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Failure of NC restaurant smoking ban masks other victories


RALEIGH (AP) -- It was another painful defeat for anti-smoking forces in North Carolina when lawmakers shot down a proposed statewide smoking ban for hotels and restaurants.

But is was just one failure in an otherwise successful year for groups trying to reduce smoking and secondhand smoke.

The Legislature this year passed laws to ban smoking inside adult care and nursing homes, and in all state government buildings. University of North Carolina leaders can now prohibit smoking in more campus buildings and 100-feet buffer zones around them. Public schools also were told to adopt stricter no-smoking policies that also apply to off-campus events.

Governor Easley says lawmakers have moved faster against smoking than he would have thought possible in the nation's top tobacco-growing state. He says it shows the Legislature put public health ahead of the tobacco industry.

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Which is more dangerous to health, pesticides v. secondhand smok

The NC colleges banned smoking, but still use hazardous pesticides and chemicals for green grass and pretty flowers. Did you also know that those respiratory/sinus infections, and migraines w/wo nausea are also signs of pesticide exposure? Tell your children to avoid an area being sprayed by backpack or mobile sprayer, because they won't. Disability and permanent damage is far more hazardous than the second hand smoke that they encounter. Put public (worker) health above green grass year round and pretty flowers.

Psssst! Hey, buddy...

Sooner or later, we're ALL riding down that same trail to the final sunset. No one escapes. It's all part of the plan. If second-hand smoke and your deadly pesticides don't get you, than too many Big Macs, too many carbs, global warming, a stray asteroid, or a drunk driver will do the job. We all need to worry less about dying and more about living. The two biggest collective neurosis that are ruining the world: * We must do everything possible to extend individual life, regardless of trade-offs or cost. * Government is here to run all our lives and make the poor un-poor.


well,, seems like its always something,, if not the whales, its smoking,, we seem to have become a nation of can-nots, so whats next people,, don't stand too close to the gas nozzle when pumping gas, the fumes may cause you damage,,ban the fumes,, everyone to be issued a mask at pumps before being allowed to pump the gas and inhale the fumes,, like I said, its always something,, that is what keeps us like the energizer bunny,, we just keep on going,, going,, going,, until next time,,,

What's the problem folks?

This is such a non-issue. If you do not smoke, go to one of the MANY restaurants in town that do not allow smoking. If you do smoke, go to one of the FEW restaurants that allow smoking. Our state government should not be wasting it's time on an issue like this. Business owners know their customers, let them decide. Perhaps the state government should devote it's time to passing legislation banning loud, crying, running, screaming children and their ignorant parents from restaurants and hotels.......

Better NOT Ban Smoking

Just want to say that I'm considering NC as a place to move to. I'm a smoker. I will NOT live in a state that has banned smoking in public places. I believe in freedom and liberty. This anti-smoking agenda has gone way too far and is completely ridiculous.

Stay where you are...

Please, stay where you are. The LAST thing we need in NC is another polluter and litterer. Yes, I am certain you willfully throw your butts on the ground, out the car window, on the beach, etc. Wherever it is convenient to throw them. You are not welcomed here, stay away!!!


BAN SMOKING, YANKEES GO HOME! Thank God that is all that it takes!

Stay where you're at.

Stay where you're at. Freedom and Liberty have nothing to do with smoking.

....well don't move to NC

....well don't move to NC then. This ban will happen. It's just a matter of time

There's also a practical reason not to ban smoking

Social Security and Medicare need people to die early.

Non Smoker

Let me start by saying that I have quit smoking. My husband does smoke. Now, this ban on smoking in "Public Buildings" Is crap. Restraunts are not Public owned. The owners should be able to make the decision weather to allow smoking or not. They own the property. Smoking customers just sneak into the bathroom to have a few puffs. I guess that is better. If you don't want to be around the smoke, stay out of the places that allow it. If you smoke, don't go to the places that don't allow it. That simple. When I smoked, I always was told "you need to quit" I never once heard a smoker tell a non smoker to "light up." Government buildings are one thing. Let them make a law about those places. I pay the same money for my meal at a restraunt as anyone else. We get back to the government telling us what we can and cannot do on property that is not "public owned." What is next? No drinking outside the home due to the drunk drivers that get away with a slap on the wrist after hitting another car head on? That should be a bigger concern. When is it that you serve jail time? 7th time you get stopped?

Ban on Smoking

I am a smoker and I wish I weren't; however, with that being said I wish people who don't like smoke would go to smoke free establishments and leave us smokers alone to enjoy the restaurants and bars that we can still smoke at. And when in a restaurant I try not to smoke because it is an enclosed space, most of the time. I try to be considerate of other people when I light up and I am the first to admit a lot of smokers are not. But when I try to be considerate, look around for a spot outside to light up away from non-smokers and a non-smoker forcefully grabs me and starts shaking me because I light up then things can get ugly real fast like.

Ban of smoking in Hotels and Restaurants

It should be banned-PERIOD. Everyone knows its a terrible thing for your health and smokers who smoke indoors have no consideration for innocent children who did not have a choice!!

Smoking outside

I can understand non-smokers don't want cigarette smoke indoors but they should at least grant smokers the freedom to smoke outside.


I have no problem with smokers smoking outdoors, and no, I don't think cigarettes should be banned outright. However, I do have a problem with smokers smoking in a place where I HAVE to travel through there smoke to get somewhere. This means outside the entrance / entrances of ALL public buildings. If you want to go around back and smoke in a smoking zone somewhere, fine, but don't smoke outside the entrance to the building. It is a proven danger to MY health, and while I agree that smokers have the right to smoke, they don't have the right to cause me to smoke by inhaling their waste products and endangering my health. We deserve every freedom we can get, with the understanding that those freedoms will be limited as soon as they encroach on others freedoms. My right to live and breath trumps your right to smoke.