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Early risers at the Sweet and Savory Cafe and Bake Shop

READ MORE: The bakers at the Sweet and Savory Cafe and Bake Shop
Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked breads, pastries, desserts and other sweets. It is a smell you will find every day at Sweet and Savory Café and Bake Shop, where the employees "wake and bake" seven days a week. Hours before Sweet and Savory Café and Bake Shop opens, three bakers are busy getting ready for the day. Chris Flanagan has been making pastries here for 14 years, but he's been baking for a lot longer than that. “It just kind of happened. I was 19, needed a job and there was a bakery a mile from where I lived now hiring and so I went in there and just liked it,” said Flanagan. This morning, a special order tops his "to-do" list. It is breakfast for twenty people. “This has to be out by 8' o’clock so I'm making sure that this gets done first,” he said. While he's doing that, Erik Peake is baking the bread. There are two types he makes first, pita bread and country sourdough bread, which is rather universal. Peake said, ”We make a lot of different things out of that dough, we do cinnamon raisin bread, we do our country sourdough bread, we do our cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, dinner rolls, Kaiser rolls a whole slew of stuff with that so we're doing huge batches of that.” Just how many batches? During the work week they go through three to four 50-pound bags a day. By taking a look at the sheer volume of breads, cakes and other sweets they churn out every morning, it's easy to see why. And to get all this done the workday usually starts around 3:00 a.m. If you think 3:00 a.m. is early, on Friday nights the bakers usually get there by midnight in order to have enough baked goods ready for the Saturday crowd.

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So how can I get a free article about my restaurant???

How does this constitute as news-worthy? Looks like free advertising to me, How about spreading the wealth.

Give me a couple

of free biscuits and sweet rolls and I will personally come on here and post how great they were and give the name of your establishment. If you gave them to me free then you would be spreading the wealth..

Free Advertising??

Get over it. I don't see any free advertising here. Finally a story that does not include murder, drugs, sexual assault or politics.