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Elderly woman involved in Southport drug bust

A drug investigation in Southport has left an elderly woman and 12 others facing charges. Seventy-two-year-old Martha Lee is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Investigators said more charges will follow. It was inside her home on Ninth Street where Brunswick County sheriff's deputies say Lee's son, and others sold drugs. Monday, investigators seized marijuana, cocaine, crack, prescription pills and ecstasy from the house. In total, 13 people were arrested during the four day long investigation.

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Drug bust

Well, we can sleep better tonight knowing that this 72 yr old woman is off the streets. Now we can drink a few glasses of wine along with our doctor prescribed sleep aid and get some rest. Tomorrow we can start the day with our doctor prescribed anti-anxiety meds and maybe a little viagara , just in case our partner has a pulse later on tonight. Now, where did i put my pain meds, doctor prescribed, of course.


Many people don't do any of the things you describe but even if they did they wouldn't be doing anything illegal. Selling crack, cocaine and other illegal drugs a block or two from where hundreds of little kids go to school every day is nuts. Regardless, no one in their right minds would want dangerous people like this living near them or their families.

72 year old woman

has any stop to think that sh has been doing it for so long, that maybe she doesnt know how to quit. i am not condoning it but also i am not judging her either.


Some people never outgrow sleaziness, I guess.. what a shame that a 72 year old woman was never able to straighten her life out.

Drugs in Southport?

There are no drugs in Southport, there can't be any drugs in Southport, this is just a fluke! LOL, people have known for years that Martha Lee was running drugs out of her house. Bravo to the BCSO for FINALLY addressing the problem of the drug trade in the sleeply little town, because Lord knows the Chief in Southport doesn't want to address it.

Drug addicts and dealers

Finally, these people get arrested! Our family lives in the area and this house is just a few blocks from the Elementary School. This house was widely referrred to by locals as the "9th St. crack house". We're glad to see that law enforcement is taking action against those who fuel the drug trade. These people need to be off our streets.