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Elementary schools in Brunswick County will see uniforms

School uniforms are coming to Brunswick County. Tuesday night the school board approved uniforms for Lincoln, Belville, and Town Creek elementary schools. School leaders hope uniforms will help create an equal playing field for students. They said the uniforms are cost effective and less distracting. The new dress code begins next school year.

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School uniforms are not a way to level the playing field!

Plain and simple, we are ALL different. We have different talents and abilities. Making school uniforms mandatory will not by some magical wave of a wand make test scores higher or behavior better. Students with deep rooted issues, whether it be behavioral or a self-esteem issue, will not automatically become self-confident and behave all because they are wearing the same color or same pants/skirts! Are they kidding? The argument that some kids push the envelope with the dress code does not hold water. If the teachers/administrators would do their job and nip it in the bud and punish those pushing the envelope for dressing provocatively or inappropriately, then a handful would not ruin it for those who dress appropriately. I am so disgusted that we are a society falling into the idea that we are all the same. We are not. Life is not fair, and this is not fair. Funny how the school board did not take into account the parents' opinions at some schools. Sort of reminds you of our government, huh? Go ahead and give into this socialistic idea. Look around, we are not all the same. Not everyone will be an attorney, dentist or doctor. It takes everyone to make the world go around. Has anyone thought about how this will make some kids hate going to school because they can't FREELY choose something as simple as an outfit? REALLY???????

school uniforms

Is this a joke or what? Uniforms? Get real people! Our own government cannot keep their pants on, keep decent clothes on their bodies but you expect a child. What I find very funny... How can a parent tell a child no don't do this and tell others what to do when they are not at home with their kids. If the staff of each of these schools do not dress exactly like the students then they need to be fired. If I wanted my children to dress in an uniform then they would be in a PRIVATE SCHOOL NOT A STATE FUNDED SCHOOL SYSTEM. Have any of you not read your rights living in AMERICA!!! Check your Bill of Rights,when you do so, see that not even then did they have uniforms for kids. We are not Amish. People, get off your rocker and live life and not be worried what people may think of you.

So, then since clothing is

So, then since clothing is such a distraction and if every one wearing the same clothes will increase the performance of the children in school, I am assuming that this is the same policy for the teachers and the office employees of the school, correct? Some of the female teachers dress slightly above the hooker dress code. If I am going to spend my hard earned money buying uniforms for my children when they do perfectly fine in school wearing everyday casual clothes, then when I walk into their school, I want to see the same khaki pants and polo shirts on everyone, from the Principal right on down the line, with the exception of the janitorial and kitchen staff. If it is good enough for the students, then it is good enough for the teachers. If they do not wear the same uniforms as the students, it will be such a "self-confidence destroyer" for the children, as now they will truly notice that they "have not". If it is not included in the policy, I believe I will run for the Board of Education in the next election and then I can propose it in person.

I don't see how the proposed

I don't see how the proposed uniforms will "even" the playing field. Some kids will be wearing Wal-Mart kahkis others will be wearing khakis from Abercrombie or Dillards. Yes the difference in quality will be noticable. There will still be differences in backpacks, shoes, hair barettes, accesories, etc. You'll still be able to pick out the "Haves" from the "Have-Nots".

I am in favor of uniforms.

I am in favor of uniforms. For me it is not about leveling the playing field. I think most of the kids dress like they are supposed to. But the handful of children that constantly break the rules create problems for the rest of the kids. I would rather the teacher be teaching than having to be the fashion police. At least with school uniforms it would be easier to single out who is not dressed properly. If Leland Middle School does not go to uniforms I hope that they start cracking down really hard on the dress code. Maybe if the parents of these kids were inconvenienced enough times by having to bring clothes to school for their kids to wear they would make sure that their kids were dressed like they are supposed to be.


I agree, it is not about leveling the playing field. It is about students and teachers not being distracted by clothes. When I was in high school, not too long ago, you always had the students who tested the dress code. Those students daily caused distractions and interruptions from others education. Sadly enough the brand of clothes will still matter to some students, it's just our society. Staff may be able to focus their time on our children and not our children's clothes.

The playing field ISN'T

The playing field ISN'T level though ! I think the uniforms are a horrible idea.

school uniforms

I do not think school uniforms are good because clothes allow you to express your self in different ways! Most children stores won't make as much money because of children wearing uniforms. Only Spring Break, Summer Break, and weekdays the children will be able to wear THEIR clothes not school uniforms. Another thing is what if girls don't want to wear skirts!? What if boys don't want to wear blue!? Think about that and if you agree vote NO to school uniforms now!


Kids need to learn that life is not equal. Some kids are going to come from wealthy families and some are not. Keeping them from realizing this is just sheltering them and setting them up for shock later on in life. One that is easier to handle early on.

My child goes to Supply

My child goes to Supply Elementary School and YES I think they all should have to wear uniforms it will make it a more level playing field!! So many children go through so much about the clothes they wear!!

I think that this maybe a

I think that this maybe a good idea. My child attends Waccamaw School in Brunswick County and they are sending a survey home today about uniforms. I think in a way it is good.......the reason I think it is a good idea is the kids who have the BEST of everything will have to wear the same thing as everyone else. But, on the down fall I think it may be rough for the kids who's parents rely on hand me downs for their children and can't afford to do any better. If they all dressed alike it would make them feel better knowing everyone else has to wear the same clothes as them. So I do believe it will work out better in the long run.