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Elementary school student faces drug charges

Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown says a fifth grader brought two bags of marijuana to Hunter's Creek Elementary School. A deputy took the 12-year-old boy away from school. The youngster faces charges of possession of marijuana with intent to sell and deliver. Brown says the boy has gone back to his parents. School administrators say the boy faces both short and long-term disciplinary measures.

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I am a student at White Oak

I am a student at White Oak High and we recently had our first drug bust. So yes, they do have the canine run at the high schools however it isnt as frequent as people think. I have heard that the run the canines quite often through SouthWest High School. Drugs are a problem in today's society. Its all a matter of how your raised and what your morals all. Hopefully, the little boy has learned his lesson from this experience. The boy should know better than too sell it. I just hope his parents care enough to sit him down and talk to him about it. Make sure he doesnt do it again and they also need to regualte where he goes to make sure it does'nt happen again.

Maybe canine searches should

Maybe canine searches should also be performed in the lower levels such as elementary and middle schools. Aren't they done in the high schools??? I feel to keep the children safe the searches should be done on a regular schedule along with having a resource officer.


I am a parent of three kids.I talk to them everyday about right and wrong.We can not watch our children every hour.We can teach them the right things to do and pray that it sinks in.But on another note I was taking my children to school this morning.I saw some older kids walk up to another young boy and watched them put a small bag in his hand before he got on the school bus.If we have these drug dealers standing at the bus stop how do we protect our kids.My kids do not ride the bus I take them to school and pick them up.Not all of us can do that.What can we do?

Speaking as a 5th grade

Speaking as a 5th grade teacher, I am not at all surprised by this event for all of the reasons mentioned by other readers. However, it is more evidence of why we need a "resource officer" at every elementary school. County Deputies are on every high school and middle school campus. Why can't they be available to our elementary schools? Unfortunately, as we are starting to see, the need is there!

5th grader found with drugs

Let's not start blaming when you don't have all the facts. I've known parents who have been involved in every aspect of their child's life & the child still gets detoured on the wrong road. Children learn from the adults. We have an addictive society, parents doing xanax, vicadin, smoke a joint, have a beer to get thru the day. Plus we have an enormous number of our authorities & leaders who aren't honest or have any integrity. Children learn from the adults. When we adults take responsibility for our own actions & hold our leaders accountable for every decision to do what's RIGHT then who are we to blame but ourselves. Remember children learn from the adults.

I will say this...Today's

I will say this...Today's youth are nowhere near yesterday's...First of all, as you can see this boy is 12 years old..RED FLAG ALREADY in the 5th grade..But you have so many of these kids being exposed to things that they are clearly not ready to handle but the fact remains that they are...Parents have to get their acts together and be a part of their kids lives regardless of work schedules or whatever. We are losing an entire generation of kids to crime and and many other things because they are not being led in the right direction...Sadly we have a govt that are more concerned about things happening over seas than they are about the things that are going on in their own country. Many things can be done, but it will not happen over night...


Hopefully it was the chronic............ It is great to see that elementary students are getting crunk and rolling blunts. What wonderful parents and role models they must have in their lives...

lying and denial

I think the comment that the parents aren't a part of this kids life is true. If they do smoke weed they should be honest with their own flesh and teach the kids responsibility for there actions. I don't mind what people do, but there is a line between understandable and plain stupid. I bet the 12 yo started with cigrettes. At his age cigarettes are illegal too!!!

student with drugs

How in the world did this child get a hold of this mess without his parents knowing of this.Parents are you a part of your childs life?, if not you need to be. Not blaming the parents when it comes to our chidren we need to be a part of thier lives.I am a concerned mother

Not Necessarly The Parents

I can remember in 1973 watching an 8 year old neighborhood kid doing bong hits. He was from a middle class family who were normal in every respect. Yea, I've heard the responsibility thing, blah, blah, blah BUT, an 8 year old or even a 15 year old can be swayed by peers very easily. The key to getting the drugs away from our kids is to DEMAND a secure border and bomb the heck out of the BIG money poppy fields in Afghanistan. Take out the border gangs with military force...NOW! That would be a good start. The problems is that most of the politicians are thinking the direct opposite. Guard your kids at all costs!

most often when people this

most often when people this age are found with drugs, they are just couriers for a real dealer. Dealers offer kids what kids want(shoes, nintendo, playstation, etc) and the kid carries the drugs across town to someone else. The young kid gets a slap on the wrist and the dealer is only out a little weed. I am not condoning it, but that is how it works.


Have authorities made sure the boy didn't get the drugs from the parents before sending him back home with them. Maybe he should have spent the night in jail.