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Exclusive information on Williston teacher case

READ MORE: Exclusive information on Williston teacher case
The family of the fifteen year old boy who allegedly had a sexual relationship with his teacher, Jessica Wishnask, is seeking justice. Troy Slaughter, the attorney representing the minor and his family, sued not only Jessica Wishnask, but the principal and vice principal of Williston Middle School. Slaughter claims they knew there was an inappropriate relationship going on between the student and teacher, and failed to do anything about it. "One of the allegations in our complaint is that every child in this state has the right to an education free from harm including the minor we are representing," Slaughter said. The suit claims that on two occasions, Principal MaryPaul Beall and Burton Kilpatrick met with Wishnask and the boy to discuss their possible relationship. Both times, Wishnask was suspended, and asked to stay away from the boy. Slaughter added, "A minor cannot consent to have sex with an adult, you can't do it." The suit claims Wishnask was negligent in actively pursuing an inappropriate relationship with a minor. Wishnask, Beall and Kilpatrick were served the lawsuit Friday. Often times in cases like this, the school district would be protected by what's called "sovereign immunity", a doctrine that protects a government agency from lawsuits. This is why Slaughter decided to sue the individuals outside of their official capacities. We spoke to the attorney for the school district, Wayne Bullard, Friday afternoon. He told us he was not aware of the civil suits, and until he reads them, he's not prepared to comment.

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Safety of the children

I cannot believe some of these comments that some are making, well wait a minute yes I can. In no way shape or form the parents are at fault. If the administration met with the student and the teacher the parents should have been called in to sit during the consultation. If the principal had enough information to suspend the teacher then the principal had enough information to terminate the her. How can people blame the parents of this boy. I could see blaming the parents if they knew their son was having any relations with the teacher and not doing anything about it. And to the person who was talking about they knew what and where their daughter was doing all the time, wake up because let me tell you all kids and teenagers can be and will be sneaky and they don't tell their parents everything. We would like to believe that our children are telling us everything about their life but I promise you everyone has secrets even your teenager. And for the comment on the lawyer. Why does he have to be a snake or come from underneath a rock? I know Troy and he is such a nice person and a great attorney. He stands for what is right and helps the people that usually can't stand up for themselves.

Do we have to start

Do we have to start protecting our kids from someone who is suppose to be educating them? No we shouldn't. Educators you are here to teach our kids not have sex with them.

here come the lawyers

I just knew it wouldnt be long before the snakes came out from under the rocks....listen...what ever happened to parents having control over there kids...why is it always some one elses fault....lets go hire a lawyer i smell money....

Here come the lawyer.

You have got to be kidding me. If any of this story is true in regards to the school staff knowing some type of relationship was going on between the teacher and student, they should be held responsible and liable. But, so should the school system. Would you be so quick to make such a stupid statement if it was your child. By the way, If you have any children over the age of 14, do you know what they are doing ALL the time? I think not!!!!

So, if an authority figure

So, if an authority figure or supposed role model for your child takes advantage of their position by abusing or molesting your child, it's the parent's fault? I'm sure the facts are not all in, but looks to me as though the school knew something improper was going on during school hours and chose not to tell anyone. Do you really think this boy would go running home to his folks saying, "Hey! I had sex with the teacher today!" Please. Put the blame where it belongs. Parents cannot go to school with their kids everyday.

my kids

I know exactly what my kids are up and have to take responsibility for your kids...its your responsibility to know who they are with and when they are with them...don't try to tell me the parents of this kid knew where there kid was every minute of the day like i do mine...I have a daughter in high school and let me tell you ..the last thing on her mind is having an affair with a you know why?...because i brought her up that way...I would bet you one thousand to one ..I go to this kids house and i can find problems with this kids home and parents in five i said...lets blame some one else and hire a under the rock lawyer and make some bucks off of our inability to raise our own kids....

So, following your logic,

So, following your logic, then it's the parents of all the kids who have been sexually molested by priests, boy scout leaders, teachers, and trusted relatives who should be blamed?

my kids

Wow!!!!!!!!! You are a perfect parent. You should write a book on being a perfect parent. Give me a break!! You have no idea what you child is doing when you are not there. We all hope and pray that they are making smart choices!! Please come out of that glass house you are living in!!


"met with Wishnask and the boy to discuss their possible relationship." Shouldn't they have notified the PARENTS THEN ????? Wow if this was my son I would be absolutely fuming. Unbelievable. The school left that kid in harms way whether he was doing it voluntarily or not. They knew it was illegal and sick.

Its amazing that the lawyers

Its amazing that the lawyers (who are in this for the money) and the media (who are in this for the sensational story and the related increase in circulation AKA money) are the ones the public automatically believes. Come on, think about it. The principal would have no motive to hold a "secret" meeting on this type of thing without the parents knowing. She needed the behavior to stop, and the only people who can make it stop are the kid, the teacher, and the PARENTS. Whether or not the mom took any action to help the school keep her son from persuing the teacher, that's my question. The paper already reported that the teacher was told to stay away from the boy by the people who could tell her to do this, but was the boy told stay away from the teacher by the person who could tell him to - his mom?