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Edwards blames lobbyists in new ad

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards is trying to broaden his reach in sending his message about American health care. He's to air a television ad today in New Hampshire that holds lobbyists responsible for keeping 47 million Americans without health insurance. The ad come a little more than a month ahead of the January 8th New Hampshire primary and it dovetails with his criticism of his chief rivals' health-care plans. Edwards says there is no way to ensure health care for all citizens without fundamentally changing how Washington works. The former North Carolina senator trails Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama in New Hampshire and remains in a tight race with them in Iowa, whose caucuses are set for January 3. Edwards health proposal would require that all Americans sign up for health insurance. He estimates his plan could cost up to $120 billion and would be paid for with higher taxes.

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47 Million Without Insurance?

Why, that means that we have around 253 million Americans who DO have health insurance. It's obviously working for the majority of Americans - five out of six of us have insurance. Do we REALLY need a JohhnyPlan (Copyright 2007) to screw things up for the other 253 million? Comrade Edwards, don't blame the lobbyists. Blame common sense and intelligence. Most people are bright enough to realize that Socialism won't work. Socialism can't work. It's inherently flawed, and doomed to failure. BTW, those bright people WON'T be voting for YOU!


If johnny red wants everybody to have health insurance, let him reach into his own wallet to pay for it and leave mine out. I already pay too much in taxes supporting the many on welfare, food stamps and other government handout programs.