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Fallout and reactions to possible charges against R.C. Soles

READ MORE: Fallout and reactions to possible charges against R.C. Soles
More tonight on the criminal charges Senator RC Soles could soon be facing. Thursday, a Columbus County grand jury found probable cause to seek an indictment against Soles for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. In late August, Soles shot 22-year-old Kyle Blackburn outside the Senator's home in Tabor City. Blackburn was a client of Soles’ law firm. Soles told police he shot Blackburn in self-defense, saying that Blackburn was trying to break into his home. Blackburn told us he was leaving the property when he was shot. While what happens within a grand jury proceeding is secret, we can presume that ballistics evidence was part of what was reviewed yesterday, specifically whether the bullet wound indicated that Blackburn was facing the Senator or running away when he was shot. We also know surveillance cameras were running at Senator Soles’ house at the time of the shooting. The shooting itself wasn't captured on camera, but what transpired before and after the shooting may have helped the jurors determine how the events played out. There's a lot of speculation about what role these proceedings could have on the Senator's role as a representative. Soles has not said whether or not he will run for re-election next year, but one political watchdog says it might be time for some new faces in the senate. A grand jury requested an indictment against Senator Soles for assault with a deadly weapon, and legal experts say that decision means Soles will likely be indicted. Senator Soles' lawyer Joe Cheshire issued a statement, downplaying the significance of the grand jury's decision. Cheshire said, “A presentment does not institute criminal proceedings against any person. As the grand jury continues its work, Senator Soles continues to maintain that he acted in defense of his life and his home on August 23, 2009." The SBI is also investigating sexual allegations against Soles. Political watchdog Joe Sinsheimer says the Senator could be in for a long legal battle. “The shooting incident at his home doesn't appear to be an isolated event. It seems to be part of this larger issue and I think that's why it's taking additional time.” Senator Soles' term runs through the end of 2010, but Sinsheimer says regardless of the legal proceedings it might be time for Senator Soles to step down. “I think Senator Soles has had his time in Raleigh. I think we're seeing a change of guard in Raleigh with Senator Rand's resignation. I think we've had a small group of senators control that institution for a long time and I think it would be in Senator Soles’ best interest if he stepped aside and let some new blood emerge because that's what the institution desperately needs.” Democratic Party Political Chairman Melvin Williams declined to comment on any of the ongoing litigation or investigations. However, if Soles decides to resign Williams would be in charge of the committee to find a replacement. Soles is declining to speak to us about the possible indictment, but Columbus County residents are certainly talking. While some Columbus County residents agree with the grand jury's decision, others are continuing to support their longtime senator. “Whether he be a senator, or whoever, he should be treated like everyone else. As far as I’m concerned with the allegations, he should have to do the time, just like me or you would,” said Trent Hughes of Tabor City. “He's only human and things happen in everyone's lives,” said Daisy Thomas of Whiteville. The State Prosecutor’s Office says it will bring an indictment against Soles before the grand jury early next month.

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RC Soles

As a retired law enforcement officer, at one of the largest departments in the country, I've had the opportunity to investigate every type of criminal act conceivable. This appears to be one of those cases where political party affiliation is determining the decision whether to prosecute or not. Let me remind those who are not knowledgeable of the criminal justice system, RC Soles has not been charged with any crime. There has only been a determination that probable cause exist to warrant a grand jury investigation. Even if the grand jury should indict, there is still not enough evidence to convict. I quiver at the notion that an investigation is proceeding to determine whether the suspect was facing Soles or not. There is no disputing that the bad guy broke into Soles house when he was shot. I could care less where he was shot. Let us stop this practice of trying to remove someone from political office by way of drummed up criminal charges, where no crime exist. I would guess that most people would agree with Soles actions. I'm interested to see if the party that claims to protect gun owner’s safety in their homes comes to the protection of Soles. I have met RC a few times. He seems like a very wise and decent man. While I may or may not agree with choices in his private life, I support his right to feel safe in his home. Let the bad guy know up front, if you choose to commit violent crimes, and endanger others, be prepared for the consequences. It is way overdue to protect citizen’s rights to be safe in their homes. Begin with RC Soles.

If you are a retired LEO...

...then you know that when the threat of death or grievous bodily injury is over, YOUR RIGHT TO USE DEADLY FORCE IS ALSO OVER. These two boneheads were ATTEMPTING to break into Soles home. Under North Carolina law he could have legally used deadly force to prevent that entry. He could have legally fired through the door and killed both of them if he was in fear for his life. However, once they stopped their attempted break in, Soles had no legal right to shoot. The guy wasn't in the house - he was in the front yard when he was shot, and if it turns out that he was shot in the back of the leg and obviously not advancing on Soles, then Soles should be indicted and should rightfully go to trial. You, more than anyone, should know that you have to play by the rules if you're going to squeeze that trigger.

r.c.soles case

i just think that what is happening to senator soles is crazy. He is well respected within the community as well as the state. I believe that people are just trying to hurt the senators career as well as his life he doesn't deserve what is happening to him. He has a heart of gold and no matter what comes of this case he will always have my support.

Citizen for better government

RC should be ashamed of himself for the shame he has put on Columbus County with his selfish acts. He should also be ashamed of himself for the mess he has gotten the disabled and elderly into by much needed services away from them by voting for a scandulous budget. He and Dewey Hill both voted for a budget to remove over 100 million dollars worth of services from the elderly and disabled while voting about 2 weeks earlier to build a 25 million dollar pier at Nagshead complete with a ballroom. The also voted to give the state zoo millions of dollars to provide more room for the polar bears. They also voted for other wasteful projects at the expense of physically and mentally disabled citizens of North Carolina. I certainly do agree that we need to clean house in Raleigh, including the Governor. Our representation are not for their constituents. They are only for themselves.

Ole King Soles

It is about time that this comes to court! I for one feel he should have been voted out years ago. I am a firm believer in two terms ONLY for any elected official. Experience in the political arena only means corruption, and self service. Americans should stop voting in these "politicians" after they have served the two term , allow new blood and new idea to take these positions. A president can only serve two terms why not all the other politicians. I never vote for any one for a third term and seldom vote for any one for a second term. RC go home and stay there!

Senator Soles

Time to go, RC. Your style of politicking is passe. You have too much baggage and you are as old as Methusalah. Stay home and find some more young men to sponsor. You wil be one less dishonest politician in Raleigh but certainly not the last. Look at what is surfacing on Tony Rand. Crooks, entitlement, get rich at the public trough, hide from justice, insider trading, help your contributors, on and on. Just about everything stink in Raleigh.

Yes, R.C. Soles should step

Yes, R.C. Soles should step down immediately. He's no different from anybody else. He should have to pay for his mistakes.

RC Soles

Soles has been indicted for defending himself against an angry man attempting to break in his front door while spewing threats. Senator Soles did what I would have done: He got his gun and shot blackburn in the leg. Blackburn is lucky he was not shot dead. As for the other charges against Soles, I could not care less. Enough of this tabloid reporting.

You don't aim for the leg

If you are legally justified in using deadly force, you had better make sure that you use TRUE deadly force. Shooting someone in the arm or leg opens the door to a charge that you "really couldn't have been in fear for your life, or you would have killed him." So even if you hit the guy in the leg, you had better claim that you were aiming at his chest! On a more practical note, if someone is truly threatening your life and you shoot them in the leg, even if you sever their femoral artery, there is enough time for them to kill you. The best rule of thumb is to use the F.B.I. standard, also adopted by many departments across the nation: You do not draw your weapon unless you intend to use it, and you do not fire it unless you intend to kill someone.

Think dispationately

about this. If he steps out of the Senate, he no longer has the "juice" to influence the local economy which gives him the local influence he has enjoyed. His legal team is likely to advise him not to step down as that could be construed as an admission of wrong doing. Frankly, he's served for such an extended period, his ego likely would not allow him to step aside. 3 Reasons why he will not likely step aside. The one reason to step aside -- a plea bargain.