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Elections chief says 'no conspiracy' in voting machine glitch

READ MORE: Elections chief says 'no conspiracy' in voting machine glitch

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Accuracy is one of the most important things voters care about during elections, but there are questions in New Hanover County after voting machines were casting the wrong votes.

Yesterday was the first day of One Stop Voting. New Hanover County Elections Director Bonnie Williams says during that first day voting machines were choosing the wrong candidate. That has some people questioning the integrity of the board of elections.

Williams said the touch-screen machines needed to be recalibrated. She said this is the first time the county has ever had issues with the machines casting the wrong vote.

"I know this sounds disturbing, but it's simply an issue that the touch screen lost its calibration," Williams said. "There's no conspiracy. The Board of Elections operates in a non-partisan fashion, and we really don't have a preference as to who wins the election."

Williams said the New Hanover County Government Center and the Carolina Beach One Stop Voting location had the calibration problems. She said there were no problems reported today with the machines.

Even though the problems have been fixed Williams said they will continue to actively keep an eye on the machines. She said she would never want to jeopardize the integrity of the Board of Elections.

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It is amazing that all these

It is amazing that all these 'glitches' seem to favor the Dems. The big issue I see again is the integrity of the system. I am a computer programmer. It would not be difficult at all to have the voting machine screen display back to you the vote you actually intended but log the vote differently.

What needs to happen is a full audit of the software from a random sampling of voting machines by a panel of people on all sides of the political spectrum.

Lets see: felons can vote but the military cant get their balots in time to vote; evidence of citizenship is prohibited; Black Panthers can intimidate voters with no consequences but what if it was a white extremist group; school kids are rewarded if they vote early for Dems; no checks and balances to insure a person doesn't vote multiple times (if you are a Dem); voter registrations are not purged of dead or relocated people; voter ID is illegal because it keeps people from voting using the names of people that should have been purged from the voter rolls; etc. etc. etc.

And all these 'irregularities' are 'protected' by the Dems from the evil Republicans. Anyone see a pattern? I am sure voter machine fraud will be proven and then protected by the Dems on the claims that the machines disenfranchises the poor and elderly that would have voted Democrat. Therefore we must vote for them in order to count their votes.

WOW! Is it ever time for a revolution?!

voting machins can be hacked

hHere's a video describing how a Diebold voting machine can be hacked. It is probably possible for other machines as well. This may explain what's happening. Just Google 'voting machine hack' People should demand a return to paper ballots.

Democrat Vote Fraud

These are not calibration errors. Computers are not this finicky. They are relying on the general public's ignorance of how computers work to pull-off this scam.

This kind of voter fraud is very dangerous.

We need proof

The experiences described here are too many to be coincidence, too consistently democrat to be user error. Somebody needs to record a voting machine exhibiting this behavior. Tell your friends who have not yet voted to record this if they see it and put it on youTube. There may only be one network left that would report the story, but that may be enough to start an investigation.

Calibration and voter intemidation

Calibration? - what's to calibrate - it should, power-on, boot and run - someone better check a little deeper. And it should be a lesson for all of us to make certain, where we can, that our vote is counted correctly! Eyes open - watch for falling acorns and voter intimidation a la black panthers. One result for which I am hopeful is that when the T party and republicans take back the house that Holder, Obama and company will be investigated for destroying and making a mockery of the civil rights struggle for equal voting rights and the enforcement of those rights! (Just one issue among the many that deserve the light of an honest investigation - I'll wager that a few democrats would agree! but will they come out?

Cheating Liberals!

Freaking Democrats! They get an F- for doing their job, but they get an A+ in cheating!
I heard that people in NV were complaining that their Republican ballots (the mark-type, not touch screen) were already faintly marked for Reid! So that the machine would get confused by the double mark (one for Reid/one for Angle) and reject the vote. Devious sob's!

Seriously, calibration errors?

Touch-screen calibration is an easy thing to rig. One roving calibrator can calibrate machines to make Republicans select Democrats with very little effort. Statistically, if this were a genuine machine calibration error, then the error should be distributed between both sides of the ballot. Instead every single one of these "errors" favor Democrats. As a genuine 'error' that is statistically improbable in the extreme. I have repaired computers and calibrated touch screens for going on 15 years now, and while it's true that touch-screens do lose calibration, it is very rare that a system always goes off calibration in the same direction. The fact that whenever these machines go off calibration it marks "Dem" when people select "Rep" tells me that this is more about electoral fraud than poor calibration practice.

Dead people voting not bothered by the glitches

None of the dead people voting are bothered by the glitches.

You just have to look for the good in everything.


Silver lining! Too funny!


Americans use touch-screen technology millions of times a day, via ATM's,gas pumps, grocery stores, etc. Yet we are to beleive that after having months to prepare and calibrate these machines, which literally can be done at the polling place in minutes, this incompetent bureaucratic, public servant couldnt manage to do her job. Your tax dollars at work people.

Voter fraud

Like I told my wife on election night 2008, because of this new president and his minions there will be blood in the streets, middle class blood.

Sooner rather later I hope

Well All nations die, some fight on through the crises.
It remains to be seen if this our greatest opportunity is blown or we overcome it and move to our greatest Period ever or maybe we wimp out and slide back down.

Just remember that this is our Greatest Chance for the future and as long as we do what logic tells us is in our best Interests we will WIN!

No matter how much blood or anguish is spilled.

Our Declaration Of Independence obligates us and legally requires us to remove corruption from the REPUBLIC......

This is happening in Craven

This is happening in Craven County and it's is happening in NV too. Harry Reid's name is pre-selected on the ballot. That's pretty coincidental.


Should we be suprised that when the dems are in trouble-things like this occur. Conspiracy or not Saffo and his cronies need to go-their latest bailout and this voting incident are just further examples of how corrupt they may be. Republicans arent perfect but they dont steal elections-they dont bailout their campaign managers.

voting machines

S.O.S different day.

this is why many states have banned touchscreen voting machines

and it is also one of the reasons that the NC Coalition for Verified Voting, supported by computer scientist testimony, urged the legislature to ban touchscreens.

Disenfranchising voters by accident is equally as bad as disenfranchising voters on purpose. The result is the same.

Counties that use paper ballots, optically scanned, are more likely to record voters choices as cast:

A professor's study of North Carolina's 2008 Presidential election shows that optically scanned paper ballots were better at registering the intent of the voters than touch screen voting machines.

Mark Lindeman, an assistant professor of political science at Bard College in New York, found that in the 67 North Carolina counties where the voting method is optically scanned paper ballots, 0.78% of ballots failed to register a vote for President last November. The 24 counties where touch screens were the principal method of voting saw 1.36% of ballots fail to register a vote for President, a difference of over 7000 votes in the 2008 election.

Perception is everything!

I have to question the INTEGRITY of the vote ! I particpated in early voting on Thursday and I am a little upset with this current news. It is a given that the large turnout is due to the displeasure a MAJORITY of the American people have with the Democrats and Obama . THIS ELECTION IS A REFERUNDUM ON OBAMA ! Election officials know that those people eager to vote are Republicans and Independents like myself.Even if there was no intent on tampering with the vote , you now have a PERCEPTION issue with voters who have lost confidence in your PRIMARY duty . Properly administering the vote. With the amount of money invested in elections , why no paper receipt ?!!! On an unrelated matter, why do you not check the identification of the voter . I could come back and vote numerous times for people I know are registered voters !!!! You had a credibility issue prior to not being able to administer the vote properly through failure to calibrate the machine but what do you expect from INCOMPETENT and NONPARTISAN ( HAHAHA !!! )board of election officials .

Idenification at Polls

I went to vote early Friday and the lady at the desk only asked me my name and address. NO ONE CONFIRMED MY IDENTITY. It wasn't only me, i was with two other people.

We need to return to paper

We need to return to paper ballots. These machines are too easy to "rig".

Paper ballots

Don't talk about paper ballots. Washinton State used paper ballots and got Christine Gregoire for governor. It was so close that a recount was required. Her opponent was slightly ahead. By the time they recounted 3 times, including ballots 'found' in unlikely places, old Christine had a substantial lead. Voter fraud indeed. Then the same democrat operative that ran this fiascoe went to Minnesota and elected Al Franken.

Now I understand how

Now I understand how taxpayers voted for a tax INCREASE. Like that really happened.


Not implying a conspiracy, but a women known to have consistently referred to the Tea Party as "Crazy People" and republican observers as "morons" saying she operates on a non-partisan basis is a little hard to swallow. We all know the board of election workers are encouraged to change there affiliation to "unaffiliated" but the truth is the Board of Elections is partisan by its very definition. Correct me if I am wrong but is there not a state law that requires the Board of Elections to be a run by 2 Democrats and 1 Republican while a Democrat is Governor?... and is the "Elections Chief" not controlled by this political majority? We all know bias' play into day to day decisions, its human nature. NC law requiring a particular party own a majority of Board of Election positions and each election site be run by a majority of Democrats does nothing but add to the speculation of conspiracy.

voter errors

I am afraid I have to agree. Why is the voting always run by the Democrat Party? Its because we vote in a Democrat Govenor. My niece lives ib New Bern and she said she had to vote for Perdue because she was from New Bern. Nuff said.


It's not who votes that matters, it's who counts the votes that matters.

My late father, gone many

My late father, gone many years, told me many times that in the early 1920s, about the sheriff's cars picking up ballot boxes after the election to deliver to the county elections office to be counted. Somewhere along the route back, the deputies stopped, opened the boxes, and the boxes were stuffed with additional paper ballots favoring the incumbents. The feds find out about it and several of the accessories went to jail. No telling how long this went on before it was found out. The fact is that the incumbents couldn't be voted out. After the feds came in, the incumbents went out, some of them to prison.

Nothing is fool proof! Absolutely nothing. The integrity of the ballot box is very important and anyone tampering with it should be severely punished.

Elections of 2010

Too Late! Looks like you need to regroup and have all those who voted on Thursday vote again, otherwise the election should be in protest. Need to find a New Director of the Board Of Elections. They had plenty of time to get this right before the elections. Someting is fishey????????????
Why sould we put up with this lack of professional ethics. Too many people out of work that could do this job much better.

No conspiracy

Just total incompetence. Any touch-screen I've ever used requires periodic calibration.

Total idiots, machines are

Total idiots, machines are accurate and provide much better security then paper ballots, just need an election administrator that knows what they are doing.

Incompetent Board of ELECTION CHAIR

Hey Lady.... THE BUCK stops with YOU. WHY didn't you think to CALIBRATE the machines before the FIRST DAY of Early Voting??? Daaaa!

I voted for Barbara Jackson and her opponent came up, not once but twice. To other voters, I will say that you need to VOTE very carefully by visually watching those check marks, they automatically bounce to the democrat, I saw it with my own eyes twice and still couldn't believe it. This is the most ridiculous thing since hanging chads.
NOTE: Have any Democrats complained that their votes are being tampered with????? FISHY!!!!!!!!