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Fair rides considered safe

READ MORE: Fair rides considered safe
If you like food, rides or animals there's something at the Cape Fear Fair and Expo for you to enjoy. But how safe is the fair? And what goes in to keeping you secure in those death-defying rides? Jerry smith spends an entire day checking each and every nut and bolt on the Cape Fear Fair and Expo's rides. Fair inspector Jerry Smith said, "Honestly, they're probably more safe than a permanent park in that they are inspected in North Carolina each time they are set up." Both the inspectors and ride owners are required by the state to do an inspection, before the fair can open for business. "All of our inspectors are NARSO certified, which means that we are trained in how to do our ride inspections," Smith said. The state's high safety standards have paid off. "There has not been a ride related fatality in the state of North Carolina or an incident in our history, so we are very proud of that," Smith said. But safety isn't up to the inspectors alone. The riders play a vital role in remaining un-harmed. Smith said, "On this particular ride and all others we post a riders safety campaign which gives safety tips for people to observe when they're riding the rides." Here's how the inspection works: The ride is powered off, and Smith does a visual once-over. After that's done, the ride is powered up and inspected again. "In North Carolina we have a 100 percent law that says every part of that ride has to be working before we can certify we will put a certification of operation on it," Smith said. If rides aren't your thing there will be plenty of food to eat, shows to watch and animals to pet. The fair started Thursday night and will be going on until November 3.

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i used to work for reithoffer shows

i used to work for the reithoffer shows fair that travels up and down the east coast and it is actually very safe if the people follow all the rules that are posted and listen to the ride managers then it can be a very fun and happy time for the kids and families

The Fair

The Fair sucks anyway only losers go, the mean education grade level of attendee's and attendants is probably like 6th grade.


I guess that's why you go each time they have one

Ride safety

Most of the accidents happen as riders decide to be idiots. I've seen drunk, stupid, or doped up riders try stupid things while riding. It's a wonder there are not more accidents when you see what the dummys try to do.. There are more people hurt in their car than on a ride...


NO. I will NEVER ride another Fair ride. I almost got KILLED at the NHC Fair one year. The girl I had on a date and I went to ride some thing that rocked back and forth like a pendulum. The idiot didn't close the gate and I was on the end. He started the ride all the while EVERYONE on the ride was yelling and screaming to stop. LUCKILY another ride operator could see us and e-stopped his ride, jumped the fence and hit the e-stop on ours. I could BARELY hold on to keep from sliding out when that thing was hit....I'll stay home thank you!

I agree. The rides might

I agree. The rides might be safe and inspected but what about the OPERATORS?! I can understand why they look like they are homeless because they spend all year traveling and living in those small trailers but I don't care they all look like they are on some kind of drugs or drunk even while working. I'm sure there are good ride operators out there but I won't trust any of them with my life.


I was at the fair this year with my children and we were riding on the flying bobs. after the ride the operator motioned for me to come back. he asked me to bring my friend back. I told him she was my 16yr old daughter,he was like so! how do we know these operators aren't pedophiles?

rides at the fair

I agree about the part where the RIDES ARE SAFE but...... like someone else has said, and I have noticed this myself, The guys running the rides just walk by and bump the doors or gates or whatever that is to hold you inside of the ride, and do not even bother to double check to make sure that it lached like it was supposed to be. I get on the rides, but when I get on I do not let them close the gate, I close it myself, because then I know that the thing is latched and locked.

Safety of rides

Most of the accidents are the fault of the drunk, ignorant, or doped up rider. The rides are safer than riding in your car. If you would obey the rules there would be far less accidents.


I was none of those...and I STILL almost got killed.

ride safety

i can say that 99% of all ride accidents do come from the actions of i was a ride operator for 16 years.with only 1 accident on rides i operated and that was the rider trying to change seats while the ride was in motion.and as far as operators being drunk or on drugs you are more likely to be hit by a drunk driver then to find a drunk ride operator.and you will find drunk or doped up workers in any field of work.

The fair

my dad was an operator he said its not that fun and he had to tighten bots personily i don't wanna go on the ring of fire because there is this wheel and it all ways flies off my dads says don't go on that ride because it may break and you can get killed on it i listen better safe than sorry