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Exit polling in Wilmington Tuesday

All eyes are on the Tar Heel state Tuesday night as we have suddenly become battleground territory. National news organizations like the Associated Press, CNN and ABC are keeping a close eye on our polling sites. Representatives were on hand this afternoon, conducting exit polls at several Wilmington polling locations. Results from the surveys are tallied by the hour to give national organizations a sense of where North Carolina voters stand.

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Ok, so you say when Obama is

Ok, so you say when Obama is elected, then racism will be illegal? Did you attend school at some point in your life? Have you ever read a book or newpaper or listened to a news program? Do you have any idea how many laws are on the books outlawing racist acts? Have you never heard of a hate crime? The rich in this country do not keep people down. I was raised on Welfare. I got a job at the age of 12 to help pay the bills, not to have money to hang out at the mall. I graduated from high school with a 4.0 average, paid my way through college, and I am a tax paying, law abiding citizen. I do not live off public subsidies and I have been self supporting my entire adult life. My mother raised three children on $200 a month in Welfare and $175 in food stamps as my father decided it wasn't his problem anymore and left, and my mother was ill, but in the late sixties, they didn't throw you on SSI at the drop of a hat like they do now, so Welfare was the only option. I am sure that you have had at least as much opportunity in your life so if you haven't made anything of yourself, go look in the mirror and blame the person looking back. In this day, there are grants, scholarships, foundations, and most of them geared towards helping the minorities of this country. Perhaps you should redirect your focus on your studies. You really are uninformed.

My vote

I voted for Barack Obama because he will get this country right. Yes the racism still be here but the law will be changed to make it illegal and the rich man will no longer be able to keep the poor man down. Tomorow is a new day to a BLACK man in the WHITE house.


Is not a woman, nor black. NO ONE can be this stupid. Its a white man trying to make us mad and make real women look bad. Grow up whoever you are. Now talk to me about making it illegal to be STUPID.

proudwoman..... this post is

proudwoman..... this post is a joke....right?

illegal racism

so are you saying that it will be illegal to call someone a cracker or just white to black racism and one more question, why did it take a black man in the white house for you to hold your head up

Black Man/White House

Dear Proudwomen, Wow, did you miss the mark. What you should be proud of is that you have now embarrassed the entire female population. Black or White, rich or poor this country is in major trouble and you better wake the heck up and smell the coffee. I sincerly pray that Obama can straighten out this mess and not turn this country in to a socialist mess. Oh, one more thing. Poor men (and women) stay poor by choice, no one is keeping them down but themselves. Lazy, drug using, baby making trash (of all races) hopefully is what will be outlawed in the next 4 years. God Bless President Obama and his family. Hopefully he will take this country back to what it was built on...HARD WORK, NO WELFARE.

He won't pay your bills

You still have to work to live good in this country.

Re: Black Man/White House

He is just as much a white man as a black man. Black father/white mother. Hello racism is still alive due to people like you.

to "proudwoman"

Lady the ONLY thing keeping the "poor man down" is his lazy attitude. Public education is free and available to ALL and yet look at the drop out rate. There are low-cost options to higher education, like community colleges and FREE grants to those that qualify, thanks to productive tax paying citizens. A "rich man" isn't keeping anyone down. He's the one hiring. Ever see a poor man hire??? Next time you need a job---ask a poor man for one and see how far that gets you.


honestly, this is whats wrong with america and its not worth making a comment