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Exotic animal ban one step closer in N.C.

READ MORE: Exotic animal ban one step closer in N.C.
RALEIGH -- An exotic animal ban in North Carolina is one step closer to reality. Some local private zoo and sanctuary owners were in Raleigh Thursday fighting proposed senate legislation that would prohibit them from housing exotic animals like these. Tregembo Zoo on Carolina Beach Road would be one business affected if the bill is passed. Owners say they would be forced to shut down the zoo... And lose a lot of money in the process. Sherry Tregembo said, "It'd be a huge loss. We're the biggest zoo for probably a couple hundred miles. We get hundreds of school kids in the spring and summer and then get summer camps. It's a huge loss." New Hanover County already has regulations in place that prevents private homeowners from owning exotic animals. If this bill is passed, regulations would go into effect statewide.

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Animals at Tregembo

Re: Tregembo Animal Park in Wilmington, NC. The large cats are in seriously bad shape and can hardly walk. The white tiger is limping badly and emaciated, does not respond to any voice and limps in an incessant circle. The couple that were standing next to my granddaughter and I were remarking about the hind quarters on the other large lion as his muscles on his hind legs and hindquarters were severely shriveled due to lack of food and no room to exercise. The black leopards (my favorite) are also suffering and are listless, unresponsive and apathetic. The sloth, who weighs ? 20 pounds is in a tiny 4 x 4 foot (it may have been 3 x 3 foot) enclosed cage with no ventilation and nowhere to go but hang in on one single branch day after day. My granddaughter is only five years old. She was fine until she saw the sloth and became upset as the little animal kept staring at her with a pleading look on its face. Three enclosures down were two Marmosets that were elated that someone had come to visit them and came to the Plexiglas and put their hands out and placed them against the enclosure wall with the same pleading looks (their cage also had no ventilation). My granddaughter was crying when this happened. All the animals are suffering but THE BIG CATS ARE IN GRAVE DANGER AND NEED HELP IMEDIATELY. Please help! My heart is broken over the suffering souls at this zoo. If you search Tregembo Animal Park in Wilmington, NC, you will find that there are many comments posted on this subject and nothing has been done to remedy the situation.

Exotic Ban

This is insane I just found this I know very late but I was looking to purchase a Caracal cat. They would rather wast their time on the small stuff. We have a much bigger problem of over breeding of animals. I feel this is what needs to be addressed. NC should have a spay/neueter law in affect for every pet owner.Domestic and exotic. We dont have overpopulation of wild cats running around. People who spend the amount of money they do on obtaining an exotic show that they are serious about the responsibility that will come with the animal.. I hope this never passes and they will address a more serious issue.

This is a just a dumb

This is a just a dumb bill. If you want to keep a pet leopard WHO CARES??

Stupid people

Just think, the whole world can read these comments and see that this town is full of idiots. That crap hole on CB road is being called a zoo. If you want to see a zoo, go to the Asheboro zoo. That is a zoo. The Tregembo dump was deemed one of the worst in the country at one time. I am glad that someone remembered that poor elephant that had to live in that dump. I would not want my dogs to have to live the way those poor animals live there. Visit a real zoo


They are not releasing the animals into the wild...duh, read. They may not breed them NOR replace them after they DIE in captivity. GREAT NEWS for all the beautiful animals still in the wild. Tregembo "ZOO" is a GD joke, its pathetic and I can not wait until it is closed. Does anyone remember that POOR elephant on the road front rocking back and forth in the blazing sun for years???? Its cover was too small... It was frigging SICK.