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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition looking for deserving familes in Wilmington area


WILMINGON (WWAY) - Do you know a family whose home deserves an Extreme Makeover, or a family who simply deserves a home? If you do, the producers of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition want to hear from you.

What does it take to be picked? They're looking for special people who have amazing strength of character and never give up. There are a lot of people out there who are heroes to those around them because the way they inspire others and quietly serve their communities on a daily basis.

You can send your nominations to:

The deadline is JUNE 9.

For more information, you can check out

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I believe that my grandma and us deserve a nice home.since we were five she has token care of us and taken us in . She never had the room to do it but it was done. She is a wonderful helper, she helps anyone in need even when it will affect us. She has us now it is four of us in a two bed room house. Our lights was just turned off last week but by the help of god got it cut back on. A lot of people say that they need this and that but really they don't. We as a family don't believe in asking for anything because there are always people and a worser position then we are, and we are grateful to just have a ruff over our head. She didn't not want me to submit this but i thought that i would do it Because she deserves more then what is being given to her. She is the only one working and traveling to two different cites for her job. She is the only one paying the bills and also putting food on the table. I am not old enough to work yet but when i am i am going to do my all in helping our family .

Does anyone know how long it

Does anyone know how long it takes for an answer or if you will recieve an answer? Do we just waite to see if our nomination was picked?

I repeat

my earlier post. To all you chuckleheads who seem to want to nominate a family.

Do it on the link in the article. Posting on the artcle as a comment does no good.

Learn to read and comprehend.

Won't you feel silly if the only person selected is the one person who used the link and had his ocean front house in Surf City made over?

Get the Carr Family a new home.

The Carr family deserves to win the Extreme Home Makeover because they are a family that has inspired so many people with their ability to keep faith all things are possible. The family need a new home to give them the space they need to grow and heal together as a family. They have been through so much that a blessing like this for them would be well deserved. Please pick them and give them the ability to have what they need for their family.

pick them!

i really believe the mcnamara's should get their house redone.i believe this because they are wounderful people in this neighbor hood.they are kind and great people to this communtiy.Their mom works super hard every single day.their house got broke into a few weeks ago.and its a three bed room 1 bath. and 5 people live there and the 2 boys share a room and it's not very big and the roof is coming in.and the little girls room whole rooms needs to be re-built. a car crashed into it twice a few years back. but that got fixed.and the house is not big enough for them at at. they also, got 2 big dogs and 2 cats and there is really no room,so i think they would be the best people to get their house re-done. they have no idea im doin this. but im going to talk them into entering this contest because i think their house really needs to be re-done, so i suggest you guys think about it.thanks i hope you look into it.

y should they have their

y should they have their house redone just because its too small? tough. there are people in worse situations.


I NOMINATE SLADE BULLARD & HIS FAMILY, HE IS A SWEET LITTLE BOY!!! SLADE HAS WHAT IS CALLED De Morsier Syndrome A.K.A Septo-Optic Dysplasia. They need a home that can accomodate his needs, and give the entire family a place to be together.


I do think that slade deserves a better place to live but that mom he has isn't to wooried bout that she just wants some one to build it or give it to her for free,she make's enough money every month from the check she gets for slade and the child support she collects not to have to have anything, i really concerned that slade bullard has to live in that type of enviroment,i mean had a nice home but she has a addiction problem and want stop SPENDING $$$MONEY AT THE MALLS and could really care less about the children,the 4 she has,the other 3 have a great FATHER who takes excellent care for them.Mrs.Bullard needs to wake up and get a job and take care of her family!!!

My o my...

It hurts to hear all the negative comments about the family. I understand your concerns but must we stoop to this level? We are suppose to help a family that is in need, not trash them! I just hope the right family receives a much needed home.


I am so excited. That is my favorite show and my favorite tv station. I will definitely be taking a day or 2 of my vacation time off work to lend a helping hand. Can't wait. Just hope our community nominates a well deserving family that will continue to help the community in every way they can after their lives are blessed by ABC.


all you nominators caught on yet there is a link in the article which you must use to submit a nomination?

It would be a shame if a worthy candidate lost out because you did not read the article or were more concerned with getting your name on the comment post board.

Carr Family Nomination

I do not think there is a more deserving family in this area than the Carr Family from Penderlea, NC. They need the help of Extreme Makeover.

Jones carr

I would like to nominate the Carr family for extreme make over....

Nominate Jones Carr for Extreme Makeover Home Addition

I nominate the Jones Carr family for extreme makeover home addition. This is a well deserving family that has overcome many obsticles and should qualifiy to get a home that is accessiable to Jones.

Nominate Jones Carr

I think the Carr family deserves this. They are a very loving and tight family who almost lost their little boy. Little Jones deserves to have a house that is equipt for him and for his hamily I love this family and so many others do to. GO CARR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to nominte the Jones Carr family for the Extreme Home Makeover. He is handicapped, and their home is not handicap equipped. Their house is way to small and in need of alot of repair. Please consider this family.

Nominate Jones Carr for Extreme Home Makeover

Nowhere could we find a more deserving family than that of Joey and Andrea Carr. Their young son, Jones, was brain damaged when three years of age in an ATV accident. Now at age five he is fighting all odds to reestablish his control of his hands and his smile and his attention - it is unbelievable that this little five year old boy can recall all of the bits and pieces of his brain and put them back together. This family deserves any help that we, the public, can give them to assure that Jones can reach his full potential. The other children of the family, five of them, deserve our help, too, in building their lives to the greatest possible peak!

I would like to vote for a

I would like to vote for a little boy's
family for an extreme makeover as he is
in a wheel chair and has several other
siblings and is deserving. He is Jones Carr.

Thank you very much.

c. Steele

i would like for the carr

i would like for the carr family to get a home. they have 6 kids and live in a 1100 square foot house. they have a son that was almost killed in a 4 wheeler accident last year. he has a hospital bed, but because the house is so small, it is in the living room. this is an amazing family and i can't think of anyone else who would be more blessed by a bigger home than them.

I feel bad for the little boy, but..

Extreme Makeover is generally for families that have made a contribution to the community somehow, like by volunteering. If they do choose this family, I hope they use some air time to stress the importance of helmets, no matter what age. It might help save another young life.


Just cause people have 6 kids which is way to many for their income and live in a small house cause they cant afford a bigger one and their kid got hurt on an atv that he was TOO young to be on dont mean they should get a huge house built for them. geeez

People aint got the sense they where born with having that many kids. The hurt kids already getting all his medical covered by OUR taxes and all the fund raisers they have for him.

Stop breeding when you aint got the money to raise them and pay for them.


The Carr's are a loving God fearing family. However, it is quite sad that they keep having children and let our tax dollars support them. Medicaid was not created to help college educated families with only one spouse working get free medical care. It was created for the really poor. Their children dress better,get more Christmas presents etc than mine do and we both work. Sure we would like more children but we know we cannot afford them and will not stoop to handouts. Its quite sad about their son but he should not have been on a 4 wheeler with his dad and younger brother in the first place. That was poor parental judgement. It is also poor parental judgement to keep having more children when their handicapped son who needs so much of their parents and others attention. I truly feel sorry for the other children.

Carr Family Really deserve

Carr Family Really deserve this makeover. There family have been through a lot.

Yeah - the 6th kid was just

Yeah - the 6th kid was just born - it looks like they would have stopped with so much already on their hands.

Ask Mrs. Carr who her mother is. She is a local business owner who at one time owned a lucrative business. Don't know if the money is still there but if it is she should take care of her own daughter's family instead of them asking the rest of the world to do it.

hate hate hate

hows that haterade taste?

for more info log on to

for more info log on to facebook and join the carr family as extreme home makeover winner. there is more info about this family on there. they are a great family!

Nominate Jones Carr for Extreme Home Makeover

Jones is not in a wheel chair! He has not quite progressed to that point. He is severely Brain Damaged but making unbelievable progress toward real brain function and useful living! This is a family that deserves your best investigation and support!

Carr family

I would love to see the Carr family receive this blessing. Their family is one of faith, courage,determination, strength and love. Not only for their family but for others as well. The love this family has for each other and the perseverance that they have is truly amazing. They are true heros in my book!!!!

Jones Carr

I met his Grandmother, please help this little boy. His mom has despiretely been going to school and working while Grammie takes care of him....oh...this would be wonderful..Judy DiVita

Lack of Knowledge

It sounds like a lot of people are making comments without even watching the show. If you did watch the show you would know that in no cases did anyone's mortgage payment go up and in most cases the mortgage was paid off. The families have to have had spent countless number of volunteer hours in the community prior to qualifying for the makeover not just afterward. This show has been a huge success otherwise it would have been gone long ago. My advice is to stop whining about the fact that you have set on your butts taking government handouts and don't qualify for the show. If you are unemployeed, volunteer somewhere, who knows, it could turn into something very positive and certainly make you a positive role model for you kids.