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Easley issues statement about FBI probe

Former governor, Mike Easley, issued a statement addressing an FBI probe in to his travel habits on Saturday. Easley said he is confident any investigation will clear him, so he can move on with his private life. The FBI issued subpoenas Friday seeking information about the private travels of Easley, his wife and their son on privately owned, non-commercial aircraft. Subpoenas also request documents involving travel payments. Easley has not been accused on any crimes.

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Sleeze Ease

We as taxpayers should have seen this coming as the result of the money "borrowed" from the pension fund as well as taking money from the local government units in 2001 and 2002. Easley should be prosecuted to the fullest for the issues already raised beginning with the cars. How many of us common folks would be able to "test drive" a car for as long as his wife did? In our cases it would be called GRAND LARCENY since we did not pay for it. Does Easley think that the press is stupid? How easy it is to check on vehicles and see who is listed as the owners and who pays the taxes. Not very bright Mikey!!!! So, fess up and take your licks like a man. And by the way, your wife should do the reasonable thing and step down from her perch at NCSU and move on. Where is the so called Public Safety training center? No one seems to know on campus and it appears that it is a joke anyhow. Same thing is at UNC. It is time for the truth to come out!

Sure Mr. Easley Wants to "Move On"

I certainly hope that the investigation exposes the corruption I feel has been going on in Raleigh and Washington for a long time. I feel the lottery got in due to some shady things going on as well and now Bev is using that money for things other than "Education". Much like the "Highway Trust Fund", Tobacco Settlement"....

Sleezy Easley

How is it that all this was going on under our noses and no one did anything about it until he left office?

What should the citizens do?

What should the citizens do? Report it to their corrupt police department? Elect another corrupt politican into office? What can we do to change this cycle?

We put our differences

We put our differences aside, come together as our fore fathers did and become a might rock that cannot be broken. Simple enough?

What did the "embattled farmers" do.... Lexington and Concord?