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Elderly diabetic waiting for A/C to be fixed

READ MORE: Elderly diabetic waiting for A/C to be fixed

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Today's heat advisory recommended people drink plenty of fluids and stay in an air-conditioned environment. Virginia McDowell would normally spend the day in her apartment, but her air conditioning has been broken for a month, and the landlord still hasn't fixed it. The Market North Apartments are low-income housing, but residents still expect a certain standard of living.

For one month McDowell has been waiting for her air conditioner to be fixed, but she says the manager has been giving her the run-around. Last week, she was told it would be fixed on Monday.

"I waited Monday, Tuesday," she said. "I called Wednesday. They don't know when it's coming in. It was on the truck somewhere."

McDowell has lived in the apartment for 15 years, and until now, she's always had air conditioning. Even though it's a standard of living most people have become accustomed to, there is no law in North Carolina requiring landlords provide their tenants with air conditioning. Even if her landlord isn't breaking any laws, McDowell feels that after being a loyal tenant for so long she deserves more respect.

"I stay to myself," McDowell said. "I don't bother nobody out here. I feel like I was treated really wrong, 'cause they lied to me."

Mcdowell is diabetic, so being in her home is important. It is where she keeps her medications and food appropriate for her medical condition. But because of the heat, she has had to stay elsewhere with family members.

"I wanna come home," she said. "I do this all day long: Walk and sweat. Walk and sweat. Walk and sweat."

We made a number of phone calls trying to reach the property managers at Market North Apartments. The on-site propety manager declined to comment. Her supervisors never returned my phone calls.

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What does

the lease say?

The lease should be pretty clear as to who or whom is responsible for fixing the air conditioning system.

If the lease requires the Landlord to maintain the air conditioning, and they will not, there is a state agency which will be happy to send one of its little pit bull dogs down from Raleigh to address the issue; for that matter, they may have one already stationed in Wilmington.

What about the Health Department? Have they deemed the property uninhabitable due to the heat?

Who owns the apartment project? That's a matter of public record. Look them up on the county tax roles; get some contact information. Perhaps they are unaware their onsite property manager is not performing.

air conditioning

It's amazing how people can complain about things like air conditioning. I grew up without it and also have worked hard to be able to afford such a comfort, instead of relying on everyone else to pay for it. My air conditioning has broken down many times and I had to fix it. I am 60 years old I am a diabetic and pay for my own medicine and ask no one for help.In fact I still work and wish people like you unless there is some medical reason Suck it up and get off welfare and be a person. I was taught by my parents that to receive or be sucessfull you worked for it.What a concept huh?

you dont know anything. You

you dont know anything. You are 60 years old have you ever thought where you would be if you didnt have parents to tell you anything, to love you unconditionally, to Pick you up when you fell down, to punish you for your wrong doing and reward you for something good. maybe then you would be on welfare and someone can tell you to get off welfare and be a person. what a concept huh?

Read the article Tom..... states that there is no NC legal requirement for landlords to supply air conditioning to their tenants residence.

Under the housing urban

Under the housing urban developement guidelines(H.U.D.)and their applications it does for certain circumstances. which this lady is qualified for. Market North is H.U.D.

Ocean Breeze can help with AC

Ocean Breeze will be glad to take a look at Ms. McDowell's air conditioning with no charge, if she can meet us at her apartment. Ocean Breeze phone 270-6171.

Thank you,
Teresa Rodgers
Ocean Breeze HVAC

Very "cool"!

I took down your number as well!!

way to go! thanks for

way to go! thanks for stepping UP!!!

You guys are GREAT for doing this!!!

It sure is nice to see that there are people that care about others like you do!!! I hope you get tons of business because of it!

Too bad that we still have money-hungry slumlords out there that treat our elders like this. They should be ashamed for making that poor little old lady live in heat like that for no reason. I hope they LOSE tons of businees because of it!

It's a good thing that wasn't MY mother!!!

You take the rent

Landlords are doing a lot of this. They take that rent each month. If you rented with air it should remain that way. And they have you over a barrel because you don't pay the rent they will kick you and. The place would be rented by the end of the day that afternoon. I think this should change. if you collect the rent you should fix it. And this lady has stayed in the apartment for 15 years. She should have some respect

your in the south

When I moved here I had a real estate agent tell me, "your in the south now", that was a lame excuse for not doing her job in a timely, professional manner that I did not accept.
This is great advertising for this apt complex and makes the manager look like a real inconsiderate, inhumane moron.
They could not provide her with a window a/c unit?
Pretty sad when we can't take care of our own neighbors!

If i was this person, i

If i was this person, i would seriously consider relocating elsewhere, there is no excuse for anyone living in these facilities to get this treatment!

I have serveral family

I have serveral family members and friends who live in Market North and they say management has improved. They are tired of Market North getting negative attention. Some of the people in the area have said that the lady has only been without air for almost a week it has not been a month. Just like in the story it was stated North Carolina does not require landlords to provide air condition. I saw the story on the news instead of being so upset she could have opened up her windows.Sometimes we have to grin and bear things. Also we have to understand when things break down such as a air conditioners they have to be approved and ordered and these things take time. It has nothing to due with low-income housing. If you owned or rented your home it would still take time if not even longer than being in an apartment.

Point Missed

For starters, it is "several", not "serveral" - I would have ignored it, but you did it twice.

The lady in the story is a diabetic. Most likely her medication needs to be kept within a certain temperature.

And, of course she is upset! It seems she is more upset about the lack of respect the landlord/apartment manager has given her than the air conditioner being broken.

Management should have been calling her on a daily basis to give her a progress update concerning the air conditioner. After a couple of days, they should have offered and still should offer her a temporary option, like a window unit and fans. In addition they should offer to pay the difference in her electric bill for the extra power needed to run the unites.

People are usually rewarded for being a loyal 'customer' not punished and pushed aside. I believe a lesson in customer service is well overdue for this apartment's management team.

That's so Lame

Sorry, but this is an apartment complex and something as critical as air conditioning with this heat index the way it has been lately, it doen't matter if it's a couple of days or a month. It's unbearable and life threatening not to have your body temperature regulated. She could suffer from a heat stroke even with the windows OPEN. This is just LAME! Why should she have to move after 15 years??? Just fix it ASAP. Thanks to the gracious company who offered to fix it for free. They in turn should mail the repair bill to the housing complex!!! Then, all the folks who have read these posts should refer all thier business to her and her company. Bravo for your reaching out to help others. We need more people like that!!!!


your windows when the heat index is 110 outside, that would make a significant difference.