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Electronic monitoring systems for abusers

READ MORE: Electronic monitoring systems for abusers
Tarica Pulliam's death is an unfortunate example of a domestic violence case that ended in death. The district attorney's office, and New Hanover County Sheriff's Department are now looking at how they can keep domestic violence victims, safe. Local law enforcement officers are trying to implement an electronic monitoring system. It would pinpoint the exact location of an abuser who violates a protective order. Accused offenders would be issued ankle bracelets, similar to what criminals wear under house arrest. Detectives could track their whereabouts via GPS satellite. Domestic violence advocates say the technology has the ability to warn the victim and law enforcement. Victims would also be given the option to carry an alert system that would go off if an abuser is near. The system might offer just a few minutes warning, but victim's advocates say that could mean the difference between life and death. Joy Alford-Brand, Assistant District Attorney, 9th District, said, "It would be murder prevention. I really believe that if we had the program it would have prevented Miss Pulliam's death and the death of so many others." Five North Carolina counties have this program in place. It costs about $400,000 - $500,000 and is paid for by the Governor's Crime Prevention Commission. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office has applied for it twice before, but was turned down.

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First of all, no restraining

First of all, no restraining order or ankle braclet is going to stop someone who is really ticked off and plans to do harm to someone else. The bracelet can be thrown on a truck or left in a cab going the opposite direction from the attacker. The only sure way to protect yourself is to be prepared in case the bad guy/gal shows up. The suggestion of a double action revolver and knowing how to use it is probably the best suggestion.

Ankle Braclet

Why should the system pay for it, let the abuser pay for it as part of of punishment.

I completely agree. The

I completely agree. The offender should definately be made to pay for his bracelet, as well as the alarm sensor for the victim.

Ankle Braclet

Saddly, I know that some municipalities make the offender pay for the service. My son wears one and he is liable for all expenses related to it including, phone, office support staf, office support equipment andwho knows what all other items. The point. the braclet is not a burden for the county. Initially the county would need to purchase and put in place the suport system, however, it would be reimburced by the offenders using them. If you don't pay, you go back to jail.

You're danged skippy!!!

Well, here it is simply said in one easy, concise sentence! A condition of release to the public sector would be for the offender to pay for his own monitoring..for the duration of the 50(b) court order. I believe that all DUI offenders that blow over a certain BAC level (~.17?) must have an ignition interlock placed and used properly in their car for a minimum of 1 year and the offender has to pay for it as a condition to drive. That's good thinking Pat M!!!

Electric Monitoring

Any device that would help a victim of domestic abuse is something the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office should be in a position to offer. It should be in the budget to help protect victims of domestic abuse. Let's hope the case of Tarica Pullium will prompt authorities to find ways to have electric monitoring available. In that context, what a wonderful legacy she would leave to the females of the community.

Electronic Devices

Its a start...A restraining Order is a nice thing to have. Its so useful to throw at your attacker in a time of dire straits. Ihave been a victom of domestic violence and I have to say that a few minutes warning would have been greatly appreciated on more than one occasion. There has to eventually be a legal option for women who are brutalized... and it will come... eventually. Its such a tricky issue. But it is being addressed and there are going to be trial and run options. The only person I blame for my abuse is my EX and the influence he came from that made him believe it was acceptable to mistreat another human being.

A mechanical device is far better

As in, a good double action revolver. Last year, that woman in Fayetteville who had a restraining order against the ex-husband beating down her door with a shovel would be dead had she not had a firearm handy. If a woman can legally own a firearm, she is crazy not to buy one, learn how to use it, learn the state law on self-defense, and mentally prepare herself for the possibility that she may have to kill someone to defend her own life. So in that light, there already IS a legal option for brutalized and terrorized women. It's called the law of self-defense, and if you truly believe that you are in imminent and immediate danger of death or grievous bodily do what you have to do to survive.