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Edwards tells rural crowd to ignore polls, fundraising horse race

COLUMBUS, Ky. (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is urging supporters to ignore polls and fundraising numbers that show him running third in the party's presidential race. Edwards told a crowd at a Kentucky Civil War site on the Mississippi River that there is untapped support for his platform of paying attention to rural America. The former North Carolina senator told the Columbus, Kentucky, audience that political pundits think only fundraising is important. He says he will rely on grass-roots and the Internet to create rural support. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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The physics we shall

The physics we shall consider has been limited to quantum mechanics only in order to draw the circle of questions not too broadly in advance; since quantum mechanics is at once the empirically most fully confirmed and the most radical of modern theories, it can also, at the present, teach us most about philosophical problems.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

$400.00 hair cuts, expensive extentions to his already gloriously expensive house and he's not interested in fundraising?? Ok, so........what is that money called that he receives to stand in front of a bunch of people and open his mouth to vocalize a truck load of horse-pucky? In other words, Edwards is saying he's got some job somewhere, on payroll, to finance his campaign of "frivolous" phoney baloney? That's the biggest load of turd I've ever heard in my life!

send your money!!

The band Suicidal Tendencies has a great song making fun of the 'TV' preachers. All they and johnny red want is your money. Keep it coming in, daddy needs a new rolex.

Yes folks, ignore those polls!

Just keep sending that money into Johnny. You think those 25,000 square foot houses come cheap?

25,000 sq. ft. home

How'd you pay for yours? Got stock in forced abortion clinics or euthanasia meds? Or did you try the more practical route with lots of stock in Haliburton with good ole sureshot Dickie?

Money talks

You would be surprised at how many celebrities and politicians own stock in Haliburton. Even the left wingers own stock. I bet you didn't know the ones that bash Dickie and Haliburton own stock in that same company, did you? Money talks!

Yaaay! My groupies are here!!

My house is much more modest .....but yes, Haliburton is but one of many stocks I own. I'm sure you view any stock ownership as evil. That class-envy must be god-awful uncontrollable if you need to follow me around, from board to board, but you do whatever trips your trigger, okay Willie?

smart investor

I am sure that many people own stock in Haliburton that do not necessarily agree with its owner. Yes, money does talk, but it often speaks without a conscience. I don't view stock ownership as evil but I do check out its background as much as is allowed before I invest. I imagine war-mongering companies that supply the means to wage war are pretty hot stocks now with the "Fire-when-ready" GOP in charge, I tend to leave those alone. As for my need to follow you around, it's always easy to track down bad smells like those of "no class", who needs to be envious of that? American's are not supposed to be divided by class, race,or creed, get out of from under your Confederate Flag, you lost! You dare think it's "American" to advocate paying for abortions as long as women get sterilized on the second one just because they may need help of any kind? Let's hope for your sake that you don't invest in stocks that take a plunge and lose everything you own because you will be the last person that I would want my taxes to help and don't think it can't happen. Ever heard of the Great Depression? I'm pretty sure that these people you don't want to support because of their poor choices could survive easier than someone like you since they are used to working for nothing and having to survive on little. Have you ever had to slaughter an animal for food and grow your own? Oh I forgot that is not in your class. Let's hope you don't have to. I'm pretty sure the GOP who you so blindly support on your principles would not hesitate to show you the door because you see, you would no longer be in their class. And then YOU would have made BAD choices. You may want to make sure you have a recipe handy for "Beans and Rice", just in case. It goes very well with "crow".

Agree with the owner?

In a corporation, the shareholders are the owners. They set corporate policy by electing directors and voting on important resolutions at shareholder meetings.

Yes...I'm that monster under your bed, Willie

Your imaginary rich, Republican, Haliburton-owning, SUV driving Thurston Howell who is waiting to jump out and force you into signing a mortgage you can't afford. Of course imaginary is the operative word there, because never once have I stated that I'm a Republican or rich, because I'm neither. I've just read the Constitution and seen the failures of Socialism firsthand.... Hey, did you know that my Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre voted against the SCHIPs expansion.....? How about the fact that the leading contender for the Democrat's presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, has stated that she intends to maintain defense spending at current levels and even increase it in some areas? You really find everyday life an incredible challenge, don't you Willie?

Monster or just a mouse.

I've just read the Constitution and seen the failures of Socialism firsthand.... Read or interpreted? Socialism as a Government, yes it failed in Russia and China although I know of several professors that would want clarification on what YOU define as a success or failure. Hey, did you know that my Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre voted against the SCHIPs expansion.....? Sure I did. And as it is written, I don't agree with the dollar qualifications, but I do believe it is needed for those in need that are already here. I feel that the US should "encourage" coverage from insurance companies that fit within a household budget and not "purely" for profit. So I do not feel a compromise was out of the question. How about the fact that the leading contender for the Democrat's presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, has stated that she intends to maintain defense spending at current levels and even increase it in some areas? Last I checked the cost of the Iraq war is not paid out of the defense budget. So no I do not have a problem with that stance. In fact, more money should be put into intelligence to infiltrate Muslim extremists because a large armed force is useless against that type of foe. You really find everyday life an incredible challenge, don't you Willie? No, life is a joy. Ignorance I find an incredible challenge.

C'mon, Willie! You're getting boring.

If you're telling me that there are college professors who think that Communism could work if we just gave it a bit more than the seventy-five years the Soviet Union tried, woo-hoo: Tell me something I don't know! They're the same people screaming because we're eavesdropping on phone calls by using satellites over Pakistan, and picketing to demand that universities install foot-washing basins in rest rooms for Muslim students.... ....and that's all because they simply want to destroy the American way of life, so they have very much in common with Marxists and radical Islamists. Most liberals feel that way. They despise our history and they despise our economic system. They want to tear it all down and start all over again, building a land where prices are based upon "being nice," and "survival of the fittest" is a nothing but a bad dream from our past. And you want to align yourself with these people, Willie...? BTW, don't buy into the rhetoric that a large military force is useless against "that type of foe." Our failures in Iraq are due to ignoring mass, one of the Nine Principles of War. Of course, we violated seven others, as well....and allowed a career bureacrat to raise one, Economy of Force, to a religious icon. If this nation ever finds its backbone again, and actually fights a war, instead of "War Light," you'd be surprised what we can accomplish. The liberals are feeding you that tripe because they hate all wars (regardless of necessity) and the Republicans will feed it to you because they want to explain away the grotesque military incompetence displayed by the National Command Authority since 2001.....well, actually since 1945.... You're losing your passion, Willie. Perhaps you should go back to that other board, re-read that post where someone else called you a loser, and then go off on me again....


No jackass I'm not telling you about college professors saying that socialism would have worked etc... What I am telling you which you seem to ignore is that there are reasons why it failed in China and Russia and have NOTHING to do with what you are talking about. The reason why most civilizations collaspe has to do with the ruling class ignoring the rights of the people they govern you moron. The French Revolution, The Heavenly Rebellion in China, our own American Revolution, The Roman Empire, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!! As the wealthy and powerful oppress those underneath them, rebellion follows. As for liberals tearing down our history, give me a break. Let's talk about all the dirty laundry we have swept under our rugs since our creation. The 1898 Race Riots right here in Wilmington. Do you think a park is going to make up for the fact that NO ONE wants to even acknowledge that it happened for fear of being sued? We live in a town that immortalizes its Confederate dead with monument after monument and "that's OK". But God forbid don't hold ourselves accountable for the wrong we do because it's all for the glory of America by God. Let's talk about the millions of native Americans we slaughtered in the name of God's chosen people. They were here first weren't they? We still to this day have them living in the lowest scale of poverty imaginable. The Cherokee were lucky. They had the US and NC over a barrel because a few Cherokee used legislation of agreed treaties made and broken throughout history with that tribe and put NC and the US in quite a pickle so they were more than happy to oblige a little casino, "on their land." Then we tell what few enterprising tribes that try to follow suit and open gambling casinos to make a quick dollar, they can't. Then we turn and try to build horse racing tracks, our own casinos, and a lottery system. We are such hypocrits. If you know anything about history at all you will find that most oppressed and enslaved people jump on the ideology that Socialism and Communism is based on. Why do you think that is? It's because they have no voice. Having a view that does not agree with those in power tends to get you killed. Our democracy started out working the way it should have. But now it is all about the money. Who raises the most in a campaign? Who has the most prominant backers? Who do the special interest groups have their hooks in? The everyday man is lost in the shuffle with no voice. You yourself can't even choose a party or candidate that you are 100% in agreement with. The reason that NC is a right to work state was to keep "undesirables" out of their workforce. When they realized it could work to keep radicals out, let's just use it to keep the other Undesirables out. Who needs Jim Crow?The "Undesirables" which include people of color, nationality, political, and religious affiliation. They to this day do not have to give a person a reason for not hiring or firing you. They can dictate forced overtime, unsafe working conditions, and ignore on the job injuries. And your right is to go anywhere else to work in NC and be subjected to the same treatment. NC is the 2nd worst state in the nation in dealing with on the job injuries and workers rights. Why do you think that people lobby so much to raise the minimum wage just to get near the poverty level. Oh my, another of their bad choices. Can you or anyone else in this country ever make or have so much wealth that you can afford, to give people working under you and making your fortune, a wage to make a living? So much to be proud of. This "American" way of life and its great economy you boast about is the same way of life that told us it was ok to sell human beings into slavery. We started with selling Indians within our state borders and then progressed to the African slave trade that the Grand Ol South was built on. Let's don't forget about our large population of neighbors from the Great state of New York where most of its buildings, bridges, etc were built on the backs of slave labor, yes it's true. Check out "Slavery and the Making of America" And let's not forget that we helped put a lot of those fanactics in power in the middle east and ignored them for years until "our oil supply" was threatened or held hostage. And lastly, if we are approaching this Iraq and Afghan conflict the right way with a large force, why can't we find Osama Bin Laden? Why can't we get control in Iraq? Why won't the Iraqis ever be able to govern themselves? Yet the military officials tell us that things are OK, we've accomplished a lot etc., why are we not done yet? Here you inform anyone who will listen to you that we are ignoring their mass. What the rest of the extremists in the muslim world are waiting for is for us to send in a force so large that they too feel threatened and then you will really see a large force from Iran or Syria, or other sympathetic nation go in to drive us out. I mean if we have to be there and what we are doing isn't working can't we try something else? But there are so many soldiers out there and those that are lucky to come back home alive that will tell you they do not know what they are supposed to be doing over there. Maybe it's because of an unclear objective, lack of good strategy, maybe we have been spoiled and can't remember what it was like to hear about Americans dying in larger numbers during larger scale wars like you talk about, I like you remember hearing those numbers and seeing the coverage on the evening news,so I guess what you are advocating is that we should not get upset that we are losing soldiers everyday in "war light" under the conditions they fight under just because it isn't a real war. People do die in war light or real don't they? I'm sorry I believe that an individual's life is worth more than that. Losing my passion? The truth is that people like you will try to demonize anything or anyone that does not agree with you. Only because you can't just shoot them legally or wipe them out because you are among the chosen people, like you did in the past. Instead of trying to find common ground, and work together, you choose to divide and feed the status quo.

Willie, Communism failed.... the Soviet Union and China for the same reason that Europe is starting to re-evaluate their free lunch programs: The entire concept of Socialism IN ANY FORM is flawed. It removes incentives for anyone to try harder. The wealthy know that the government will simply take their gains away from them, while the poor rest comfortable in the knowledge that the governmnet will provide for their basic needs. Mediocrity reigns supreme...until the bills come due, and then panic sets in. Even Sweden and Holland are starting to cut benefits and place restrictions on eligibility! Socialism, you see, butts heads with a universal law that cannot be overcome - survival of the fittest. Hobbling the fast gazelles doesn't help the slow gazelles escape the lions - it simply weakens the species as the lions dine on the best and brightest. I'll save the rest of your "Horrible, evil ol' USA" post until later on tonight. I drank a Mountain Dew today, and may need some help getting to sleep.... ...meanwhile, please stay off the crack.

People on moral high-horses

People on moral high-horses are so funny.. LOL@YOU.