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Economy, summer break leaving many pets homeless

READ MORE: Economy, summer break leaving many pets homeless

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- We all know the economy is hurting our pocketbooks, but it's also taking a big toll on animals. Many people can't afford to take care of their pets anymore, so they just dump them. New Hanover County Animal Control Services has nearly 100 animals at its shelter right now. More than half of the animals were surrendered by their owners.

"Recently we had some customers come in stating they had lost their home, and they no longer had anywhere to actually house themselves or their pets," Animal Control Supervisor Daisy Brown said.

It's not just because of the economy. This time of year college students out for the summer often leave their pets behind.

"My roommate went out of the country for the summer pretty much, and I told him I would take care of the dog," Taylor Camp said, "but it turns out he doesn't keep her updated, and I can't afford to do that. And he's busy as is, so when he comes back, he'll be unable to take care of her."

Taylor Camp worries if she turns Lola in, the dog will be put to sleep.

After the animals have been processed through the system, strays are given three days. If they're well-groomed and microchipped, they get five days.

"We work with rescue groups here in the area to have them relocated, and then our last resort would be to humanely euthanize them if they cannot adopt," Brown said.

If you would like to adopt an animal the shelter at 180 Division Drive will be back open for business Tuesday at noon. To adopt an animal at New Hanover County Animal Control Services costs residents $70 and non-residents $60. The fee covers spay or neutering and the animal's first set of shots. For more information, call the shelter at (910) 798-7500.

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I would like to see the vet's lower their price so it is more affordable to get your pet what they need. They are like doctors now, they are taking great advantage of people and they care about animals?????

Surely that is a misprint

Surely that is a misprint about the price of adoption. But then again, nothing surprises me anymore. Just like the rate hike for people who pay their utility bills to make up for the ones who dont!!!!! This world is getting crazier by the moment!

Cost for adoption

Why exactly does it cost more for NHC residents to adopt than non residents? Especially considering our tax dollars subsidize the animal control system.

Totally agree!

It makes me sick to think that pets have to be abandoned and die because an irresponsible college student decides their summer trip is more important than their pet. Pet ownership is a lifelong responsibility, not a convenience that goes away during the summer.

What do these kids tell their parents anyway? "Oh yeah mom, Fido got put to sleep. I couldn't pass up getting drunk with the frat brothers in Cancun now, could I?"

Grow up! Your responsibilities as a pet owner come first, not your desire to party or take a month long trip somewhere. Investigate long term boarding options if need be, but abandonment is not the answer.

Dog and cat meat

Next thing you know they will be legalizing cat and dog meat to accommodate the hordes and epidemics of homeless animals. China eats cats and dogs and there were Chinese restaurants busted serving dog and cat meat under the guise of chicken (cat meat) and beef (dog meat). I'm sure a lot of people ATE cat and dog meat without even knowing it.

I can understand not being

I can understand not being able to keep a pet if you find yourself suddenly unemployed and homeless. That is a sad situation for everyone involved. But if you're just an irresponsible college student that isn't intelligent enough to A. keep your animal up to date and B. make suitable arrangements while you're off galavanting during summer break then DON'T GET A PET! People really should be screened before being allowed to own a pet or procreate.

I completely agree....

If you can't take care of yourself than it is understandable that you can't take care of a pet. But college students that just leave pets behind....that is just irresponsible and plain stupid. You have to have a license to drive, hunt, own guns, get married....but not to adopt a pet or have a child. I don't believe in Big Brother by any means, but if people don't start accepting responsibility, somebody needs to step up and do it for them.