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Edwards announces paid family leave plan

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards says he wants to spend $2 billion a year to help create family leave programs that offer workers paid time off. The former North Carolina senator says he wants workers to be paid for at least eight weeks to care for a newborn or sick family member. The proposal is similar to those offered by his rivals. Edwards would put up more money in the program. New York Senator Hillary Clinton has called for $1 billion a year for such a program. Illinois Senator Barack Obama has proposed $1.5 billion a year. Edwards says he would hope to have the program in place by 2014. He says only 8 percent of American workers have access to paid family leave. Edwards is to speak at a medical center in New Hampshire today. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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I may be naive at the age of

I may be naive at the age of 53 but whatever happened to families helping each other in times of need. Does the government have to do everything for us? I feel this is one of the reasons government is out of control today. We can't even handle our own responsibilities any more.

Third World

Bunch of greedy stupid idiots. We should be subsidizing child care and making it easier for families to take care of their children. Instead, we sit around bitching about "wasting" our tax dollars by providing a bit of help for each other in times of need. America is declining into a Third World nation. As the nations in Europe and Asia grow more prosperous by ensuring that their citizens have the safety nets needed to financially survive the basic facts of life - child care, medicine and retirement - the quality of American life degrades.

Child care

Let the people who had these kids pay to take care of them. It's one thing to give a helping hand to someone on a temporary basis, and quite another to support someone their entire life.

When were you last in Europe?

I'd suggest that you take some time to visit Europe again, because you'll be undoubtedly upset when you discover that every nation is cutting back on their Socialist giveaways. Right now, France is gripped in the midst of a transportation nightmare as their president attempts to re-vamp overly generous retirement systems that are bankrupting the country. Sweden has has cut back on direct aid to its citizens. The Netherlands has severely restricted non-EU immigration, in-part because they cannot afford to pay social benefits to everyone who wanders into the country. Meanwhile, eighty-percent of all colo-rectal cancers progress to untreatable/terminal in the UK, while people wait for National Healthcare to schedule them for treatment. What you fail to grasp is that the basic, underlying theory of Socialism is fatally flawed. It can't work. The wealthy stop investing because the government simply takes away their gains, and the poor stop trying to break out of poverty because the government is coddling them. The whole system breaks down. Socialism will inevitably lead to national bankruptcy. In closing, let me assure you that wanting to keep your own money is not greed: Wanting to take other people's money is the true definition of greed, as it is not yours to take.

And who pays...

for this "program"? The taxpayers! I'm tired of paying taxes just so those too lazy can suck at the public tit. Americans need to get over the need to be coddled. Brick back corporal punishment in schools, re-introduce Phys. Ed., let kids play kickball at recess, and take the damn video games away. The only fit part of most kids today are their thumbs while their asses are the shape of their couch cushions...fat, plump, and dimpled.

I'll pay

I will pay if johnny red will leave!

Another unfunded JohnnyPlan!

Who pays for THIS free lunch, Comrade Johnny? You know, since so much FMLA is used for new mothers, it would seem pretty obvious that a person who couldn't afford un-paid FMLA shouldn't be having a child. Want to end poverty? Stop adopting policies that encourage people who can't afford kids, to have kids.

Paid family leave act.

"You know, since so much FMLA is used for new mothers, it would seem pretty obvious that a person who couldn't afford un-paid FMLA shouldn't be having a child. Want to end poverty? Stop adopting policies that encourage people who can't afford kids, to have kids." This is so off base, I'm one of those fixing to be new mothers who has a great job and pays very well but because I have not been here for a certain amount of time I get no vacation days-sick days- or famliy leave days yet. So I'm planning on comming back in a week or two if possible. I think this is a good idea but, I think that there needs to be more rules to it. Only for a month maybe and your only allowed to recieve it a max of 2 or 3 times in your life.

Of course you think it's a good idea

You want your employer to pay you for staying home and taking care of a newborn. That's not why corporations are in business, however. They're not social service agencies or charity outlets. The law allows for un-paid FMLA, and that's fine: You should be able to take a limited time off without fear of losing your job. You already "get paid" to have a child. Your income tax drops. Accordingly, you can adjust your W9, reduce your withholding, and increase your after-tax net every payday. Depending on your income, the government may actually pay you a bonus via EIC....even advanced EIC, if you qualify. Having a child is a personal decision. Don't expect your employer (or the government) to reward you for having a child. If we had a truly fair tax system, you wouldn't get a tax break for having a child and I wouldn't be able to write off my home mortgage interest. If you want a paycheck, keep working. That's how I get mine. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and SOMEBODY has to come up with the money to pay for Comrade Edwards' latest give-away. Should other people pay you to have a child?

On the other hand

I'll applaud the woman out there that is working and faced with this decision. The government should give the appropriate amount of tax breaks to companies to compensate for this rather than just feed and house the non-working potential mothers at tax payers expense.

Why should the government be doing any of it?

When did we lose the ability to manage our own lives and care for our own families? When did the government become our mommy, to help us over the rough times and make our life cushy? If the government wasn't Uncle Sugar, blowing trillions from Medicaid to Alaskan "bridge to nowhere" construction companies, the young lady's taxes could be reduced such that she could save enough money to take unpaid FMLA. People like Edwards, Obama, and Clinton want to take the majority of your paycheck and have the government distribute the money back as it's needed. Notice that I didn't say "back TO YOU."

I'll second that

I second that Commonsensenotcommontoday, don't breed what you can't feed! And don't expect me to pay to feed 'em either.