitely key around here,” one said. Just down the hallway is Jammin 99.9, where program director Stanley B is busy at work. “You've got to be one step ahead of yourself all the time.” Although the music is preprogrammed from the day before, he goes through the log every morning to make sure the songs are just right. Along with answering calls from listeners, he also has to stay on top of what's happening during the morning drive so he can let folks know what to expect during the morning rush. And once the show is over, “As soon as I get out of here you start for the next day. But it’s fun, that’s the big thing and we enjoy doing it.”

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Yeah..the high end radio.....

Well you dummies below can pay for all the satellite radio you can listen to. I'm for promoting free programming and our local stations. I enjoy our DJ's, their sometimes silly skits and meeting them in person at local events. Who wants to pay to listen to that Trash Mouth, Howard Stern and the other "high-end" entertainers satellite offers? I'm truly surprised it's still in business, especially if you look at their stock. I do have to admit that it was kind of nice to get radio 250 miles offshore sailing back from St. Thomas though! I learned every word of every Buffet song and could tell exactly what the weather was doing in Chicago....

If you say so

I think it is worth every penny. You can be the dummy and listen to pat and peanut on every channel every twenty minuets. You don't have to listen to Howard Stern. There is plenty of music that is 100% commercial free. Then you can also listen to the comedy channels from kid friendly to a little more adult. Add in the news from the bed wetting liberals to the ultra conservative. You can have your free radio if you are that tight, not me. And to answer your question as to who wants to pay for satellite radio?? Here is the latest numbers and remember that XM and Sirius are now combined. Total Satellite Radio Subscribers Sirius Satellite Radio: 7,667,476 XM Satellite Radio: 8,570,000

Satellite radio rules!

Satellite radio is the way to go, never hearing Pat Koballa whine or that hillbilly peanut do commercials is well worth the monthly cost.

amen brother. Will never go

amen brother. Will never go back to regular radio.