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Ex-cop to jury: "I was put through the wringer"

READ MORE: Ex-cop to jury: "I was put through the wringer"

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A former Holden Beach Police Officer says she lost her job because she's a woman. Now Terri Oxford is suing the Town of Holden Beach, and today she took the stand.

Most of day two of the trial was spent on Oxford's testimony. Oxford says she was "put through the wringer" with the Holden Beach Police Department. She says she was discriminated against and fired in 2008 because she's a woman. She told the jury that she did not get pay raises that other officers with less experience received. She also said when the department ordered three new patrol cars, she did not get one even though her car had brake issues. Attorneys for the town argue it's not a matter of gender.

Judge Ola Lewis issued a gag order to keep attorneys on both sides from talking to the media.

Former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett has been subpoenaed for the trial, but that does not necessarily mean he will be called in to testify.

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Terri Oxford

How long was Terri Oxford employed by the Holden Beach Police Department? Did someone say 9 years? Who was acting Chief when Mr. Layne was hired? Did someone say Terri? Was the Town Manager and the Commissioners so imcompentent they put someone they considered even less incompentent in the acting chief positions until a Lordly Chief could be found? I don't think so. I don't know of any department in government (be it federal, state or county or city) that would keep anyone on the payroll for nine years if they were as incompentent, subordinate, or untrustworthy as Terri is being accused of being. It's time the female employees are treated as equals, they do the job just as well or even better. Wake up Alan, as my mother used to say, "where there's smoke, there's fire". I may add, when a skunk is cornered it's not ambrosia you smell

Terri Oxford

Think again. The town manager and commissioners were that incompetent and let's face it, they didn't really have much to choose from. She obviously wasn't the person for the job, not because she was a female, but because she had a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA.
HELLO? At the time she was made interim chief, she had what? 4 years experience? And the person that was hired for the position had what? 24 years of experience plus lots of continuing education? By the way, the females who do their job do it very well, and they don't have to insist that they be treated as equals. they already are. Sad to say, I expect that there are a lot of departments in government who do keep people like Oxford just to avoid lawsuits. Not surprising to me at all. She certainly wasn't kept because she was a dedicated, hard working, loyal employee.

Re: Terri Oxford

If she was that good then why only after 5 months they went and found a permenant Chief? Obviously, she proved in those five months she could not the job as chief and certainly had no business being in there as a permanent Chief of Police. I think only 9 years of experience says something about her lack of experience. This has nothing to do with being male or female as your feminist remark indicates. I am certain that people are kept in there positions a lot longer than they deserve such as Terri Oxford's case so frivolous court cases like these do not occur .

No one has said that she was not a decent police officer at least I have not read or heard anything of the likes throughout this trial from the media or the "witnesses" for either side. What is being said is that she did not make a decent police chief and when she was fired for dereliction of her duties as a Police Officer she is trying to make a case that it was because she is a female.

Maybe, it was because of her own doing and no one elses. It certainly does not make sense to me that you would keep someone employeed for 5 additional years only to fire them for being a female. I would think that that would have been done just as soon as the Chief Layne took office as to void the Christmas rush!

Terri Oxford Trial

Terri was the best cop this town ever saw. I hope alot of hidden truths come out in this trial. The last two police chiefs have been a disgrace to more than the town. I guess Terri just couldn't get with the program; shave her head, be rude to everyone, take off the hubcaps and speed around with the siren on. I wonder if she was still here if she would have a new 4x4 pickup truck to patrol in? Probably not as that would take a real man to drive. Maybe they would let her have one of the unmarked cars without correct license plates.
Maybe she can apply for the new Parks & Rec. position. It probably pays better anyway since the police don't get merit raises.
Just remember - it's not who you know, it's who he who wants your job knows!


Have you not been paying attention to the economy? Who has gotten a raise? And if you new the "truth" you would know that she got a raise. If you are going to post your opinion, why don't you get your facts straight first. Obviously you are confused on a couple of your statements: Oxford is the best thing that ever happened to Holden Beach and getting a job with parks and recreation. Who wants a trouble maker who will sue anyone and everyone because of her gender? I certainly wouldn't. I have a good idea: maybe John Ingram and Charlie Miller will hire her to be a detective for their department. After all, she is the best thing ever. By the way, just what does that last sentence mean?


The last sentence means. Justin Hewett wanted Terri's job and daddy Ronnie made it happen at Terri's expense when they should of been sharing a jail cell. Hewett's letter gave Wally the ability to get rid of Terri and get Hewett's son a promotion. A win, win situation for the two drinking buddies.
Thanks to those in the Sheriff's & Fire Depts. that have been willing to testify against the good ole' boy system.
I agree with you that no one is getting a raise. But if that is the case why is the Town making a new, unnecessary position for parks & rec. Do we really need a new position to manage sand sculptures when the manager, mayor & commissioners don't seem to be doing such a good job managing important depts. Get your priorities straightened out people. Makes you wonder if one of the good ole' boys has a daughter that needs a job.

So he waited years to fire

So he waited years to fire her for a comment she made? How about she was fired because she was trying to get someone to run a criminal history background on the Chief? Which by the way, he has no criminal history as per the testimony. So are you saying that someone from the SBI is in the good ole boys club and he got on the stand and lied too? Let's face it, Terri Oxford was fired because she outsmarted herself. Sounds like she must have been part of the good ole' redneck Holden Beach Club who don't have a clue about morals.

Re: Terri Oxford Trial

Who is being sexist now? Having a 4x4 truck is utterly rediculous and an incompetent evaluation of the facts. I would not dare advise her to apply for that open position. If she works for the Parks and Rec center like she has worked for the Police Department then in a few years she will be back in court because someone has descriminated against her for whatever mind-numbing reasons she can come up with. Women like Terri make it very difficult for all women everywhere to overcome the stupid notions that just because she is a woman working in a man's world she is not able to compete. Give us all a break!

Amen!! You are absolutely

Amen!! You are absolutely right! Give Terri a few more years a just enough rope and she'll find a way to hang herself once again. There's no doubt that she will eventually be taking future employees to court for whatever asinine reason she can come up with. Terri certainly is something to be proud of!

Terri Oxford was the best

Terri Oxford was the best thing the town of Holden Beach ever saw?!? You must be joking. If Terri is so amazing then why isn't she working for another police department or sheriff's office? If Terri is what you claim she is why wasn't SHE made Chief of Police? Not because she doesn't have a penis, not because she can't be rude or drive a truck, (although you have to wonder if she'd be able to manage a large vehicle) it's because she's incompetent. Not only is she incompetent, but now she's bitter and we all know..... "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." THAT'S what the town of Holden Beach is dealing with now, an angry, bitter, incompetent, scandalous, lying, underhanded woman who will go to any means necessary to make herself look better than she is.

If Terri is so great.....?

Terri Oxford is a disgrace and a nut! Are we seriously going admire a woman that not only backstabs her superiors but does Alan Holden's dirty work in the process? If you think that two of the most notoriusly dirty people that Holden Beach has ever thought of is not in this together, as they have been when Ms. Oxford was employeed, along with the other commisioners that have admitted as much then something is missing.

If Terri is so great, grand and wonderful then she would not have been let go and surely would have been praised instead of being let go with the approval of the former town manager. Before everyone tries to skew this case why not focus on the issue which is Terri Oxford's lack of character that therefore led to her ultimate demise. How about she takes responsibility for her lack of character and admits she did nothing but screw herself and quit wasting our money and time? It is certainly easy for her to remember something from back in 2004 when it comes to her superiors but how about her lack of dedication to her job, fellow employees or to the Town of Holden Beach? Could this be the reason this nutcase was let go and the right decesion was made.

Maybe Terri needs to quit blaming everyone else for her own demise and hardluck and own up to the fact that she has done this to herself and has only Terri Oxford to blame. Like my parents use to say: If you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas. In this case however; they seem to be huge nasty ticks. Alan, if you or the other commisioners and the LT from the sheriff's office are paying attention.....well you catch the drift!

Holden Beach

You are kidding right? Terri Oxford is the best thing that ever happened to the town of Holden Beach? Terri Oxford should never have been hired in the first place, and don't you wonder why no other police or sheriff's department will hire her now? If she was all that, anyone of those departments would have snatched her up in a heartbeat. Let's see if anyone does. My bet is they won't because most departments don't want to hire back stabbing, underhanded, sneaky snake offiers who will do nothing but undermine her superiors. Chief Layne should get an award for having to put up with the likes of Terri Oxford. The REAL truth will come out, so stand by for round two.

Gag order, huh......I guess

Gag order, huh......I guess after Ola's big blunder a few weeks ago, she has decided to keep the public in the dark from here on so she can do what she wants without taking any heat.