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Edwards to outline plan for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder

PLYMOUTH, N.H. (AP) -- John Edwards is introducing a plan today to help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, including those recently returned from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under his plan, veterans could seek counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder outside the Veterans Health Administration system. The plan also calls for an increase in the number of counselors, and family members would be employed to identify cases of PTSD. The Democratic presidential contender and former North Carolina senator is scheduled to introduce the five-point plan during a speech at New Hampshire's Plymouth State University. Edwards says that despite his opposition to how the war has been waged, the enlisted men and women deserve the nation's support when they complete their service. He says when American men and women sacrifice so much to defend our freedom and secure peace around the world, we have a moral obligation to take care of them and their families. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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So, he's found a new agenda....

If he keeps talking were all going to have post traumatic stress syndrome. Go Away!!! And why does the "news" have to refer to him as "The Democratic presidential contender and former North Carolina senator". He stands no chance at President and nobody in NC likes him. Wasn't he born in SC? Can somebody let the "news" know that NC dosen't claim him.

Yay! Another JohnnyPlan! (Copyright 2007)

I guess the "I'm gonna create a cabinet post to solve world poverty" and the "I'm gonna make it impossible for drug companies to get patents on medicines" didn't play so well. Now he's pandering to the one percent or so of veterans who have a hard time leaving it all behind. Johnny, I've been there and done it. We all came back with memories, sime of them very bad, but 99.99% of us took off the uniform, put on the business suit and proceeded to live perfectly normal lives as civilians. Keep looking for that one BIG issue, Comrade, because trust me, this isn't it. There's nothing funnier than when Liberals start talking about "how much they appreciate the military."

johnny red

johnny red loves the military because it gives him and other liberals an easy target. Since the military won't stoop to these commie bastards level and respond, these liberal weenies think they won. I have a great plan johnny red can implement to save America... MOVE TO EUROPE!!!!