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Edwards: Limit frivolous lawsuits


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards says attorneys should have to show their medical malpractice cases have merit before filing them.

The former North Carolina senator made his fortune as a trial lawyer. But Edwards says attorneys with a history of frivolous suits should be barred from filing new cases.

His proposal is similar to "certificates of merit" laws adopted in several states. Those laws usually require that an independent doctor assert the validity of a malpractice case before it is filed.

Edwards says while reducing malpractice lawsuits is a good idea, it won't significantly affect health care costs. He says he thinks the cost associated with legal cases is well under 1 percent of the legal system.

Edwards spoke yesterday at a health care forum in Washington.

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Gee where do I sign up to vote for Edwards, what a clown. I think the democrats should be more careful about who they let represent them.

Edwards: Limit frivolous TALKING

Maybe edwards should limit frivolous talking. He is such a joke and needs to shut up and go away.


Annnnnd along with the limiting the frivolous talking...why don't we limit the frivolous hair cuts ($400.00 for a hair cut?!) and extensions to his house? But like that will ever happen. His head is so far up his arse he can't see the light. Edwards is a colossial waste of time.

Hahahaha! John Edwards.....stand-up comedian.....

Suuurrrrrrre Johnny. We really believe that a man who made his living suing people and is receiving millions in contributions from trial lawyers, really wants to limit frivolous lawsuits. Hey! Could this mean that you're full of bovine droppings when it comes to all that nonsense about ending poverty and universal health insurance, too? Could it be that you're simply a power-hungry crook who will say anything to get into the White House?

What a terrible man he is.

What a terrible man he is. He made ALL his money stealing from our insurance and now he wants to limit others from doing the terrible things he did. What a hypocrite. He needs to never run for public office ever again and get the heck out of the media where I cringe every time I see him. I said it a hundred times and I will say it again--He is an IDIOT!!!!!

this guy is (*^*^%*&%%

John Edwards WTF are you talking about? Before running for political office as we all know he was a personal injury attorney, specializing in representing people who were alleged victims of corporate negligence and/or MEDICAL MALPRACTICE.... I AM SURE ALL HIS CASES WERE VALID. Guess he cant make any more money ambulance chasing so he wants to make it tough for the up and coming chasers. LOL


Edwards also is the same person who missed hundreds of votes in the senate while serving as a one term senator.

Not only did he miss votes....

...but if you look at the number of bills he co-sponsored or was instrumental in authoring, you'll realize that he was one of the greatest "do-nothings" in the history of the Senate.