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With elections over, time to pick up signs

READ MORE: With elections over, time to pick up signs

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The campaign ads are finally over. Now it's time for the political signs posted all over to come down.

Since the minute the polls closed Tuesday night, volunteer Rob Lowers has been picking up campaign signs.

"A lot of people out there complain that the signs out there are an eye-sore, so we need to have them, but we need to have them cleaned up as soon as we can," he said.

Ilario Panatano's campaign manager Andy Yates says the quicker volunteers pick them up, the better.

"I think the big advantage to picking them up sooner is so things don't disappear; they don't get damaged. They've been out in the weather for a while," Yates said.

The small signs cost a couple dollars each, which can rack up fast when you're buying in bulk, and as Lowers says, there's still much more work to be done.

"I thought it was our responsibility to clean it up and leave it cleaner than we got it," he said.

Yates said all of pantano's signs will be put in storage to possibly use in the future.

"The election's over, but the work's not over for probably for a few more weeks, and then everybody's going to take some time and figure out where we go from here," Yates said.

Volunteers for Rep. Mike McIntyre also collected truck-loads of campaign signs early this morning.

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Picking up signs......

The question one has to ask is: Why were the signs there in the first place.

NC DOT regulations prohibit the placement of any signage in /on the public right-of-way, except: traffic signs placed by the DOT, utility markers, and mailboxes.

I suppose that individuals running for public office are not required to obey the laws like the rest of us.

Here's how to do this:

Here's how to do this: Littering is illegal. Give the campaigns three days to clean up. After three days send muni and county workers to the streets to collect the signs and fine the campaigns for the signs recovered.

I'm with you

It's over now get the signs picked up. You get one week to do so and then you get fined for each one. Why not? If you are willing to put these signs all over - sometimes more than 1 next to each other, then you should be willing to get them picked up immediately. Some of the areas around Shallotte are disgusting with so many signs sitting together. Some of them have been torn apart by the county mowers and litter is scattered all over. In some of the areas, there are signs on trees and near the woods that were left over from the election before. We need to start taking pictures and sending them in. You are willing to put your name out there for election purposes - why can't we put your name out there for littering violations?

Neither are people having

Neither are people having yard sales.


Political parties should be fined for sign violations just as other citizens are. It will surely be easy to tell who the signs belong to. I have seen these signs out weeks after the elections have taken place, multible years.

Election Signs in CB

Why does it seem every year that these election signs posted all over the island end up being used as gag gifts to unwanted friends, trash in Food Lion dumpsters, left on Dow Rd for us to deal with for weeks as a bad reminder of the incomptitentncy of our local politicians? Enough already!! Get 'em outa her now!!! All of 'em!

Get all of 'em out now.... I

Get all of 'em out now.... I agree! What are you talking of getting rid of, the signs or the politicians??