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Exercisers encouraged by studies

READ MORE: Exercisers encouraged by studies
WILMINGTON -- We recently told you about a study that found regular exercise can actually slow the aging process. We wanted to find our whether knowing this will change people's workout habits. The study shows people who exercise often have younger-looking cells. Many people say they're not surprised to hear this, and if anything, they're encouraged. Wilmington resident Lynda Pacini said, "I definitely would agree that it makes you feel younger, I have lots more energy." Pacini regularly works out with her trainer. A recent study found regular exercisers like Pacini -- who spent an average of 30 minutes a day working out -- had cells that looked up to ten years younger than people who did not exercise. Wilmington resident Blake Whitson said, "I could believe that, yeah. I think people who don't exercise are usually not as healthy as others and I think healthier people do live longer." Pacini says she likes what she sees when she looks in the mirror more so than before she exercised regularly, and this new study is positive reinforcement. "I don't know if it will affect what I do, but it's a good thing to hear," Pacini said. Others agree, but say it probably won't change their current habits, whether or not they involve exercise. Wilmington resident Mike Rogus said, "I'd be doing it if I hadn't heard of it at all, which I haven't." Wilmington resident Leslie MacDonald said, "Working really long hours and just no time. Single mom, just can't get to the gym." The study's researches believe exercise reduces inflammation and stress that damages our bodies' cells. So exercising can help you feel and look better. Cardiologist Dr. Rob Harper said, "Exercise promotes endorphin release. Endorphins are sort of a naturally-occurring narcotic, if you will, that makes people feel better so when you exercise it actually does make you feel better." If you lack the motivation to get going, perhaps this is just the boost you need. The study was based off blood samples from 2,400 people. Many exercisers say there's no denying the great feeling you have after a good workout.

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