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F.A.A. orders family's trees cut down near ILM

The Joyce family's entire yard full of oak trees came crashing to the ground on Wednesday. There's one oak tree left standing. The kids were so upset, one of them used the family's trampoline to climb the tree to prevent it from getting cut down. He said he doesn't care if he gets arrested, he doesn't want his last tree coming down. One after another, the family's giant oak trees came crashing down Wednesday. The F.A.A. said it's for safety reasons because the trees interfere with the airport's instrument landing system nine hundred feet away from the home. The Wilmington International Airport gave them 48-hours notice that construction workers would be on their property to remove the trees but the family said it's not fair. “Sadness is beyond my words, that I have to live with this," said Charles Joyce. The Wilmington International Airport said they own the air 25 feet above the ground on the Joyce’s property, and the family signed a contract agreeing to let them chop the trees down. The airport said it would not be possible to only trim the trees because they would have had to remove more than half of the trees to make the area safe, and the trees wouldn't have survived.

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charging for air space

Can I charge the New Hanover County Sheriff for buzzing my house every night?

money=trees gone

why question it now, why not question it before you took the money???

Trees near airport.

I believe that people who live near airports should not complain about the air traffic noise if the airport was there before they moved in. They knew about the airport and chose to move in. The same is true of the airport. The airport & the FAA ( what a wonderful, competent regulatory body LOL) both knew about the trees before they built the airport. They should have made an equitable settlement then or they should live with the trees. Can the airport substantiate that the trees are a hazard ? What is the closest a plane has ever come to the trees ? Are there any tire tracks on the upper branches ? BTW, I think that trees beside a road should be treated like dogs that bite. One accident and they should be gone. MK

air space

Technically we own the airspace that is over our house, so i dont see why you couldnt charge the airport for using it.


You own the air space over your real estate but the air rights may be contracted for use by someone else. The FAA contracts with property owners for the rights to use the space above the property

Question: How do you own

Question: How do you own air? So if the air 25 feet above the ground shifts, do you own the part it shifts to and no longer where it was? How do you measure it? Makes no sense to me.

own the air

Boy, the gov't can do anything. I didn't know someone owns the air over a house. That means I can charge the airport when a plane flys over my house? I am going to get my camera ready and take pictures each time and bill the airport commission..

Donald Trump...

made a fortune in New York City when he "bought" the airspace above smaller buildings preventing the owners from tearing the building down and building a new building higher than the old one.

There had to be a better way

These trees did not reach this height over night so why did they suddenly have to come down? I have watched as the airport has cut down many trees in the name of safety, but I wonder how much of it is really needed. I don't want to put people in danger by any means, but I question whether or not all of these trees needed to be removed. Perhaps instead of taking down beautiful, historic trees, and making the enviroment suit themselves, the airport should focus on changing to suit the enviroment and install better systems.


It is sad trees have to be cut down in order for the safety of thousands of people flying into and out of Wilmington. All I can say is the Airport officials made it very clear to me why my trees needed to be cut down. I also was paid a large sum of money for the depreciation from the cut down trees in my yard. I uderstood from the beginning that I was not being paid JUST for planes to fly over my house which they have been doing for many years. My neighbor should just come down out of the tree and understand his father signed and took the cash. He can plant low growing trees in his yard, as I have done.

Shame on ILM airport

The Wilmington airport ILM is like a consuming cancer to the surrounding commnunities. Some of the communities were established long before the airport exisited. Did you know the airport itself has the power of Eminent Domain? Mr. Joyce has every right to be concerned about the possibilty of losing his property. Shame on ILM for taking advantage of an old man. If they can't buy you out, they can force you out and pay you what is perceived to be fare market value (on their terms). Public-use, private property rights/ownwership and the constitution are another subject. Wilmington/New-Hanover should examine the RDU airport between Raleigh-Durham. Raleigh had an airport nearby (like Wilmington). They had the forsight to obtain huge tracts of land between Raleigh and Durham to relocate the airport and provide for future airport expansion (away from heavily populated communities). Wilmington/New Hanover should consider a huge airport between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach or elsewhere for public safety (takeoffs and landings are the most dangerous part of flight). How about the Green Swamp area in Brunswick? There are plenty of trees just waiting to be clear-cut... Where are the tree-huggers when you need them?

Why is it shame on the

Why is it shame on the airport? This man signed legal documents and received payment for this property. He was not forced to sign it or take the money. Now that he has received the money he wants to go back on his agreement. If he had a concern about these trees and was so attached to them he should never have sold them in the first place. This gentleman at anytime could have asked questions, asked for legal advice and many other things prior to taking the money. Shame on this man and his family for causing such a spectacle and costing the taxpayers even more money.