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End of boxing program concerns Wilmington residents

WILMINGTON -- The closing of a popular boxing program has some Wilmington residents concerned. It's been a part of the community for decades. After more than 30 years, the city ended the Sherridale Morgan competitive boxing program. Some people who live near the Tenth Street gym said the program will be missed. The Sherridale Boxing and Fitness Center on Tenth Street is well known in the surrounding community, particularly for its competitive boxing program. Williston Middle School Teacher Edith Hill said, "It's been a program that's been here for years." That is, until three weeks ago when the city decided to shut the program down. Deputy Director of Community Services Gary Shell said, "We felt it was becoming a drain on our resources. Our coach and fitness director was out of town for up to 75 days a year." The program involved transporting boxers out of town to tournaments. Shell said that cost $15,000 a year in gasoline alone. Residents worry that ending the program will take a more severe toll on the surrounding community. Hill said, "I think it's not going to give the boys anything to do. It's probably going to make them be in the street more. And they need something that's going to give them disciple. I think it's a loss. A great loss not to have that program again." The program didn't disappear entirely. The Sherridale Morgan facility still trains young boxers, but only for fitness and not competition. Shell says competitive boxing is still an option. The 23rd Psalm Boxing Academy on Third Street hopes to pick up where the Sherridale Morgan program left off. It opened in February, and so far has taken on ten of the 80-plus boxers who trained at Sherridale. Deryll McCaskill is the coach and vice president of the newest boxing academy. He says he plans to take it to another level. McCaskill said, "Ieally we want to be the premiere boxing gym in the country -- or at least the east coast." McCaskill added that he hopes to move his program to a larger facility in the 10th street neighborhood, closer to the Sherridale facility.

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Boxing Program

The City of Wilmington has promised that the 23rd salms boxing academy will be the primary boxing program in wilmington with their support. The season for NC Amateur boxing has started & 23 salms boxing academy has closed their doors. A lot of people been asking about the program but nobody has anything. I have recieve two phone calls saying they where going to shut down. The City has let the public and community down. There is no boxing program in wilmington that is fulltime and up and running for the youth & at risk kids. A couple boxers who was part of the boxing program got them selves in trouble because they didn,t have anything to keep them busy or off the streets. I would like to know what is going on with the program , becuase the City don't know and i think they are affraid to admit that they made a decision about closing the program.

Boxing Program

To whom it may concern 23rd Psalms Boxing are under new management are currently working with the City of Wilm Staff on the Anderson Street project & hopes to open in November.

Boxing Center Closing

Racism ? Yes and No. The majority being black participants just makes it easier whereas we seldome choose you use the proper channels to avoid allowing things like this to happen. Gentrification no doubt. I was in Boston in the early 90's when it happened and in Brooklyn in the late 90's when it happened. As a different tax bracket and color moves in the services we used to petition for like Automated Card machines in Bedstuy Train Stations I'm sorry I mean Stuyvesant Heights as that area is now called. Now downtown Wilmington. The b-ball gym behind the Boxing Center closed to be Whitened up. The Boxing Center closed mostly by the testimonies of the White Man Darryl Running 23 Psalms. Now go check Morgan/China none of them are in there only Darryl and what he fought and petitioned to get had I known what was going on I would have done something but I was working so I missed it and now I am making adjustments and arrangements. Nothing for these kids to do but run the street and get in trouble. And everyone doesn't live in Pleasantville those where two landmark facilities for the minority kids for decades. Call it what you wanna call it I and we know what it is a 1898-1998-2098 and hell yeah it's just that serious left unregulated you would implement an indescent proposal literally.