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Facebook users outspoken about new privacy settings

READ MORE: Facebook users outspoken about new privacy settings
Facebook administrators say they're making changes to the site to give its members more control. But some members are upset a portion of their personal information is now visible to the entire web. If you logged on to Facebook Thursday, you probably noticed a transition tool prompting you to change your privacy settings. In a likely attempt to keep up with Twitter, which has limited privacy settings, Facebook is asking its 350-million members to update theirs. The problem is if you put your settings on default - recommended by Facebook administrators - you could be exposing your name, gender, picture, list of friends, fan pages, and status to the entire World Wide Web. "This would be a point where I would say 'you need to log onto Facebook and check and see what your privacy settings are," said UNCW Communications Professor Jeanne Persuit. "And you go under settings and you go under privacy, and you see what you have available. There's a preview button, where you can say this is how it looks to other users. So you can preview it for your friend, preview it for everyone, so you can really see what's being shown." Facebook administrators say they're making these changes to make people more searchable. But some users say they're making personal lives way too public. "I don't want it to be out there for everybody to read, just my special friends that are on my list," said Fran Greiner. Ivan Christo said "Originally it was a college-networking site, and I liked that about it. But now all these teachers and friends moms, and all these people I didn't want on Facebook are on Facebook now, and they can sometimes see photos you don't want them to see. I just deny all my relatives and friends' parents to avoid that, but still these new settings are making it harder and harder to keep everything private." Facebook recently reached 350-million members; half of them log on to the site in any given day. More than 35-million Facebook users update their status every day.

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Two Words

Public....... Domain..... (emphasis on PUBLIC...)

Here is my issue with this!

Facebook is a FREE service! For privacy nutjobs to complain about how they handle their business is ludicrous. If you don't want your info out there then don't sign up for facebook. Simple as that. If you do sign up for this FREE service, then know that you are NOT paying for, then know that they have your info and it might not be used the way you want.

yes maj

Free. People are dumb. I have a FB page and you cant find me. Only wanted it to keep up with my family and do not care to hook-up with long lost friends. I also use only part of my real name so I cant be found. My email is set not to be on search there or search engines off that site. I search for myself occasionally and I do not get any hits. I guess I do not exist. Works for me.

Want to know HOW dumb?

From a recent survey: 41% of Facebook and MySpace users blindly accept ANYONE as a friend. The majority post their real names, their real dates of birth and a valid e-mail. That provides half the information needed for identity theft.

New Facebook Privacy Settings

I just updated my privacy settings as they were originally. I do notice that now there is a lock icon on my profile page that enables me to block certain people from seeing a comment I make there. If I am not mistaken, it can be set for each comment made or as the default option for all comments I make. I like that new option.

this shouldn't be a suprise.

this shouldn't be a suprise. Its called the WOLRD WIDE WEB people. Thats like standing out in the middle of the street and hoping no one hits you with a car.