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Embezzelment investigated at St. James


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A local community is under investigation by the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office for embezzlement. A homeowner at St. James filed a report with the Sheriff's Office June 1.

The report says someone took money from the St. James Property Owners Association. The incident report lists five stolen checks with a total value of more than $12,000.

We contacted the Property Owners Association today, but the community manager had no comment.

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Are you kidding???!!!

The same thing has happened in our development. We don't have a management company. We manage ourselves with only 29 homeowners. Our Treasurer embezzled funds and confessed to it after I as President at the time called for an audit. He confessed at our last HOA meeting but the current Board chosses to stonewall the ongoing audit. They define his crime as having made an "error in accounting". Records were retrived from the auditor by the past Treasurer and present President, leaving the audit incomplete. From that point the homeowners and some members of the Board were taken out of the loop. To many of us at least two crimes were committed...Embezzlement by the past Treasurer and covering up a crime by the present President and the new Treasurer. We plan on bringing charges against these people but could use some advice.


ARE YOU AN IDIOT!...why would you post details like this in an open forum with your name? Your PROBABLY going to get sued for you might just want to drop it!

Bring it on

That would be perfect. Everybody involved would be exposed at trial. They already know my position on this and their afraid I'm ready to follow through with it...and they may be right.

Does anyone know..

Does anyone even know which company it is that is managing St. James' POA? If they are reluctant to name the suspect can't they even alert the people as to what company is responsible?

St. James

The person is Linda Dotson and she worked for CAMS. And she was the manager for many other subdivisions in the area. Do an audit!

The company cited in this

The company cited in this article is not the present management company overseeing St. James POA. This news source can provide it if they see fit, otherwise contact the local Brunswick authorities to obtain the identity.

The current management

The current management company is not involved, they helped uncover the situation. The allegations are against an employee of the former management company.


Thanks for that info. That gives me a better idea of what is going on over there.

Please stay on this

Please stay on this story...there is much more to this situation...have you spoke to the Brunswick County DA ? The identity of the suspect needs to be made public, especially since this individual is still working in the industry and is managing other HOA's in the Wilmington/Brunswick County area. Please dig a little deeper.

I totally agree with

I totally agree with Arapahoe! Please identify the individual and her employer. Other Homeowners Associations need to have FULL audits immediately to determine if there are improprieties with the funds. This should be at the expense of this person's employer! TOTAL breach of fiduciary responsibility!!

About time

This took forever to get investigated! Thank God! PLEASE put the name of the person being investigated! All I can say is KARMA has caught up with them! I am posting this on Facebook!

Saint James

There needs to be further investigation into this by your reporters to divulge the perpetrator of this embezzlement. This has the potential to affect multiple Property Owners Associations and could extend MUCH further. My understanding is that the individual responsible had access to a multitude of associations!!

3 yrs ago Century 21 Sweyer

3 yrs ago Century 21 Sweyer & assoc managed st james POA. I hated that place...

St. James

Interesting we get a fan out one hour before it hits the press. Also someone in St. James reported this June 1,2010 and nothing was stated by the POA until one hour before it hits the press. Fowl somewhere.....


It's refreshing to know there is one person out there willing to speak out and give his name.