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Is Facebook becoming inappropriate?

READ MORE: Is Facebook becoming inappropriate?
People typically get on Facebook to network with or find old friends. The one billion pieces of content shared on the site every week help keep the 250 million members hooked. But included in that content are provocative pictures, inappropriate personality quizzes, and virtual alcoholic "gifts" that even 13-year-olds can buy their friends. Some say enough is enough. Gray Taylor deleted his Facebook account last month. ”It's definitely kind of a waste of time, sit there and waste 30 minutes of your day, filling out a quiz about something that has no pertinence in life," he said. Craig Drye said he is offended by a quiz that asks, "How black are you?" He said, "I realize that I'm black through my experience and through my culture, and I don't need to be quizzed in order to realize that." Drye does not like the fact that his nine year old son, who easily created an account despite the 13-year old required age limit, is exposed to offensive material. But he doesn't blame Facebook. "The responsibility doesn't lie with Facebook, but it lies with the parents monitoring,” he said. “I don't really like the idea that that avenue is available to them, but it just means that we have to get on our jobs a little harder as parents and role models." Tricia Beatty does this by prohibiting her kids from creating a Facebook account. "You know this quiz pops up, and they go to take it, now they have information they shouldn't have at 13. I mean, let them just be kids, run and play, go outside, that's what I say." As a Facebook member, Joseph Volpi will not allow his ten year old daughter to log on until she turns 16. "It's an adult site. People use a lot of foul language on it, and I just feel it's inappropriate for her to be on there." Some of her classmates are on Facebook, but his daughter said she understands why her parents are against it. "It's inappropriate for 16 and under, and it's just that they use a lot of foul language, and they just put inappropriate stuff on," she said. Some quizzes claim they were not developed by Facebook, but they are accessible through the site. Facebook officials warn people against explicit material in the safety section of their site. Since there is such a high volume of content to regulate, officials welcome members to "report" offensive material to them so it can be removed.

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What is hard about having the control for your own well being.. And why should we as people have to depend on someone else telling us what we should look at and what we shouldn't. If you find the contents to provocitive for you hit the off button or close that page, but don't think you should try to change it for everyone else. What if all of a sudden every right that you have has been taken away from you. (example: Speech, Religion, to vote(Like that Matters) Just the other day I had to get rid of my bible, it was not appropriate for me it talked about rape,(gay rape) sex and prostitution. enough is enough.

Tell you what....i'll get

Tell you what....i'll get rid of my bible when someone pries it from my cold, dead fingers.

Facebook is for adults, not

Facebook is for adults, not children. You can delete anybody from your page you wish. You can control who sees what. Somebody of course is always going to abuse it. It's a great way to keep up with your friends and family. Especially those who live far away. Facebook is a good thing. Parents are responsible for their children, not facebook.


NOT appropriate for people under 18. I just deleted my acct. and I am 47. Too much junk on there.


BLAH come the "Internet Police" if you don't like the content..>BLOCK IT and don't hard is that to understand...I think you would be hard pressed to find ANYONE that couldn't find SOMETHING they found inappropriate. The Nanny States of America is really starting to tick me off! People aren't going to stop until we are told what to do, when to do it and how much of it we can do...