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Election Recap

Wilmington's City Council is now set and there will be two new faces on the council. Ronald Sparks and Kristi Tomey were the top vote-getters beating out incumbent Pat Delair and newcomer Susan Clarke.

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Interestingly, Tomey and Delair were neck-and-neck nearly the entire race. At one point, they were only four votes apart. But Tomey was able to beat out the incumbent by about 300 votes, and it was Ronald Sparks who had command of the board nearly the entire night. The land transfer tax was front and center in Brunswick County as well. It would apply to the sale of a home, land or business. These aren't final numbers. But here's where it stands as of now: Nineteen percent for with 1,334 votes, 80.58 percent were against the tax with 5,534 votes. The one-time tax of 0.4 percent brought voters out to the Brunswick County Board of Elections Tuesday night. The Brunswick County Board of Elections says final results won't be made available for another half hour or so. Columbus County voted for the One Quarter Cent County Sales & Use Tax (50.9% for, 49.1% against). Pender County voted against the Property Transfer tax Referendum (76.66%) and Incorporation of the Town of Hampstead (71.55%).

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Thankful Pat Delair is out

I couldn't be more thankful that Pat Delair was not reelected, expecially after reading the article about her in the November 2007 issue of Greater Wilmington Business, which you can read at The article talkes about how great Pat Delair's life used to be, and ever since she moved to Wilmington seven years ago she has made several stupid business decisions, and had a string of bad luck. Well I'm sorry, if you have a track record of making bad business decisions, and your having such bad luck, you don't need to be on the City Council and drag everyone else down with you. Pat, maybe all this is a sign that you need to go back to where you came from.

The people who care enough

The people who care enough to vote are the ones who elect people with their hands in everyones pockets. Susan Clark might have been a newcomer, but she is intelligent, direct and sincere..everything Kristi Tomey is NOT. Guess I'm moving. This town has become a joke.

Crushing land transfer tax defeat!

Exactly how naive would you have to be to say, "Oh, please raise my taxes, because I firmly believe your vague promise that this will somehow help me?" As an aside, the gentleman who appeared on the news last night was a breath of fresh air and obviously the kind of "interlopin' Yankee infidel" we should want to move here. He was smart enough to realize that he had left the crushing, punitive taxes of the Northeast (with absolutely no corresponding improvement in the quality of life), and had no desire to see the same nightmare duplicated here. As a Carpetbagger myself (that's a Yankee who came here almost thirty-five years ago, found paradise, and never had a desire to change the place) I'd bet that the small minority who voted for the land transfer tax were recently arrived New Yorkers and Jerseyites who are still hypnotized into believing that they should vote for every nutjob tax and whacko bond referendum on the ballot. Far too many forget that we moved here to get away from that nightmare. Remember folks, you can manage your money far wiser than the government can manage YOUR money. The last thing we need is more government at any level.