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Energy Star Tax-Free Holiday this weekend

READ MORE: Energy Star Tax-Free Holiday this weekend
Tim and Linda Dupree are shopping at Lowe's for bargains. Starting Friday, and through the weekend, home improvement stores are selling energy saving appliances tax-free. It's a part of the state's first ever Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday. “I'm glad that North Carolina is giving back to consumers,” said Tim. The Energy Star logo is a familiar label on many eco-friendly appliances. Energy Star is a labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products. “We're considering buying something, if it's in the price range we're looking for,” added Tim. When you get to the store a green piece of paper is what you want to look for. It will let you know all of the Energy Star appliances that are tax-free. State lawmakers approved washing machines, freezers, refrigerators, ceiling fans and thermostats to be tax-free. Dishwashers and dryers are just a few items not on the list. Store managers said dryers are not considered energy saving sources, and you can save energy by using cold water instead of the hot water feature for dishwashers. State lawmakers hope the discount entices consumers to go green and save some money too. “We've had a lot of loss with the stock market, and things with the economy going the way it is, anything that helps - I'll tell you,” said Dupree. Some stores are offering discounts in addition to the tax-free savings. Lowe’s store manager, Eric Skipper, said, “We expect it to be a very good weekend for us. People are a lot more conscientious about saving energy and about taking care of our planets needs, and I think this is a great opportunity that we are going to see a lot of people take advantage of.” The event starts Friday and ends Sunday. Home Depot is also offering 10% off on energy saving appliances, including another 10% for veterans and military members. That discount lasts until Veteran's Day.

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Hot Water Heater?

Should it really be called a Hot Water Heater. If the water was already hot then it wouldn't needed to be heated, right? Shouldn't it be called cold water heater or just a water heater. This has always troubled me.

Guess What

This NC tax free weekend has had me excited for weeks now. I went to the Home Depot in Monkey Junction. I stood in that darn store for 45 minutes comparing what size hot water heater to purchase. Then they helped me to the register. Then I was told that the hot water heater did not apply. I said, it's an enery star product. They said, sorry, it's not on the list. I was upset at Home Depot for allowing me to get all the way to the end before telling me that it won't work but I will get over that. I am more upset at our stupid politicians for not allowing hot water heaters. What kind of crap is this!!! It looks like another cold shower for me in the morning...

That shows you how intelligent they are

A water heater is one of the biggest energy hogs in your home. They should have been the first or second thing listed. Alas, there is no shortage of idiot politicians. You may recall that the famous Clinton "Assualt Weapons Ban" made the Colt AR-15 illegal because it had a black plastic stock and pistol grip. The Ruger Mini-14, functionally identical, was legal because it had a traditional wooden stock. I've grown used to the fact that we elect corrupt megalomaniacs. However, I'll never get comfortable with the fact that most of them are total dopes.

energy star tax break

it would have been nice if they had included products other than appliances in this sale. I am in desperate need of a new sliding glass door, and the one I'm going to buy is energy star but it doesn't qualify for the tax sale.