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Economic crunch could mean higher costs for UNCW

READ MORE: Economic crunch could mean higher costs for UNCW
Come fall, students at UNCW may see a change in their tuition. In tough times, it's a change many students are feeling anxious about. UNCW sophomore, Kiah McCoy, like many other students, is worried about her future. The cost of UNCW was part of her decision to go there. "The tuition wasn't too much, that's what I liked about UNCW. Being that the economy is the way it is right now, I'm not guaranteed all the financial aid that I would need. So it is a worry of mine," she said. In this struggling economy, UNCW is trying find ways to cut back. A tight budget could effect the amount of financial aid, scholarship, and grant money there is to go around. Officials are now faced with the possibility of having to increase the cost of tuition and fees. "We are really here to help as much as we can. We want students to get into school and to stay in school so we are going to work very hard to see what we can do to make sure students do stay," said UNCW Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs, Charles Maimone. Students at UNCW currently pay a little over four thousand dollars a year in tuition and fees. That is a price tag of more than 16 thousand dollars for a 4-year education. Maimone said in order to help students with scholarships and grants, a tuition increase may be a necessary evil. "We know our students are going to be in situations where they are going to need more help, so what we are planning on doing is looking at tuition increases, we are going to dedicate a certain percentage of that. At this point we are recommending 40 percent of any of our increases in tuition go to those who in the most need," Maimone said. State legislators will have approved UNCW's budget before school officials can decide on a tuition increase. The increase WWAY was told is not thousands of dollars. It could only mean a little over a hundred dollars a year extra for each student.

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I agree with this new so

I agree with this new so called useless "Diversity" department and the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it cost to keep it up.If they really wanted to trim some fat they need to look at the positions on the top of the ladder and cut some useless high paying positions.I see so much waste everyday while attending class!

Like what?

What kind of waste are you talking about? Just curious, because all the talk I've been hearing is about conserving and finding the areas where UNCW can save.

I thought the president of

I thought the president of the UNC system had ordered all of its universities not to increase tuition this year.

Trim the fat at UNCW

Perhaps UNCW could cut some overhead by eliminating some of their more useless programs and departments. The new "diversity" department must cost a pretty penny and is of no demonstrable benefit to anyone. Why not start there?