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End in sight for Military Cutoff construction

WILMINGTON -- While the construction on Military Cutoff continues there is an end in sight. Construction that began three years ago along the two-mile stretch of road was scheduled to be completed by May of this year. However, because of contractual and weather-related set backs, the paving project is now slated to be completed November 13. DOT engineer Wanda James said, "The main priority is fixing existing problems and getting the job done right the first time. We wanted to make sure that the pavement that we were putting over the existing pavement didn't have a lot of pot holes and crack in it." James urges motorist to be patient and know that they are working as fast as they can.

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DOT issues

In the time it took the DOT to expand a 2 lane road to 4 lanes. The private developers built a small city (Mayfair). Next time just give the money to the developers in the first place to complete the roads.

Who was the mayor???

I ask, who was the mayor when the proposal was made to build Mayfaire, and the surrounding congested areas on that portion of MIlitary Cutoff? Brodhurst, correct, hmm who is the maoyor now, a supporteor and benefactor of Brodhurst, Saffo, hmmm, election coming soon. My next question is: Do we want such deals to be made, and passed by the same thinking that got us the MILITARY CUTOFF SLOWDOWN (date chancge) SHUFFLE in the first place? I don't, BUt I am sure some other witty businessman here in wilmington can come up with some more ideads how to blow the cities money, say with the conituation of the MORONIC idea of a Civic Center....oh I guess I should say to the Brodhurst/Saffo administration, thank you for the inconvience, my delays are so wonderful, I can see illoegal imigrants working very hard for my tax dollars....

Military Cutoff

The problem doesn't start and end with DOT. The county/city should have never granted a permit for the projects on Military Cutoff until the road was upgraded for the expected traffic count. The developers should have been required to foot the bill and complete the road improvements BEFORE any retail/residential projects could get permits. This has worked in Wake County/Cary. If the projected profits from such projects are great enough, then the developers will be more than willing to foot the bill if it means their projects can move forward. Building the road AFTER the development has begun causes great hardship on existing businesses and commuters. That road was already a nightmare. Oh, and what weather related set backs are they referring to - Snow? It certainly wasn't rain related. Contractual? This should be their problem to fix, not a waiting game for citizens using Military Cutoff. What monitary penalties are they paying. Taxpayers should not be held hostage by DOT, but it is happening everywhere they have a project. DOT has some big problems and it has to start at the top. They need to clean house from the top down, but no one in Raleigh is willing to do this. Run your business like this and see how long you will survive.


Lets look at the big picture; The new I-140 was built from Market St to 421 faster than Military Cutoff! Including the huge bridge over the Cape Fear River! So who dropped the ball of two miles of road for Military Cutoff? Or who's pockets from the city leaders pockets got bigger? They allow more offices and apartments to be built before the road is even completed? Sounds like someone got their pockets lined with green...

Left off the year

Notice they left off the year so when it isn't finished they can say they mean next year. ...the paving project is now slated to be completed November 13

Military Cut-off

The lady interviewed, by he comments, showed the ineptness of the people involved in this project. Why are repairs required if the goal is to do the job right the first time??????????


The NC DOT will screw this project up just like they screwed up I 40 in Durham county and cost the tax payers over $20 million. Not only did they waste our money there, they wasted countless hours of peoples time that cut into their jobs because of long commute times. This =$100 million! The DOT needs to shape up! Let's hope they don't screw up Military Cutoff once it is "complete"


Now, is that November 13th, 2007 ???

Military bypass

The mayor, council, and county council will probably convene an urgent private meeting and hire an outside "expert" to review the problem an develop the proper spin to be used to shut the public up!

military road

This is a joke. And who will pay for that, the tax payers? Why don't you just shut that road down and finish it. You laugh, it wouldn't be that impossible. Just about every business has a different back access to it. only a few that could use covil road or station. I bet if a survey of the road was done by the business and local people they would agree because then it would be finished!!!!!! PPD and Mayfaire were built quicker than the road. Those construction workers, worked day and night to get those buildings shows what's a priority in this town