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Extended fishing ban could increase competition off our coast

READ MORE: Extended fishing ban could increase competition off our coast

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Local fishermen are concerned about yet another fishing ban putting pressure on an already stressed industry. The ban on red snapper has businesses wondering if they'll be able to stay afloat.

Not only was the ban on red snapper extended indefinitely, but a new area was shut down to all species of snapper and grouper. A 5,000 square mile zone off of Georgia and Florida will be shut down to the nearly 70 species of snapper and grouper most popular among fishermen. This means fishermen from Florida will send their boats north to our waters to stay in business, putting more pressure on our fish and giving our fishermen more competition as well.

"My concern is it will just send boats probably up here and just put more pressure on our resource, which we don't need at this time," said Jon Haag of Haag & Sons Seafood. "The outcome... I talk to people in the industry every day, and a lot of people feel like they may be looking for a new job."

Haag says he understands the management strategy, but the restrictions are too complicated and it's nearly impossible to keep fishermen afloat by closing down sections of the coast. He explained his problem as a seafood retailer with this analogy: If you're in the hammer business and you need more hammers, you call up the supplier and order 1,000 more. In seafood, it's nearly impossible to know what's going to be available when the species you're allowed to fish continue to change. For now, red snapper will remain on that list.

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Every single problem we face is due to one thing

I don't care if you're talking about over-fishing, running out of oil or having to move into deep water to find oil, crime, the exploding national debt, or anything else, every single problem that we face on this planet is due to one thing: Over-population.

There are too many mouths to feed, and too many people producing offspring that they can't feed without sponging off their neighbors. (There are also too many imagined "rights" breaking the bank, but that's a subject for another post.)

We need 2.1 children from each couple to sustain the population, and I mean everywhere, across the globe. If the Third World can't get on board with that, let them starve.

Governments need to restrict people to having no more than two children for the next fifty years, then have random drawings so that some couples can have three.

Now, before you sob-sisters start moaning about Chinese style tyranny, I offer you the alternative: Continued out-of-control population growth with more and more people competeing for fewer and fewer resources. One cursory glance at our social welfare networks proves that people do not have the discipline to regulate their child production on their own, yet we are so weak as a people that we won't force them to stop breeding.

It took the United States almost one-hundred, eighty years to reach a population of 200,000,000 million. It took us less than forty years more to hit 300,000,000. By the year 2050, we're expecting 438,000,000.

Oh, the vast majority of that growth is expected to be in the form of immigration, so while you're restricting the number of children women can produce, you had better do something to restrict immigration.

We have enough "tired, poor, huddled masses." We need to get a whole lot more restrictive and exclusive about this nation, or we're heading toward total collapse.