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Edwards touts rural ties

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is pushing his ties to rural America has he campaigns in Iowa. The former North Carolina senator said yesterday he would fight powerful special interests that he says are stealing the children's future. Edwards started in heavily Republican and rural western Iowa yesterday. He talked about proposals to bolster rural sections of the country. He routinely talks about being born in rural South Carolina and growing up in a series of southern mill towns. Edwards is in a tight race with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with two weeks remaining before the Iowa caucuses. Edwards dismissed Obama's and Clinton's argument that they are positioned to bring about change in Washington. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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run forest run

run johnny red, run! Please go away now.


He's just another ambulance chasing attorney that made his money exploiting the system. He has lied so much that he probably don't remember how to tell the truth.

John Edwards

Thanks alot John Edwards for bringing the Lottery to NC. I can see just how much you really care about NC's survial!! I will NEVER vote for you, and neither will any of my friends!

John Edwards

He plays up his rural ties when it is convenient for his politics. He has not lived, and certainly has not worked in a rural environment for years. He wouldn't be able to make enough money for his expensive haircuts and lifestyle. His reality and mine are miles apart What a phony.

John Edwards is about as rural...

as Paris Hilton. He made his fortune as an ambulance-chasing lawyer suing insurance companies.

get a life

Who can blame anyone including Edwards about his profession? If you have a law degree then you would make money where you could! I've been raised a Republican but honestly think Edwards would make a difference and he understands the little people. He's a man who has suffered heartache like I pray I never know and when you have to bury your child and help your wife fight a cancer battle then I feel you understand the average person!

Raised to be a thinking guy

John Edwards is a lout that thinks he deserves more than the rest of us. What family has not seen a cancer death? What family has not seen hard times? How big is his house and how does he show us his plan for the environment? What is his carbon footprint? He is an undeserving wanna-be that is using his loss to further his own gains. That makes it all the sicker. He should be crucified for his "poor John" play on politics and being in an electoral pool. We have a sad day upon us that we actually consider such people to led us in any way. I have never been so ashamed to be from North Carolina as to see him tout this. I stand firmly in my position that Obama is light years better for us than John Edwards and Hillary will only take our nation further into debt, socialist corruption and health care fraud.

He's determined to destroy America

The man is Hugo Chavez with a $400 haircut. He is openly declaring war on nearly every aspect of American life and the free enterprise system. Pharmaceutical companies would no longer be able to patent their drugs? Health insurance companies will be forced out of business as the federal government will assume that role? I'm not making this up - that nonsense has actually come out of his mouth! How about his plan to create a new cabinet department to solve Third World poverty? My God, even Joe Biden has attacked him for engaging in class warfare. Buy a clue, sweety. His son's death and wife's breast cancer have absolutely nothing, NOTHING to do with his desireabilty as president. As a matter of fact, when I hear his plans to recreate the Soviet Union right here in America, I only regret that breast cancer isn't contagious!

OOOH Your last comment

OOOH Your last comment about breast cancer wasn't right.

What's "not right" about it?

Why should I show any care for the man at all? Like the thug standing on the street corner, John Edwards thinks that he has a right to what is mine. I believe that all thieves should be treated the same......and playing Robin Hood qualifies as being a thief! But if the comment about cancer troubles you, here are two alternatives: The more I hear John Edwards speak, the more I think Sirhan Sirhan should be paroled. I sincerely hope that Paul Wellstone recommended his charter air service to John Edwards.

Get your head out of the sand.

"I've been raised a Republican but honestly think Edwards would make a difference and he understands the little people." As a life-long Republican myself, you couldn't be further from reality. John Edwards is a tax and spend Democrat who feels the government is the solution for all that ails you. If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until it's free.

Another Conservative hate monger.

Why is it that how a person makes their money a problem when they are a democrat? You Republicans have no problem watching W and Cheney make billions in oil and questionable "contract" intrests like Haliburton all over the world. How much do think that they spend for a haircut? What's more important thousands dying in a war over capitalist interests in foreign oil or someone that fights large corporations that put their bottom lines over what is morally just and right? As long as your taxes are not raised, you Republicans could care less about what happens to people that do not think and vote like you do. I can't wait until your kind are out of power in 08; people are not stupid and we are not going to allow the middle class to be the ones left holding the bag while the wealthiest people dodge their responsibilities any longer. Get used to it!

Dodge their responsibilities?

I'd suggest that you check out exactly WHO pays the lion's share of personal income taxes in this country, if you think the wealthy are somehow shirking their duty. Even after the Bush tax cuts, it breaks down like this: Directly from the US Treasury, for CY 2005: The top 1% of earners pay 39.4% of all personal income taxes collected. The top 5% of earners pay 59.7%% of all personal income taxes collected. The top 10% of earners pay 70.3% of all personal income taxes collected. Meanwhile, the bottom 50% of earners pay only 3% of all personal income taxes collected. Yeah....those stinkin' rich people.....just not pulling their fair share, are they? You're a typical liberal - long on rhetoric, short on facts.

Yay! Another Sesame Street Socialist Sap

Wake up call, Comrade - my wallet is not OUR wallet. It's MY wallet, keep your hands off of it. Corporations are in business to earn the maximum return for their shareholders. They're not social services organizations. Ambiguous terms like "Moral Justice" have nothing to do with business. If you knew ANYTHING about the requirements for federal office, you'd know that both the president and vice-president have to place all their assets in a blind trust while in office. They have no control over where their money is invested. In closing, here's something YOU need to get used to - we are not going to stand by and watch this country be taken over by Socialist cockroaches. History has proven that it can't work, and I, for one, think the American people are smart enough to realize that. P.S. I'm not a Republican, Einstein!


You need to do a reality check and rethink your facts and figures.

some good points but....

But you can't help to laugh at johnny red trying to look so very pretty. Pretty johnny red Doesn't he know his 15 minutes are long gone? This state made a mistake by electing him, which we fixed by not sending him back. The country told him to go away last presidential election but yet it still hasn't sunk through the hair.