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The effects of an increase in the sales and sin tax


One part of the state budget that will inevitably affect everyone is the one percent sales tax increase. That hike may seem insignificant to some, but even a dime here and there can add up.

The budget also targets folks with vices. People who smoke tobacco and drink malt liquor will see a tax increase as well. For one local cigar shop owner, the state is shaking up an industry that is already struggling.

"Let me tell you, a ten percent tobacco tax I can eat that, I can absorb a 10 percent tobacco tax. 31 percent, I have to pass on to my consumer," said Frank Bullara, owner of Bugsy’s Cigars.

The most popular cigar at Bugsy’s costs around $5 dollars. With the new tax, that will bring it up to a little over $6 dollars. The idea behind hiking up sales and sin taxes is to make up for the decline in revenue in our state.

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I bet the pot dealers are loving this.

I bet the pot dealers are loving this. Alcohol goes up, people buy more pot; cigarette prices get out of site, people buy more pot. And the state gets no taxes on pot.

If you notice, the "sin" tax

If you notice, the "sin" tax is on items normally construed to be addictive, such as smoking and drinking. The state doesn't want to tax something that people can easily walk away from. They are counting on the sales of these items to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Hey Bev

A state built on tobacco and Bev signing into law no smoking in Bars of all places. Ironic Isn't it. I don't smoke so I'm not complaining. But banning smoking in bars.LOL Maybe I can see restaurants, but bars. I'm sure there plenty more problems she could be working on to help NC citizens besides this. Hey Bev North Carolina produces half the tobacco for the entire country. Why don't you go ahead and ban growing it.LOL Make the farmers grow corn for the fuel supply so it will increase our food prices while your at it. And all the hog farms,there polluting the state, why don't you raise taxes on pork. Hey you can also tax peoples garbage. Make a garbage tax. Put scales on the trash trucks and weigh the trash as it is picked up. Then tax it according to weight. Add it to the trash bill or property taxes. Just giving you some more ideas Bev. She is going to tax and ruin everything she can just for her porkbarrel projects. Typical out of control radical liberal.

Sales and Sin Tax

Maybe someone should take their rose colored glasses off and find out what a state we are in financially and job wise. Why would anybody want to increase taxes at this point and who are they to decide what a Sin tax should be on!! Someone not going to get their raise??? We already pay too much for utilities etc., maybe we should flee the state like Florida residents did. Worse decision ever made, POLITICS!!!

One winery says "NO" - let's hope others follow suit

The North Carolina legislature just passed the new state budget which includes a "sin tax," which will have a direct impact on the state's wineries. Duplin Winery is dealing with this increase by saying "no," working with their distributors, and not passing the increase on to the consumer.,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01... This is so much more than a simple "tax" for income for this state. At the end of the day the consumer is hit and, much worse, the farmers in our state. With this legislation facing many other states in our nation, perhaps more wineries and other businesses will be able to follow Duplin Winery's lead.

Increase in Sales Tax

How could anyone think that an increase in sales tax will not have a significant impact on families stretching to make ends meet with their personal budgets. Gov. Perdue thinks more about her pet projects than she does about NC residents. The budget is full of pork.