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Earthquake victim continues road to recovery in Wilmington

READ MORE: Earthquake victim continues road to recovery in Wilmington

A 12-year-old Hatian boy is expected to make a full recovery after a long trip to Wilmington to repair his hand. Carlens Delfils was hurt saving his sister from falling rubble during the quake. After surgery monday, his doctors say his prognosis is excellent.

With an exam room filled with family, friends and doctors Carlens saw his hand today for the first time since that devastating quake. But getting to the recovery stage just more than a week after the quake, hasn't been easy. From finding passports, to getting a flight, to the doctors repairing bone, nerves, tendons and skin, all of those variables stacked the odds against the 12-year-old. Still his surgeon, Dr. Bill Sutton, who volunteered to do the surgery says, Carlens is not only recovering well, but remarkably quickly. Carlens, his sister and their father are also staying with Dr. Sutton.
"Very polite and very respectful," Sutton said about the boy. "He's somewhat softspoken as I certainly would be as well, but playing video games, he loves that, and that's a good therapy, and my kids don't mind doing that with them at all. They're certainly happy to embrace that instead of homework."

The community has been touched by Carlens's story. After hearing the 12-year-old loved to play video games, an anonymous donor dropped off a Nintendo DS for Carlens at his appointment today.

Carlens, his sister and their dad will stay in Wilmington for another six weeks while Carlens goes through physical therapy. You can help Carlens and the Delfils family. A fund has been set up through RBC Bank. You can stop by any bank branch or call 772-8800. Wilmington Orthopaedic Group is accepting donations of items for the family. Call Laura Colligan at (910) 763-7344 x1223 for more information.

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Thank You

Dr. Sutton,
You have always portrayed yourself to be a decent man who really wanted to help people.

You continually prove it. First when you performed surgery on my husband 3x, now with Carlens.

I just wanted to say Thank You for being an example for us all.
Not only in performing a surgery for Carlens but in opening your home to his family.

I hope that we, the community, follow your example. We may not be able to perform surgery or even open our homes, but we can help in many different ways.

Again, Thank You!

Haitian boys hand surgery

SO happy to hear this child is recoverying well....How many American children, or NC people has Dr. Sutton or any other Doctor offered to operate on for free ? Some of us US citizens can't even get help from our own gov't agencies without jumping through hoops. THEN still denied medical treatment and medicine.!!!! WHEN DOES the USA get their MUCH needed medical needs taken care of ???

Don't even say prejudice lies in this statement either, I speak from years of expierience of dealing with NO medical coverage, no help from our Gov't.. and know many others who carry huge medical bills and credit card bills because they have to survive anyway they can...

Just not fair..that is all !!!!

Do you have a car?

If you own a car then you can afford health insurance. Don't cry a river over the life CHOICES YOU HAVE MADE that leave you without health insurance.

Life isn't all about getting something for nothing----that mentality of yours is no doubt your true problem.

Get a life!


I'm sure if you had no money and your hand got smashed and you went to the emergency room the would treat you.I'm not sure if they will treat whats wrong with your head.