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Eight tail-waggers celebrate a special first birthday

Happy birthday to Bubba, Teddy, Sweetie Pie, Kera, Ivy Jane, Woody Basil, Elvis and Vegas; they all turned one Sunday, thanks to a great group of adoptive parents. Paws Place owner, Nancy Janovetz said, "It’s nice to see all the puppies, and what they grew up into." It all started with the puppies' mom, Darcy. More than a year ago, she was found abandoned behind Paws Place, in a plastic storage bin. When volunteers found her, she was nearly nine weeks pregnant. "No food, no water, no blanket, nothing, she was just in there being pregnant, it was horrible," said Janovetz. A week later, the original Octo-Mom gave birth to the eight healthy pups. After rotating feeding schedules among volunteers, Paws managed to place all eight puppies and their mom, Darcy, with families. Kathy Dzubak and her husband adopted two of them. "We have a seven-year-old Golden also, and it wasn't long before they were just part of the family." The Dzubak’s are proud parents of Ivy Jane and Woody Basil. "They have very different personalities, even though they have the same mother,” said Kathy. “Woody is more laid back, we say that Woody worries, because he has a worried face, and Ivy is a little more outgoing and snarly.” All the parents and puppies enjoyed a giant birthday celebration, along with cake for the people and gourmet biscuits for the toddler tail-waggers. Nancy said, "It's a celebration of the life of the puppies, and also bonding the people together." Paws Place could not press charges because they did not have proof that Darcy's original owners were the ones who dumped her outside the rescue center that frigid day last year. But they do warn animal owners to spay and neuter their dogs and cats. All the guests were asked to make a donation to Paws Place instead of bringing gifts.

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Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You for all that you do for our furry friends. It is a real shame how some humans treat animals. Animals have a heart and have feelings and they deserve to be treated as God's special creatures. I do not put bumper stickers on my vehicle, but I have seen one that I really like. It says, "The more people I meet the more I love my dogs" Again, Thanks goes out to all rescues, foster families, and everyone that helps our animal population. If we all could help save just one, that would be one less that would suffer. Maybe the politicians can find it in their hearts to funnel some of the stimulus money, that is being handed out so freely, to an organization that really matters.


ARE YOU SERIOUS? Funnel STIMULUS money to mongrels? Only a leftist tree huger would come up with something like that! Animals are animals, they aren't your son, daughter, nephew or niece....they are ANIMALS! THAT doesn't mean we treat them badly....but it needs to be kept in perspective!


Wow, I would rather see the stimulus money go to helping animals who cannot help themselves, than go to rich CEO's who do not know how to run a company properly. Also to set the record straight, the term is tree HUGGER. I guess they need to funnel some of that stimulus money to pay for your education.