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Easley's hometown reacts to plea deal

READ MORE: Easley's hometown reacts to plea deal

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) -- Before Mike Easley was Governor, he served two terms as state Attorney General and before that, he was District Attorney in Brunswick County. He has owned a home for years in Southport, where many residents say they have been fed up with Easley over the years.

Though Easley is considered a hometown boy in Southport, many residents feel they got no hometown support from him. Easley has been under state and federal investigation for two years, but many in Southport say they have known there was something a little fishy about him for a long time.

Southport resident Woody Wilson had issues with Easley in 2006, when the then-governor pushed to lease the state-owned Southport Marina to a private developer. Wilson says the taxpayers of North Carolina deserve for Easley to be held responsible for his actions.

"We don't expect when the governor leaves the office that we've gotta go through two more years of hearing about his personal gains, profits, losses, all of that mess pulled together in such a manner that it's basically despicable," Wilson said.

It's a change from the opinion many residents had of Easley when he was DA and helped crack down on drugs in Brunswick County. Folks we talked with in Southport today say they feel Easley's plea deal amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist.

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A disgrace to any community

Mike Easley should be osctracized for the remainder of his days by all honest North Carolinians. Mike and Mary Easley USED government for their own personal gain. There was no genuine concern for the citizens. I have no harsh words for Southport , just sympathy for the citizens , who were misled by his shenanigans for personal gain. I guess he will not be the Grand Marshall for the 4th of July.He should not be welcomed in any venue or receive any recognition. If it were you and I , we would be sitting in prison during the Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe his fraternity of corrupt cronies ( R.C Soles , Rex Gore , Lanny Wilson and Jim Black ) will have the convicted felon over during the holiday festivities. They can celebrate their victory , despite this brief , legal interruption , to continue on their path for personal gain.

Mike Easley

Maybe Ronnie can get him a job at the Ford dealership. The both of them are nothing more than big headed thieves.


A $1,000 fine is only condoning corupt behavior. It's no wonder it is so rampant.

What about his ties to Rocky

What about his ties to Rocky Mount NC. No one ever talks about this.